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In this week’s game, the premise of the game is that you are opening a new restaurant with a big party and a band, but all the equipment was stolen. You must then serve your new customers, get paid and help the band regain their instruments. Of course, you have sandwiches and lots of cheese to help you accomplish this mission. PC offers a lot of features and depth for a flash game. You have many recipes to get, waiters to hire, items to add to the menu, can add toppings to the food, and quite a bit more. All of the choices in the game provide quite a bit of replay value as well. Overall, this is one of the best food games that has been named Online Game of the Week.

Play Papa’s Cheeseria

1. Free arcade game.

2. There are 40 special recipes that are worth many points.

3. Hire a waiter to better serve your customers.

4. You can get up to 113 items on the menu.

5.  You can customize the chef and the restaurant.

6. Up to 96 guests can be freed up.

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Papa’s Cheeseria is another free flash game published for the web and is supported by advertisements displayed before, after, and during game play.

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  1. Probably one of my most disliked games having played this game on Kongregate, since Flipline Studios is notorious for having “Papa’s” games revolving around the same concept of serving food to customers. This game, along with other Papa’s games like Papa’s Freezeria and Papa’s Burgeria, is no different from Papa’s Pizzeria. It’s, for the most part, a reskin of Papa’s Pizzeria, mostly featuring different food and having very minute changes. If you haven’t played a Papa’s game before, this one might not be so bad, but it’s incredibly boring and repetitive if you’ve already played any other Papa’s games. Overall, I’d rate this game a 2/5; I really wish Flipline Studios spiced these games up more.

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