While most sports games have been virtually at a standstill, esports games are very much alive. Electronic sports, more commonly known as esports, have garnered a following over the course of years as modern tech becomes more and more accessible. Not surprisingly, a good chunk of why esports is still going strong while live games are slowly and attentively reawaken is mostly due to the global pandemic, coronavirus. That said, as the esports industry continues to flourish. If you’re interested in making full use of the opportunity to earn money while enjoying the sport, then read on to learn the tips on how to follow esports.

Do Your Research

Knowing which teams are the favorites is one thing but knowing why you chose that team is another. As mentioned, knowledge is your weapon. As an esports fan, that means doing your due diligence. 

To say that you need to do your research first is a gross understatement. First, it’s important to learn everything you can about the game, from its history down to who are the most popular and strongest esports teams right now. Second, make sure to always double-check such as checking out betting predictions on ProTipster and cross-referencing it with your notes. 

Play The Game

A little reconnaissance mission is also important. In this case, playing the esports game that you plan to follow.

Immersing yourself in the game helps you understand a game better, from its dynamics, rules, and lingo down to how-tos and what it takes to actually win the game itself. Knowing the ins and outs spells the difference between winning and losing.

That said, playing the game is not enough. Don’t just play to understand it’s basics, play with the intent of becoming a pro. All sports are competitive, in this case, knowledge is your weapon. Not only will this give more confidence, but also develop strategies and better assessments before you decide your games and teams to follow.

Study The Teams And Players

A careful analysis of the teams is also necessary, that means this is where your homework really comes in handy. Assess every esports athlete based on their strengths, weakness, history and the things they can bring to the team.

Of course, let’s not forget the whole unit, the actual team. Consider these questions when you make an assessment:

  • When was the team made?
  • Who are the members of the team?
  • What is the current interpersonal status of the team?
  • How many times have they won?
  • What strategies do they usually apply?
  • What is the history between two teams?
  • Which of the two teams won more often?

Set A Budget

First things first, what is your budget? The budget you’ll be setting aside for playing and following esports teams means a lot! Keep in mind, this shouldn’t hinder or short your budget for your household necessities and utilities. 

Second, how should you spend your budget? eSports can be a serious investment, not only of your money but also the time and effort you poured into it. The bottom line is to your budget; spend your money wisely, and know when to stop. 

Carefully Pick Your Esports Teams

That last, and certainly not the least, is carefully choosing the esports teams that would work the best for you. If you’re looking for a successful international team make sure to check out that team and it is main game before spending any money or a great deal of time following them. You’re all set, make sure to choose carefully, because this can spell a win or loss for you.