Yet another Game Template from GamecorpStudio, Pinball Game Template made in 100 Events.Custom Graphics ! Mobile Ready, Automatically detects if game is on mobile platform or Desktop and automatically enables the controls for user input! Audio settings with toggle button on off,Vibration Settings visible in mobile with toggle button on off,Fully Explained Events! Easy to tweak and make your own Pinball Game! just load the project, change the graphics if you want! add more levels if needed ! and export to all Platforms that Construct 2 has to offer! H-D .PSD file graphics included.No Sounds Included!Available in Scirra Store


  1. It works now, game is rly bad, i know its pinball but it has way to much randomness them it should be, so many times when i launched ball, it went behind paddles without me having chance to do something to prevent it, also screen should follow ball, like this u can lost track of ball if u dont use mouse to always scroll up and down, so many bad things on such a small place

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  2. Pinball Game Template is a pretty good pinball game, though the game could have been tweaked a bit to be more long-lasting since it’s easy to fail the game. The game’s graphics are average, though a bit of music and sound would have been nice. The game is functional with a ball count and a score system which is nice, and there’s even a pause button and a menu button. Overall, I would rate this game a 3.65/5.

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