Star Sonata 2 Closed Beta Key Giveaway!

Star Sonata 2 will continue with all the features that make Star Sonata great:

  • Action-based combat
  • RPG progression
  • Base and colony building
  • Ability to rule the universe

Star Sonata 2 is based on the game design and server infrastructure of Star Sonata. The following are the major new features of Star Sonata 2:

    • New 3D graphics engine – Ships will bank when they turn, reflect sunlight and light from explosions and plasmas.
    • RTS-like Controls for your possessions – You will be able to select your slaves, drones, or bases and give them orders with right-clicks similar to RTS style games. You can see the current shields and energy of your possessions and squadmates with mini-icons in the upper-right.
    • Greatly Improved GUI – Allows multi-select, drag and drop, and a command bar along the top to hotkey your most used items. Also: multiple simulataneous inventories, mid-flight slave inventories, safe ship-to-ship trading interface, extended icon set, friend list, and more.
    • “Super Items” – Turn the tide of battle with the well timed uses of the Super Items built into most ships
    • Alien Invasions – The disturbed aliens from transdimensional space have decided to put an end to the annoying races of normal space. They will invade periodically with ever increasing power and numbers until they wipe out Sol itself. It’s up to the players to band together to protect Sol and keep the universe from imploding.
    • Expanded Tech Levels – Tech skills and items of level 21 have already been added, with levels 22, 23, 24, and 25 each to be released every 4 months after the launch of SS2.
  • New Musical Score – Composed by Sebastian Nebaeus, plus mostly re-done and improved sound effects.