Become a Shaolin Master by slapping opponents in this new 2 player game for warriors! Fong Fu Tiger, Pandalala Fox, Pan Dan Panda and Gold Li Monkey, are inside the Shaolin Temple where they patiently await their enemies. This slap a foe is a kind of game where bluffs are made and claws are scraped! Pick the playing mode, challenge a friend to a 2 player shaolin game, enter the temple and learn the fighting secrets for becoming a shaolin master!


  1. I played real version this game with friends, it was awesome. Game itself isnt that hard to play, u need to use only two buttons, one for dodge and slap, and 2nd for bluff.
    Ability to bluff is my favorite thing here

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  2. Shaolin Slap Slap! is an interesting and fun reflex game. Even though it is very simple, it does test the player’s reflex. I would even say this game is fair, because if the opponent successfully dodges an attack then it is the player’s turn, and vice-versa. I like that there’s 1 player mode and 2 player mode, and I think this game would be great to play on 2 player mode. Overall, I would rate this game a 4/5.

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