A leading free action MMORPG versus one of the best survival sandbox MMOs.

The Match-Up

The seventh match of the first round pits two different genres and pay models against each other. However, both games have one thing in common: different experiences from normal MMOs. TERA has innovated the free MMO genre while Rust has been an innovator among survival sandbox games. In fact, Rust and Ark are among the very few games in the genre without a great deal of hatred. Unfortunately, that is what allows TERA to slide by Rust in this match. The survival sandbox games simply do not have the same continuity as MMOs and this shows with angry players who end up quitting because one other player or group of players throws their game out of whack.

Tale of the Tape



Free to play.
One of the most popular MMOs on Steam.
True action combat.
Started pay-to-play.
Big epic battles.
No restrictions on players.




Buy to Play.
Normally $20 on Steam.
Survival sandbox.
Multiplayer only.
Takes a major rig to run well.
Still in Early Access.
Other players can drastically affect your gameplay.

Select Comments For TERA

Rating: 9
Author: molnyi
Comment: Tera online is one of the best, if not the best free mmorpg these days. It offers a variety of class picks, races and many other things. Graphic is outstanding, world looks fantastic and pvp is the best. I love this game very much.

Rating: 8
Author: Thedarkboy
Comment: Tired of the typical MMO? Want dynamic battles against huge monsters where the basic concept is still intact? Then Tera might just be what you’re looking for.

The MMORPG genre is often criticized for being itself. “This is exactly like World of Warcraft,” it’s said, before anyone has time to think exactly the same reasoning that could be applied to – say – the action genre. In the case of Tera, the basic concept is back from other MMORPG’s but at the same time the battles and design reveals that this is something beyond the ordinary.

The world that Bluehole Studio created using the Unreal Engine is a dazzling beautiful one. As a beginner in the game, I was introduced what the beautiful fantasy online game could offer, feature for feature. If I jump forward a bunch of hours, I’ve reached lvl 20 and I’ve beaten my way through hordes of enemies and find myself at the end of a mission chain where you have to defeat a massive boss.

Up until this point in the adventure, I had no idea what my actual role to the other players will be, but here I have to decide if I want to tank, heal, throw spells or stab enemies through life.

The quest system in Tera is very similar to Star Wars: The Old Republic where I get to choose what I want to do and don’t need to focus on the main story. The side quests will help me in the form of extra experience points and equipment, and also offers a complimentary experience that takes the edge off the drama a little – a critical aspect of a MMO who must feel alive and dynamic.

The side quests are for the most part to gather something or kill a certain number of enemies. To make this easier, you are shown exactly where the objects or enemies are on your map. In addition to this arch-classic type of quests design, I’m also offered in much more interesting variants where I can be pressured by the time or in an ambush where you have to hold out when the waves of enemies flooding towards you.

Initially, I only travel by either running from town to town or teleport me from places I have already discovered. Later, at level 11, I can purchase a mount that makes the traveling far more comfortable. Besides, it’s awesome with lions and horses. On top of that, I can start to save up for a flying pegasus when I reach the game’s capital.

Tera has been marketed as an action-oriented MMO, and this shows itself in the fact that I have to aim my attacks on my own (or healing spells) to succeed. A classic, Japanese MMO feature that have not yet established itself in the western world. By lining up my attacks I can perform combos and generally the fighting feels much deeper and more entertaining than many other MMO titles.

In Tera it feels natural to slaughter everything you see. But firstly, my items are breaking after a while and I need material to repair my stuff. Secondly, I can earn incredible buffs (positive impact) with everything I gather. It will be interesting to see what role these buffs will play in the real challenges later in the game, but right now it is simply too early to say anything.

If you do not have a sufficient number of comrades to clear a particular instance, you can use the game’s built-in matchmaking system, and caves and instances is something that will require some weaning from the classic online role players side. For example, you can not pass through allies or monsters, but must run around to get where you want.

Add to that the fact that you have to aim to hit your target and you have a whole new kind of challenge ahead of you. Aiming and coordination skills suddenly become at least as critical as the items you have managed to accumulate, and it is not certain that the players that have played TERA the longest will be the strongest.

After many hours, I start to get used to the battle system, but I still have to say that I really do not recommend roles like tank or healer for someone other than someone used to MMORPG’s. Other players tend to move which complicates the critical heals when it is needed most, and the one to blame will be you. Instead, choose a class with a focus to injure the enemies and learn yours and your comrades movement patterns is, in different situations.This will help you if you later choose to play as a healer.

It doesn’t matter how you look at it. TERA is a strong newcomer in the role-playing genre. During the beta period, it looked quite bad sometimes, but now that the game is finished and released, it is clear that Bluehole Studio managed to get the game back on track in the end. It has infinite potential, thanks to a unique combat system and inviting, warm graphics that refuses to let go.

Even though the crafting system might be a little complicated and some side quests are really unnecessary and boring, the unique combat system, the adorable graphics, heavy sound, great story and almost an endless of things to do makes the game worth your time. You definitely don’t want to miss this game.

Select Comments for Rust

Rating: 10
Author: axwellshm
Comment: Alright, i played this game for like one year with my friends, and i did enjoyed playing it. I will discuss about why.

So i would like to say that this game is similiar to the Minecraft that i also used to play, and the difference between this games are that you don’t have to dig holes to find mines – they are randomly spawning on the ground. Then you have a pile of woods which is also good because chopping the tree takes a lot of time and energy, which comes with losing food. Also the difference is that you play realistic game where you have a really good graphics and good shaders, and minecraft is like 2D game that makes a really great difference between this two games.

So your priority is to make your fortress and to find the materials that are needed to build your fortress. And also to not mention that there are thousands of animals waiting for their pray to show up. You are using only axe and pickaxe for taking resources.

There is a zone that offers you to find guns, armors, and more crafting material. That zone is called Radioactive zone. You have suits for decreasing the radioactive attack on your body. That zone is also crawling with animals – radioactive animals. You can find munition, blueprints, etc. For most stuff you need a blueprint and a thing that you want to craft enormous times.

This game is really good until someone finds your house and start killing one by one. There is not much prevention you can do – only to hide in your house and prey he don’t call his crew to bring C4 and ruin your house. But until that you can have fun finding materials and building house. I watched some guy on youtube while playing this game and i was like – what the heck, i will give it a try. And we really enjoyed playing this.

Rating: 10
Author: Mordekaiser
Comment: Awesome game like an online version of stalker with a dayz environment you can cook and build stuff kinda like minecraft but then again its not i have to say this is one of the most well made games i have ever seen the graphics are so nice the combat is flawless the lighting is awesome and its online multiplayer.

The Showdown

Cheaper to Play = TERA

Better Multiplayer = TERA

More Popular = Rust

Better User Created Content = Rust

Better for Livestreams/Videos = TERA

TERA received a total score of 3
Rust received a total score of 2

The Result

TERA Wins!

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