Destiny is an online first person shooter game.



Game Description and Comments:

Destiny is the next big franchise after Halo for Bungie. It was first launched in September of 2014 and has had a few expansions since then like the Dark Below and House of Wolves. Larger expansions such as The Taken King and Rise of Iron have arrived since those two. I just purchased the Taken King version for $24 at Target. Although the price was $19.99 online, the store charged $24 for its only copy in my area. Still it is considerably cheaper when you consider that the box for Destiny: Taken Kings is $30 to $40 everywhere else. That said, this is only my second game to purchase on the Xbox One. Send me a PM if you want to play online.

Basically, Destiny is what MMOFPS games were really meant to be when the term first started appearing. Like a MMORPG,. you level up and collect gear throughout the game while being able to play with others. You have to have Xbox Live Gold to play the game online. Look for more coverage of this game in this game in the coming weeks.

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  1. Very cool online first person shooter video game,I tried once and I enjoyed playing it,I suggest it everybody.

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  2. I’ve never played but I do check gameplay so I’ll say it anyway the game looks good it have good graphics I like the gameplay​ , I won’t suggest it to anybody since I didn’t played it.

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  3. I could say that it is a potent FPS game for it is interesting indeed with an awesome graphics. 🙂

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  4. Not a bad game at all sunk quite a few hundred hours into it, gets a bit repetitive and new content is lackluster.

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  5. Looking forward to try this! Could this rival COD? There are a lot of FPS games right now with different modes that you can play. Should be hard to be in this scene especially now that there are many trending fps and upcoming ones!

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  6. Destiny is an interesting first-person shooter game, especially for fans of various shooter games like the Halo series. What stood out for me when learning about this game was that it was set in a sci-fi world, and I am a huge fan of sci-fi when it comes to shooters. The story and plot for the game provides a comfortable experience, but the character development would have to be the best part of the game. I adored the character development, especially as the characters were voiced. Gameplay-wise, this game was indeed fun to play, especially the game’s post content. The game’s weakness would be its grinding, but it did feel rewarding. Overall, I would give this game a 4.1/5.

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  7. This game is really strange. It has great qualities, but in the same time can be a nuisance. First of all, when one starts playing you really don’t know what to do, what quests one should do. You have no clues whatsoever. So, one has to use walkthroughs in order to know what to do. But after having figured out, the game is fantastic. The gameplay is fantastic; a real shooter with SF taste. You have weapons and gear that can be upgraded. You level up and you can gain new gear. There are many quests, but the story could be considered good enough, if it weren’t so confusing.

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