Have you ever heard of Discord or been asked whether you are on it or not? If you haven’t heard of Discord should you remain blissfully ignorant or should you try it out to see how it goes? The short answer is that if you use Skype or Teamspeak to communicate with other gamers, you should at least look into Discord. If Discord improves on those two for you, then give it a try.

What is Discord?

That said, what exactly is Discord and what does it do? Well, Discord is a freeware Voice over IP app for gaming communities. As far as what it does, you can do numerous different things on Discord such as chat with gamers, share videos, send a golden nugget bonus code, and show game screenshots. In other words, like a forum but with more focus on direct contact.

Forum Chat 

Speaking of forums, the forum at GameOgre, and more specifically the chat box, is one of the key reasons why I took so long to use Discord. Although not the biggest game chat box by any means, the GameOgre.com chat box has been a stalwart feature on the site for close to a decade! Although it was not on the original forum at first, it has been a great place to hang out with forum members almost daily. Chat also has had its share of fun and excitement. Of course, there has been negative experiences and members in chat but those are dealt with swiftly by the mod team.


Discord was officially launched over 3 and half years ago in 2015. This game community communication platform has done the right thing by staying as free software and focusing on web technologies while still being able to be installed on PCs and mobile devices. To support all the activity on the app, eleven data centers around the world in an attempt to eliminate as much lag as possible. This low-latency enables quite possibly the best reason for using Discord: the ability to talk with other gamers while playing games. Free chat servers and dedicated infrastructure also help with this all-important feature.

Discord Problems

Like the forum chatroom, everything is not always sunny on Discord. In fact, there have been some serious problems due to the nature of the beast along with the massive scale of Discord. A small group of users can create a lot of chaos with bad topics very quickly and Discord has had its fair share of this behavior. However, they have added a trust and safety team in order to deal with the negative issues. All that said, Discord is good to use if you stick to gaming and avoid the bad areas as much as possible.


  1. To discord I say.. Cuz I am currently a member with too many guilds xD I have many guilds on discord .. Aq3D , a pokemon and more ! .. Friends:v

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  2. Discord is not as chaotic as you think (though the word discord does literally mean chaos, or more specifically the lack of harmony), since you have so much versatility with how you manage your server (webhooks, Discord bots, user permissions, roles, channels, etc.). I think the customization of Discord makes it far better than many other services such as Skype, Zoom, Teams, etc. Plus a good number of workplaces and schools are using Discord as their means of communication, so it extends beyond just gaming communities.

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