Yes, there was no Day 6 from the Sale. The day started good with the best team for the Monster Game Yet and a purchase of WWE 2k15. However, after a massive download of 33GB, the game would not start. It was the first time I had encountered that for a Steam Game so went to try their refund system I had saw something about recently. Thankfully, my case was reviewed and I was able to get the refund notification very fast. No complaints from me on that system:).

Back to today, the Monster Game started off well, but eventually everybody abandoned ship completely. Game-wise, it was a much better day. I was able to buy two small but very good indie games for 80% and 75% off respectively, Fight The Dragon and Bastion.

Bastion has been around for about four years and has won all sorts of awards. Its narration, story, and music were all great and made the game a top seller for an indie game. In contrast to the well-produced Bastion, Fight the Dragon has risen as a leading action RPG because it is created by a community and filled with user created content and ideas. It could even be described as a love letter to the Action RPG genre.

It may sound simple, but you start in a house in FTD where you can customize your character, go on adventures and even make them. It feels like a sandbox when at the house. You even find out how to perform the task that is the namesake of the game, fight the dragon. It is the title that sounds more like a combat game than what the game really offers, creative freedom. You do not fight the dragon and the game ends when you kill it. Not even close. The dragon takes a long time to kill over a plethora of attempts. Even when it is killed, you get special loot and you still get adventures that are being made by yourself and fellow players. Thus, it is one of my favorites of the Summer Sale so far.

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