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This is the seventh match of GameOgre.com’s MMORPG Showdown 8.  This annual tournament determines the best MMORPG out of 16 games. The winner will be named MMORPG of the Year. GameOgre.com also has a Prediction Contest for forum members each year for a $10 Ultimate Game Card (UGC).




Rift and TERA are two major MMORPGs that were both highly anticipated as potential rivals to World of Warcraft and actually have done rather well. Both added innovation to the genre since they were well-made from the start. Both have changed somewhat since there launch but have fared much better than predecessors such as Vanguard, Darkfall, and Warhammer Online. Between these two, it will likely come down to which game the voters have played more. We shall see by Friday at 7 PM Central. Forum voting takes place at https://www.gameogre.com/forums/online-game-battles/38799-rift-vs-tera-rising-mmorpg-showdown-8-a.html


  1. To me Tera is better game than rift i like more tera.
    also i want to say that the predecessor Warhammer Online is a very good game.

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