Sheltered is a survival RPG game.



Game Description:

Sheltered is a post apocalyptic disaster management or survival RPG where you keep your family or at least try to before the world turns on it head. This novel concept surpringly has not been done more in the wake of the survival genre exploding like a nuclear bomb. This War is Mine is somewhat similar but takes a different point of view. Sheltered is all about the main shelter, ‘of course’ and protecting your family any way that you can. One of the coolest aspects of the game is that you get to fully customize your family. Sheltered is $15 at full price but it can be bought for much less at digital marketplace right now since it was a part of the last Humble Monthly and some of the subscribers don’t want to keep it. Either on sale or not, it is a game worth trying if you have any interest in seeing what it would be like to try to survive a nuclear bomb in your own customizable shelter.

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  1. Very cool survival RPG video game,point is to protect your family,it has solid 2d graphic and interesting gameplay,I suggest it everybody

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