Since we have bought numerous bundles over the years on a plethora of bundle sites, it only made sense to include bundle coverage to That said, we are going to start that coverage with ranking the top game bundle sites online. Although not a comprehensive list, going to go with the four I have used the most. Each one has either given me great deals or has allowed me to find games that I would not found otherwise. Furthermore, a couple offer unique features that add even more value to the bundles.


Top Game Bundle Sites:

  1. Humble Bundle – The king of bundles if you will. Does not over game bundles as frequently as many of the other places, but tends to offer the best quality overall. HB  continues to expand and try new ideas like Humble Monthly.
  2. Bundle Stars – If Humble is the King then Bundle Stars are the crown princes. Offers a great variety at very good prices. Unlike Humble, some bundles stay available for months at a time. BS also offers special bundles such as the Killer Bundle series.
  3. Indie Gala – Indie Gala is like a drunk duke or the dark horse of the family. Usually doesn’t have the quality of the first two sites, but does offer more unique indie games and special features. IG’s Happy Hour feature is the cheapest way to buy certain games for a big group of people, bar none. Basically, you are buying multiple bundles each time you buy a bundle on Happy Hour.  Yes, unlike Humble, you can buy the same bundle again. IG also offers trading of games.
  4. Groupees – No royal metaphors here. Groupees stands out for three reasons. The first is that music is mixed in with games on some of the bundles. The unique music adds value to bundles. Secondly, bundle buyers can socialize with each other in live chat. You will not find that in the top three sites. Lastly, you will also not find a lower starter price on a bundle. Groupees has a bundle called the 50 where the price starts at the incredibly low price of just 50 cents.
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    • There’s quite a few websites now that have these free steam giveaways, mostly for newly launching games to support them and also provide growth. This helps a great deal to both the developer and the people playing their games.

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