The world as we once know it as peaceful and safe, is now falling apart in ruins, explosions and chaos! You must posses great running skills, so you could try to make your Ultimate Escape out of this chaotic mess! Featuring 2 players game mode, lots of floating coins that are awaiting to be picked, polished and pixel enchanted graphics, competing sound and intensive running game play, your running skills will be ultimately tested today!


  1. Ultimate Escape is a fun and challenging Flash running game. I like the difficulty of the game since the player not only dodges vehicles by jumping over them, but also has to avoid the helicopters in the sky. The one thing that I wish this game supported is arrow keys for 1 player mode, not just WASD keys. I do like that this game has 2 player mode, which I think is fun with friends. Overall, I would rate this game a 4/5.

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