The Xbox One X is the latest in Microsoft’s console franchise and symbolizes bold moves by the company to make the best out there. It’s another small step up from the Xbox One with plenty of extras on offer.

Six teraflops of graphical performance are packed into the Xbox One X along with the ability to run Ultra HD games. With a lot more horsepower, the Xbox One X is available for just under £500 (£449) – double the price of its predecessor. So, is it worth it?

Xbox One X Design

Following a similar style to the Xbox One S, the Xbox One X looks sleek and modern. The main difference is in the color – where the One S was a clean white design by default the One X is a sleek grey.

As with the One S, the One X comes with power connector, HDMI out, HDMI in, two USB ports, an IR out, an Optical Audio port and an Ethernet port. The real differences are on the inside.

Xbox One X Spec

Microsoft claim that the Xbox One X is the most powerful console that’s ever been made. With a 1TB hard drive and Ultra-HD capabilities, alongside eight core CPUs clocked at 2.3Ghz and 12 GB of GDDR5 RAM – it’s quite hard to argue against them.

On paper, this is definitely the most powerful console around with more breadth of capabilities than most of the modern gaming PCs on the market.

Xbox One X Gaming Performance

With a growing array of games available on the Xbox One X, there’s lots to be excited about when it comes to what really matters – gaming performance. The specs are impressive on paper and this translates to the playing capability of the machine too.

The incredible details in Forza Motorsport 7 (where you can make out the actual stitching of the steering wheel!) are a great example of how much has gone into this console. It really is impressive on screen. Gears of War 4 really shows off the One X’s HDR capabilities and to get the full experience you’ll want to be playing the One X on a state of the art 4K screen. The images are mind-blowing and next level in terms of graphics and you won’t be disappointed with the step up in quality over previous releases in this regard.

The built-in browser capability is another added bonus, meaning you can surf the internet at will and use your console as a PC if you wish. The graphics mean streaming videos, checking out new bingo sites or just browsing social media will look top of the range from your TV screen.

Xbox One X Verdict

The Xbox One X really is a premium console for serious gamers looking to take their experience to the next level. Have a look on any online gaming forum and you’ll see there’s a buzz surrounding the console. It’s certainly a step up from the One S and several steps up from previous Microsoft consoles too. If you’ve already invested in a 4K setup and want to experience the highest possible level of gaming then the Xbox One X is the console for you.


  1. Im more into PSs. Havent had an x box o my own before but after reading this, maybe Im missing a lot. However, I dont think Im one of those serious gamers the article is talking about. Im just casually playing games, have to think about if this is worthy for my case.

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  2. It is indeed a good console with good specs but i am more into Playstation consoles myself considering it is the gaming console series that i started with and in this case i started with PS2.
    I am pretty casual player so i don’t seek for a hardware upgrade right away and i give it time before i decide on getting said console because i attend to be happy with what i got and entertainment value of my current PS3 has still not faded at all so i will just stick with it for time being.

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