If you’re a player of Star Trek Online and at all a fan of Star Trek: The Next Generation now is a good time for you to catch up with the C-Store. This weekend only starting Thursday, March 6th, and ending Monday 10am PDT all TNG-related items will be discounted by 20%.

The discounted items include:

  • Federation Exploration Cruiser Refit: Venture Class;
  • Federation Exploration Cruiser Retrofit;
  • Federation Dreadnought Cruiser;
  • (NEW!) Galaxy Bundle (contains the 3 ships listed above at a discount);
  • The Next Generation Season One Uniform;
  • The Next Generation Uniform;
  • Galaxy Bridge Variants (3) Bridge Pack;
  • Counselor Troi Uniform;
  • TNG Romulan Uniform.

Amid the items is the Galaxy-class Bundle, which is a new entry to the whole Star Trek Online lineup. Although, players who have already bought one of the listed ships will not be able to take advantage of the bundle.

The Venture-class is a tier 4 Federation cruiser that is in the same family as the Galaxy-class starship, the flagship of the Federation from Star Trek: The Next Generation. Players looking to fly the same iconic ship that their generation grew up with.

The Federation Exploration Cruiser Retrofit is, of course, the Galaxy-class retrofitted into a tier 5 vessel. It includes a console that permits this classification of ship to do saucer separation–a capability viewed in numerous episodes of TNG.

The Federation Dreadnought Cruiser, comes in two classifications: the Venture-X-class and the Galaxy-X-class. It’s a powerfully iconic ship with three nacelles as seen in the TNG episode “All Good Things…” from the alternate future where Starfleet is a military organization. To the discerning player, this vessel comes with its own cloaking device and a built-in phaser lance.

Together in the bundle, these three ships costs 4,000 ZEN (approximately $40); which has been discounted to 3,200 ZEN (approximately $32.)

These ships were updated recently, with the most attention spent on the Galaxy-X. More information about that can be read about in the Season 8 Dev Blog #54: Galaxy Class Reboot.

All the rest of the discounted virtual merchandise is also a lot of iconic TNG elements painted up as pixels for captains to guss themselves up with. Items from costumes from the series (uniforms and shirts) and even variant bridges seen in the Galaxy-class. There’s something for every player in this sale.