You are Urt Bloodless, Orc Diplomat. Bring and end to war using your trusty hammer!Action platformer. You are on a mission of peace, so you can't kill you enemies directly. Instead conduct Orc diplomacy! Hit them with your hammer until they are no longer in your way.-Updated to fix sound bug and enable second set of levels.—-June 10, 2015—-Updated controls! You can now swing your hammer with a left mouse click, and jump with a right mouse clickHighscores attempt number one. Not sure if these are working yet, but there are now leaderboards for high score, and best overall time.


  1. Orc Diplomat is an excellent action platformer. The game feels retro by its art style and music, and the gameplay’s really nice. I like how moving left or right has an accelerating motion. I also like how the player can swing his/her hammer to knock the enemies far away. It is sort of difficult to jump over the spikes because it’s hard to control the character’s acceleration. Overall, I would rate this game a 4.77/5.

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