PC Gaming excels in an area where you can feel comfortable so you can have fun as much as possible! Not having to worry about a myriad of issues with your environment can be quite the advantage. It would also be much easier to focus on your game time when your reaction time would come into play. Without distractions, it would be easier to immerse yourself in whatever game you are playing and enjoy it even more. For example, you can visit heart bingo and play as much as you want without being bothered. Better yet, this gaming site also offers codes for free game play! 

Professional Gamers and Ogres

It’s worth pointing out that PC gaming can mean a lot of different things to a lot of people. It can be about having fun, relaxing after a stressful day, or even as a handy source of income. There are a lot of streamers and professional gamers in the market and the web these days, after all. If you are aspiring to do gaming in any kind of professional setting, your setup will be a big deal. Nevertheless, definitely do not forget about hardcore gamers like the Ogres at GameOgre! Ogres may not be fashionable but we do like to enjoy gaming as much as possible. 

Preferred Colors

It makes perfect sense that colors would play a big role in how you will be decorating your gaming area. This is the whole point of RGB lights for computer internal parts, laptop keys, keyboards, mouse, and other accessories. It also happens that you can achieve this via neon strip lights. These lights can cycle through multiple colors at interesting patterns, but you can also keep them at only one color. For instance, my big rig is an old Alienware PC setup all in blue like GameOgre once was. Now you can see others colors on the site, but it started out in blue and gray. 

Your Own Game Room

Accessories like chairs and desks etc. can add quite a unique vibe to your gaming setup when you choose the right ones for your theme. Of course, Ogres prefer the monstrous, shining, and bulky keys and buttons! Bigger is not always better, but it is certainly more fun! Take the chair pictured that the Ogre sits in everyday. This chair is big and flashy, but definitely comfortable and a treat to play games in all day!


  1. I try to avoid RGB lights for computer parts, if I can, because blue light is often an issue, and just opt-in for one color whenever possible. Personally, I like a standard red light since it’s less distracting during the nighttime and something about the color red keeps me more focused on activities like gaming.

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