The leading action sports game versus one of the most popular and hated survival sandbox MMOs.

The Match-Up

The sixth match of the first round pits two recent yet very different games. While Rocket League innovates with a fun twist on soccer/football, H1Z1 is one of the most popular survival sandbox games but with an all too familiar zombie theme. Another difference is that Rocket League is generally acclaimed and H1Z1 has a bit of a mixed community in terms of well it is received. Both have competitive aspects, but Rocket League just has too much going for it to lose this match.

Tale of the Tape

Rocket League

RocketLeague 2015-10-15 02-18-00-69

Buy to play.
Normally $20 on Steam.
Single and multiplayer modes.
Cross platform game.
Has quite a bit of DLC.
Can play a season.
Has tournaments.
One of the most popular games on Twitch.




Buy to Play.
Normally $20 on Steam.
Zombies killer.
Survival sandbox.
Multiplayer only.
Still in Early Access.
Popular Twitch game.
Has a sizable negative community.

Select Comments For Rocket League

Easiest way to describe this game is the mix of futuristic football and racing game
Date when I played game: 30.10.2015
Overall Rating: 4.6
Graphic:4.5 – Graphic in this game is really really good for this type of the game.
Content:5 – I enjoy whole time that I spent on this game,it is so good to play with your friends,and without friends too,the content is unique.
Requirments:4.5 – I think the game of this type should be less demanding
Thing i like in this game is that matches are short and if you don’t have that much time this game is awesome. For example for League of Legends you need at least 40 mins. I also like that constant action.

Select Comments for H1Z1

Not just that they have amazing graphics, but also they give you ability to express your creativity. So far, H1Z1 is the one I like the most.

The Showdown

Cheaper to Play = Rocket League

Better Multiplayer = Rocket League

More Popular = Rocket League

Better User Created Content = H1Z1

Better for Livestreams/Videos = H1Z1

Rocket League received a total score of 3
H1Z1 received a total score of 2

The Result

Rocket League Wins!


  1. These 2 games are 2 different types of game.H1Z1 is free to play first person shooter game,and Rocket League is sport action game with cars(something like football but with cars):).Actually I have played both games but I would choose Rocket League because it has better multiplayer for me.It is more interesting when you play vs your friend 🙂

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  2. Both games are great in their genre but I would choose H1Z1 ,I like survival games ,and this game has great gameplay,especially if you play with friends,and solid graphic too.

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