9Dragons, the first authentic martial arts MMO set in ancient China. You join as a poor peasant and through training and quests you reach your destiny as a master of the martial arts.

Total Rating: 7.54
Reviews: 139

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Post Date: 00:05 02-06-2015
Rating: 10
Author: alvaroktarizki
Comment: i play this game and i very like it.

Post Date: 14:55 19-01-2015
Rating: 9
Author: axwellshm
Comment: Perfect game, loving to do quests , and you learn so much doing them but again won’t give mark 10, so 9 is good 🙂

Post Date: 17:43 06-07-2014
Rating: 8
Author: FrendlyLeBlanc
Comment: On first look is funny and i enjoyed in her… GAmeplay is simple and fun and graph not bad

Post Date: 04:25 06-07-2014
Rating: 8
Author: Baramour
Comment: I played this several years ago, and I just reloaded it today. It is run by a new company, but the gameplay is still a lot of fun, although the graphics are a bit dated.

Post Date: 11:17 06-06-2014
Rating: 8
Author: bloga99
Comment: Great game 🙂

Post Date: 09:33 15-05-2014
Rating: 7
Author: nikiwild
Comment: Really nice online game.

Post Date: 07:12 15-05-2014
Rating: 9
Author: savicaa
Comment: Really nice MMORPG game i tried it before , but it’s really hard for me that means that this game need a lot of time to get good , but cause im in school i don’t have that much time.
It’s really nice all , so i will give 9. 🙂

Post Date: 14:57 04-05-2014
Rating: 6
Author: ivekvv256
Comment: I didn’t like the game so much, since it’s pretty difficult to keep up with quests and stuff. Graphics are ok, and it’s a good game for players that are really much online. 6/10

Post Date: 16:51 18-04-2014
Rating: 10
Author: Dragan654
Comment: This game is great.I like the story and graphic.Excelent!

Post Date: 13:15 18-04-2014
Rating: 9
Author: IlMaestro
Comment: I like this game.Nice story in game. 🙂

Post Date: 20:19 09-04-2014
Rating: 10
Author: Durma
Comment: Its cool game. Good graphics. I would reccomend this game to new users

Post Date: 09:19 23-03-2014
Rating: 9
Author: GL0W3R
Comment: It looks good and nice game but i give this 🙂

Post Date: 05:04 05-01-2014
Rating: 9
Author: keller07
Comment: really a great game to play. I love this game because of its great graphics. Try to play this one.

Post Date: 10:22 04-10-2013
Rating: 5
Author: minhnguyettam
Comment: can iget 1 coupon plz?

Post Date: 04:55 03-10-2013
Rating: 5
Author: p0915265922
Comment: can i get 1 coupon please?

Post Date: 21:27 13-08-2013
Rating: 8
Author: mmowiz
Comment: better than it was in the past. the summer pack code from go helps!

Post Date: 15:46 10-08-2013
Rating: 7
Author: erialc101
Comment: Old school but, still nice to play

Post Date: 17:11 07-08-2013
Rating: 9
Author: yudi4ever
Comment: this my game! rock.

Post Date: 22:40 04-08-2013
Rating: 8
Author: Webber
Comment: I am waiting to get a key from GO for the new version! Can’t wait to play again! It has been years when i last played because I quit. Now it should be better under new management!

Post Date: 20:56 26-08-2012
Rating: 7
Author: PolanWalker
Comment: To be martial arts master was my gratest wish ;D 7/10 ;D

Post Date: 18:15 12-06-2012
Rating: 5
Author: ruhey
Comment: I found it a realy nice game to play,loads of opitions,only problem I realy had was it kept disconnecting me,which messed my gameplay up summwhat

Post Date: 17:05 25-02-2012
Rating: 7
Author: KuroTsuna
Comment: 9 dragon, simple name but the game itself is very interesting.
The graphics are really nice the chinese designs are good too.
The game only use martial arts so it will get bored.

Post Date: 13:28 25-02-2012
Rating: 9
Author: Thedarkboy
Comment: I like these kind of games. I like China’s history and games that includes that, is absolutely a game I’m trying. So of course I tried this one. It’s really funny actually. It can ber very addictive when you first start playing the game. The graphics are pretty good too. 9/10 for this one

Post Date: 18:54 22-06-2011
Rating: 9
Author: cooldude671
Comment: A good game

Post Date: 01:14 26-05-2011
Rating: 8
Author: Pur3Doom
Comment: -I don’t know why, but i am just super attracted to ancient times games based in China. I gues I just love martial art games like 9Dragons.
-First off, 9Dragons has a small character customization. When you start off you pick 6 starter clans. 3 Black side clans, Heavenly Demon(Male & Female), The Brotherhood of Thieves(Male & Female), and Sacred Flower(Female Only). My favorite is Heavenly Demon because they have awesome looking gear and they seem more “evil” than the other clans. This is also the hardest clan to get into according to 9Dragons players.
-In the White side there are also 3 starter clans, Wu-Tang(Male & Female), Shaolin(Male Only), and The League of Beggars(Male & Female). My favorite White clan is Wu-Tang, this is the second hardest clan to enter according to 9Dragons players.
– Every clan uses the same two weapons depending on classes which are bracers and fist. But each clan also has a specific weapon. The Heavenly Demon has the saber, the Wu-Tang have the sword, The League of Beggars has the staff, the Sacred Flower have the wheels, the Brotherhood of Thieves has the polearm and the Shaolin have the pole.
– After you have reached your level and decided your fate by entering a clan you must reach level Opening Chi 1(Level 25) you can choose your role. You can choose from Strategists, which is the healer roles, Strategists use fist, Chi Kung Artist, which is what 9Dragon players call Nukers, or what some people may call mages, Chi Kung Artists’ use bracers, Warrior, which everyone knows is a high DPS class, warriors use the specific weapons for clans, and Holist, which is a hybrid class, they have heals, buffs, long-range attacks, and close range attacks, Holists use fists as close range.
-The Warrior classes mostly consist of fast hitting, strong hits, and multiple stuns. The Chi Kung Artists mostly consist of very strong long range attacks that can slow you down, cause DoT’s and if you are to get close to one, the will die. Strategists mostly use buffs and heals, this is NOT a recommended class for PvP as they don’t have many attacks. The final class, Holist, consists of them all, I am not super familiar with this class, but I have used them before. My favorite of them all is Chi Kung Artists as i just love magic.
– This game has high-medium graphics that look nice to me. You do alot of map changeing in this game and the grinding is very slow. You do get these annoying quests called Road to Dragons which you pretty much are sent out on these long tasks that can take hours then you must returns to your clan base to turn it in. If you are planning to play this game, I DON’T suggest useing a bad computer as it lowers your gaming quality ALOT. There is a large variety of monsters in this game. The maps look beautiful and so does all the terrain, there was so much work put into this game. After awhile this game does get very hard, but I know after you reach the higher levels it gets super fun to PvP.
-This game gives alot of quests such as simple quests called Enlightenment quests where you do fast quests that range from 5 minutes-20 minutes. Then you get the Road to Karma quests which i mostly skip as they are not of much importance. Then the most annoying of all is the Road to Dragons quests. These quests can give you great items and titles but they take a long time rangeing from 45 minutes-2 hours. I do suggest doing these quests but they get so boring.
-In this game you do alot of map changeingas you do quests and level up. There are atleast 20+ mpas that i know about.
-This game has great makers that did great things. They host double exp weekends and sometimes they are nice and do 3x events. They also always give out items during the holidays through a great gift system. One of the things i greatly ove abbout this game is they have a bank called ‘Warehouse”. This is also known as a account bank. If you put items or money in here you can access it from any other character on your account. This is super helpful when planning to make a new character as you can transfer money over super easy. Also any player has the chance to become a staff member by applying for VGM status which mean Volunteer Game Master. This mean you help players ingame but are not officially an employee.
-This game also has a Item Store. They have you buy coins that are very cheap then you can buy itmes from the store. You can also buy a premium account which gives you double xp all the time and great buffs.
-Here are my final numbers.
-Community: 10
-Graphics: 8
-PvP: 10
-PvE: 7
-Experience: 3(Super Low)
-Staff: 10
-Overall Rating: 8


Post Date: 21:05 18-04-2011
Rating: 7
Author: dantabletennis
Comment: A good game.. but gets boring after a while but good gameplay 🙂

Post Date: 00:06 10-02-2011
Rating: 7
Author: Adrian
Comment: This game is awesome, good graphics and gameplay. I agree with Sasuke, the multi-player is great.

Post Date: 06:23 09-02-2011
Rating: 6
Author: sasuke24
Comment: This game is nice and enjoying. The awesome multiplayer effect and enjoying adventure make this game very addictive. But the only problem about this game is that this game still contain many gltiches.

Post Date: 03:25 03-12-2010
Rating: 5
Author: champking5
Comment: This game was an alright fun game. I liked the way you start bad and rise up to the top. Even though I asked for items and money 🙂

Post Date: 03:33 01-09-2010
Rating: 6
Author: Joker
Comment: Too bad that Acclaim is closed. I predict that 9 Dragons will eventually fade away all together.

Post Date: 21:18 20-05-2010
Rating: 9
Author: Gamer2010
Comment: Easily one of my favorite F2P MMORPGs available. The game has very fun PvE and PvP. The new Tibet expansion pack just now increased the max level to 200! Goodluck grinders!

Post Date: 13:56 13-05-2010
Rating: 9
Author: Archfiend
Comment: look awsome

Post Date: 08:20 13-05-2010
Rating: 7
Author: Celtis
Comment: 9dragons is stale martial arts mmo to me. I would rather play World of Kung Fu or Jade Dynasty than 9 Dragons.

Post Date: 19:52 30-12-2009
Rating: 5
Author: blastoise466
Comment: haha tasori well if they give 10x exp will you join the game and what i expected from the game when i start is:

-It looks a professional controls a camera for pros but the camera must be zoomed like a mouse played game so i expected a keyboard style or a new camera

-boring to lvl and the china style doesnt good for me(personal)

if i liked the china style 6/10->JUST FOR THE CAMERA ITS NOT COMFORTABLE

but personal things get in and make it 5/10->JUST FOR THE CAMERA AND THE CHINESE STYLE!

Post Date: 23:47 23-12-2009
Rating: 10
Author: tasori
Comment: very nice:) theyve changed alot of stuff since back then…no more dumb advertisement, PvP is more awesome, random exp bonusess like x5 exp….well i have lots to type but all i have to say is try it!

Post Date: 06:22 11-11-2009
Rating: 8
Author: Merlock760
Comment: lol a very good game the only prob with this game is sudden DC”s.

Post Date: 23:17 08-11-2009
Rating: 9
Author: Haara
Comment: I loved this game. I played it from the day of its release but even i have to admit, as of lately, it has become a little too glitchy. This game has a HUGE variety of weapons and equipment, a variety of quests, exciting special missions, a unique level cap system and amazing pvp. This game may take a while to level up in, but you have a lot of fun doing it, the martial arts is beautiful to watch as well. In 9 Dragons there are 2 side, Black and White(aka dark and light), each side has 3 clans, all the clans have the same classes but each with certain clan specific weapon and armor types and skills. This game is definitely one of the best MMO’s (p2p and f2p) that i have EVER played.


Highly Recommended.

Post Date: 21:58 29-05-2009
Rating: 7
Author: hanzo8019
Comment: By far, one of the best martial arts based MMORPG’s. Set during the chinese Ming Dynasty, the game presents a unique system of level up system, six major clans with their own vast sets of weapons and different martial techniques involving close and ranged combat. Many passionated lovers of martial arts and chinese ancient history will be glad to watch and travel through the maps based on authentic locations; running through the barrens of Datong while watching the sunset over the Great Wall, learning the basics of Praying Mantis in the SongShan Shaolin Temple and explore the forests of Mount TaiShan as a Brotherhood Thief are part of the first intense steps of gameplay.

Textures and graphical effects are great and enhance more the experience along side a good background music with decent sounds effects according to the skill, weapon and technique used.

The crafting and upgrading system is more oriented on the weapons and can be expensive even for high ranked players, however, if the result is positive, the player has a chance to have a kinda legendary weapon wich is a powerful tool to improve the training lessons.

The questing system is fairly good, involving other clan characters and developing more about the introduction story, but at higher levels, the game becomes more a grindfest due the lack of quests, something that might be sorted out after some game upgrades. On other hand, there is a huge set of dungeons for different levels with fine rewards, PVP events and random events.

Concerning about the PVP, the system gives a huge unfair advantage to the Chi Kung damage, wich makes the classic melee warrior role a weak target for any Chi Kung user-role. A major upgrade should be done to fix it.

Finally, considering an easy to use chat system, a well structured faction/band system, I would give to 9 Dragons a 7.5 in a 0-10 scale. The game has a lot of potential.

May the seeds of The Dragon thrive and blossom within you.

Post Date: 03:09 27-05-2009
Rating: 9
Author: kumquat3
Comment: This game can be described in one word. Exciting. Ive tried countless MMORGP games, trying one after the other trying to find one that will suit mey intrests while being fun and exciting. I even googled MMORPG games so I could find one. Well let me tell you, 9 Dragons is the game I tried, and instantly fell in love with. I enjoy the whole feel of the games.

The clan system is really unique to the game. The different weapons and Kung Fu also add a special style to your character. The game is fun and the quests have story’s that make me want to read them instead of other games where I just skip the whole story to get it over with. The 9 Dragons coin store I have purchased from is reasonably priced. Hey, for 40 bucks you can get a premium package (that helps a lot at higher levels) for a whole 3 months. I also enjoy the different roles in the game I think that makes the game more worthwhile. If you get tired with one character, you can just make a new one, at a different role with whole new animations and abilities. Oh yeah, the maps are so beautiful realistic, they make you want to almost be there, ALMOST.

The problems with the game are few, but they do stand out. One I keep noticing is the lack of new things and quest sat higher levels. You do however go though a role upgrade at level 102. After that, the game might get a bit boring. The sound is not the greatest and can become obnoxious when your computer lags a bit and a part of a song, like a broken record keeps repeating the same part. There are a few bugs, but acclaim constantly fixes them though a numerous amount of patched, that all as I can tell work. The PvP system can get annoying, especially when you keep getting killed by higher levels and repeatedly too.

In short, 9 Dragons is a fresh, unique, exciting, and very fun game, that is a great time. Its also great for meeting new players, Ive met people from as far as Argentina on eh Asura server. 9 Dragons is a game that I much love to play.

If I think about 9 Dragons is my favorite game, while it may not be perfect, or maybe not even close to perfect, the game play and fun are perfect.

Post Date: 16:32 25-05-2009
Rating: 8
Author: dracotauro
Comment: I play lots of MMORPG games with “chinese” ingredients. But i finnaly found the ONE. is 9 dragons. why is one of better martial arts game? is easy, because have nice graphics, a kool chinnese story, a lot of scenarion, weapons and other items. The weak point is the unbalanced PvP system but the other things are Fantastic, like animations for skills. The BOSS, the party system, The Sound…

Is hard found a good game but 9Dragons Mix all the good things of other game and create a original and easy game.

Thanks and just Continue Grind.

Post Date: 22:30 23-05-2009
Rating: 10
Author: Tweety
Comment: This game gives pretty much from the chinese history like shaolin, and got place’s that really exist in real life so that makes 9dragons more interesting.

9Dragons have fun Dungeons, bosses and a great event system. But mostly the best about this game is the martial arts and cool mobs around the world(9dragons world). This game got something so called refinement that makes the weps better and add more dmg, but if ur unlucky it may brake(depends on how high refinment lvl). The cloth are nice and i love the 2nd role. The game gets kinda boring after u get on the higher lvl’s but its worth it! i hope much more people will start play and make this game big so they can expand its content.

Thats all for me, hope u liked this reveiw GG all and GL with lvling up!

Post Date: 08:02 23-05-2009
Rating: 9
Author: UlsterRugby
Comment: 9 Dragons is a online game with anceint china and kung fu in mind you start your life in the game as a poor “peasnt” when you have reached a certain lvl you may choose a clan the six basic clans are wu tang, the league of beggars, Shaolin, Heavenly Demon, The Brotherhood of theives and Scared flower. The game has 4 role to choose from each have different names in each clan but players came up with sort a easier names e.g. Blue Dragon would be a worrior and Black Tortise would be a Nuker. The game has lost of added bonuses like EXP events and Wars for each server at different times. 9 Dragons is the sort of game you have to take in and read the awesome story line for ever clan this makes up the main bulk of the game every clan has their own set of quests and every lvl has a set of quests the only way to understand the game is to do the quests. Another thing that makes this game so good is the PVP area here players can fight out with their different roles for Karama and Respect. I believe 9 dragons had received rewards for this : “best PVP game” “Best Storyline game” and “faviorite company Acclaim All these i qoute from the 9 Dragons site.

Like every game 9 dragons has its good points and bad points i am going to give you the good points first il give you the bad points so i can give the good points later to cheer you up.

The Main bad things about this game are similar to everygame with PVP system you can get pked by extrememly high lvls in the PVP area. There are many bugs like every other game it takes time to work them out, time to time the server must be restarted and sometime to be honest it gets boring from grinding to lvl.

Now the good points:

The games pvp system is getting better, the bugs are constantly being worked out and the main GOOD point is the fact Acclaim and Indy 21 are constantly updating and improven the game with lvl cap increases and new contant and new quests.

In summary 9 Dragons is a great authentic martial arts game which players can enjoy time and time again the great atmosphere and new content being brought out over and over again. The game is also great for making friends and having big fun leagues to enjoy events and PVP together.

If you start to play the game i recomend to be open minded and dont judge players by your first impression some people you need time to get to know and become great freinds and their is just some people you cant get along with just grind your teeth and get on with it they will not bother you unless your bother them. Only thing left to say is sit back and enjoy the game as it become better and better.

Thanks for reading Kurtis (Ulster-Rugby in game)

Post Date: 00:08 23-05-2009
Rating: 5
Author: guirguilher
Comment: the game is very good of you to make friends, know the struggles and fight for each clan.

Can you fight other players and dulea, besides when I rather just a little weak, but is much weight. The clothing of them, the weapons and the mob and are legal.

I like hard games like 9dragons. It is difficult to get bood essence, Pazzi, clothing, equipment and takes a while for UPA!

But playing with the 2x exp event. is better.

always when I have time to chat and game UPA. But it is legal, to enjoy much

Post Date: 10:41 22-05-2009
Rating: 5
Author: weegeewin
Comment: Just to forewarn you all, I”m going to be honest in this review. Thanks.

9Dragons is basically a downloadable MMORPG with a martial arts theme. The game starts off by choosing which clan you wish to join later on, and the concept, while not really original, is good enough. It”s quite fun actually, with interesting gameplay and good enough questing experiences. The martial-arts is a little over-the top, but the beginning game is fun, but can become monotonous with no new skills unlocked till you reach “Opening Chi”

When you manage to reach “Opening Chi” (Level 25), you become a full disciple in your clan and choose your role (like healer/warrior/hybrid etc. Nothing special here.) and gain skills. This is, in my opinion, the most superior part of the game with plenty of people to play and have fun with. It”s a good experience.

Eventually, however, the game becomes dull and just another boring Grind-fest. The skill levelling system for fighting skills is bearable, but levelling up your “buffs” is just sitting down pressing the same button for HOURS UPON HOURS. Really. It”s that horrible.

Oh, and something else that is horrible is the ad system. There”s a lag-inducing “ad bar” that covers about 20% of your screen and just ruins the gameplay. Not only that, but most ads are animated meaning your lag will reach a new level. I hope you have a good computer. (Fortunately, Acclaim is talking about getting rid of this in patch 80. Let”s hope this happens.)

Community is average. You”ll have your fair share of idiots and people who are pleasant to talk to. Nothing else to really say here.

So, in summary:


– Fun Martial arts theme

– Decent gameplay experience

– Generally good-looking visuals, some skills look very nice indeed

– A few unique & interesting ideas (eg. the karma system has potential, as does Soul/Body, Ying/Yang)

– High level dungeons are fun


– Lack of content

– Monotonous, boring gameplay at higher levels

– Skill levelling system is abysmal, especially for casting skills. Something really needs to be done here

– PvP (Player vs Player) isn”t always balanced

Overall, this is an good enough game with a decent idea that just suffers the same problems as many other MMORPG”s. Lack of content, and monotonous gameplay.

Post Date: 10:36 22-05-2009
Rating: 7
Author: aimeer1983
Comment: I play this game, its alot of fun with a nice selection of different clans to choose from. I cant give the game a great review since the lack of pvp balance. But putting that aside I love the game

Post Date: 21:14 21-05-2009
Rating: 9
Author: nicolai864
Comment: The game is really good. It is a fun game, awesome pvp, and like all games, one role is the best in pvp. But that doesn’t mean all the other roles dont have a chance. 9dragons is not like other mmorpgs, it has a good quest system, and all the clans have different quests to get in the clan, and different quests along the way. The experience rate is ok, it could be better at higher levels, but if you don’t get distracted, it is not that bad. The graphics are great. They portray the scenery in a great way, there are deserts, beautiful waterfalls, and other great places in the game. Now, the character creation mode is pretty simple, but you level up and get higher, you can wear a pretty big assortment of stuff. Different shirts, pants, decos, and they are still making more outfits. There are 3 servers, Asura(Pk), Nirvana, and Bardo. Asura is the pk server, Nirvana is the american server, and Bardo is the european server. The pvp in this game is pretty good, one of the best i have seen. Only bad part about it is many people will pk during the events, when u get 2x-3x exp on Wednesdays and Fridays-Sundays for 2 hours. But other then that, the pk server is pretty cool. The game may get boring at high lvls, but they are still making improvements to the game. So don’t give up on this game because people say it isn’t good, because the game overall, is great.

Post Date: 15:53 20-05-2009
Rating: 7
Author: drui
Comment: Well the game was very fun till nukers were made to strong cash op were made to stron(xp cards drop cards) unbalance betewn class roles.

The origina thing is very good graphics,nice pve,good boss hund and dungeons.

Well the game is bad now if u try to balance it would be good GG for originality try to fix it pls so i can play again and love it again

Post Date: 04:42 20-05-2009
Rating: 10
Author: Willwo
Comment: 9Dragons is awesome because I love martial arts MMORPGs. The only MAMMOs that i like better are World of Kung Fu and 12sky2. The kungfu skills are cool. Love the graphics and PVP. The only complaint I have is the movement takes getting used to. .

Post Date: 19:41 18-05-2009
Rating: 9
Author: Pur3Doom
Comment: This great is pretty much great all around. I am a big fan of chinese based game :P. The fact that they have clans that require different achievment and there own sytles is great. I love that some skills require sabers to just fists. All the moves look very different and are unique in there own way. All thought you can make your own stand kind of lowers the commun ity ;(. It is great how the have Shaolin Monks which is a real Chinese clan. It is a fun great Free MMORPG. They have great Xp and that they give Double XP weekend and Lucky Cricket Wednesday help alot! They have great staff of VGM. They also have a boost system that you refine your wep for extra damage and you wep glows! You can do PM”s and they also have great tough dungeons. They have many different maps and there coins are very cheap. This is a game i have played for awhile and will not soon quit. So all of you out there that have not tried this game, try it!They also have a great teaming system and teaming quests! They also have a great friend system that is helpful for leveling all the way! So here are my ratings. But after such a high level you do get low xp which is great for hardcore players!

Community 10/10

Economy 8/10

Clans 10/10

Gameplay 10/10

Questing 10/10

XP 9/10

Maps 10/10

Graphics 10/10

Post Date: 15:46 18-05-2009
Rating: 5
Author: Socks
Comment: This game has many great aspects to it. It is extremely fun at lower levels, Lots of quests, good experience at low levels, good graphics. Chat is alright but could use some improvement. No on to the bad. I have a level 94 Character at this level it is mind boggling boring. The game has very bad quirks with some of its play like the Party quests for GB levels. It developed a problem and instead of fixing it they killed it. It takes for ever to get through these levels. No quests nothing. You get Errors a lot in this game and the Lag from the Add bar makes play impossible at times unless you set your browser security to high to block the adds. Making money in this game is tough as well but the prices are always too high for most players to get the mob drop stuff they need. Then there’s the lets change this with this patch mentality. They apply corrections for Player verses player to the whole game not just PVP areas so your game play and character build changes overnight making normal play suddenly impossible with out major adjustments. Help in this Game does not exist. GM and VGM are never on the rules off the game are regularly broken there’s violent cussing broadcast over the Lions roars or map chat and no one enforces the rules. Young children Should not play this game because of this. The refinement process is almost a certain failure past level 3. and you lose all but one of your Blood essence to do the refinement and the weapon. 9 Dragons has a long way to improve things to make the game work better and improve the gaming experience.

Post Date: 10:47 18-05-2009
Rating: 8
Author: darksander
Comment: Until this game I wasn’t much of a MMORPG player. I found it, totally random, searching things on the internet, about 2 years ago.

I installed it the next day (was at work when ran into it), and got hooked. There’s a lot of things that I enjoy when playing this game, but I’ll only name some of the most notable pros and cons to offer an objective view:


– Impressive graphics (I love the scenery)

– Great combat/non-combat moves (attacking/buffing)

– Lots of levels (yes, I consider this a pro)

– Great dungeons (which are instances, by the way)

– It CAN be completely free to play

– Two types of servers to choose from: PvP or PvE oriented

– Good story for the main quest-line


– Not enough quests (for easier experience gain)

– Somewhat unbalanced PvP experience

– It’s still under development

– Drops from mobs are scarce

I gave it a rating of 8 because of the current PvP balance and because the mobs don’t have a good drop rate, which this turns the player away from grinding/achieving new levels.

Post Date: 09:40 18-05-2009
Rating: 10
Author: iliegeorgian
Comment: Sow like me many peopel has started to play 9dragons 2 years ago and they know the mining of the word Kung Fu because of this game .Much of this game means power of concentrate.Experience a community-based game also by attending to weekly Clan wars, where the 2 factions, White Clans: the clans that bow to the Emporor, and Black Clans: The rebel ones that know no law. The Clans that win the war are rewarded with the possibility to enter the 5th Floor of the Cave of the Conqueror, a mistical place with powerfull mobs and impressive drops. In the 5th floor you can find the most powerfull boss a MMORPG has ever seen: True General Wei. It takes almost 50 people to kill it. The one that deals the most damage to the General is rewarded with plenty of valorous things, and a Epitet to show the world the Hero’s accomplishments.

Post Date: 07:26 18-05-2009
Rating: 9
Author: mazaandrei
Comment: Well i’ve started playing this game 2 years ago, when beta testing has just ended and guess what? I’m still playing it.

Ever wanted to be a master of Kung Fu? To fight for your Clan Master of for your Hero League in the massive Storm vs. Storm battles, where you need to destroy the opponents fortress and claim it as your own? Ever wanted to play a game with such a nice community? Well, 9dragons is your game.

Of course, this game has some little problems, but you can overcome them with your friends.

In the land of 9dragons, leveling up is a bit harder than in other games, but it’s more rewarding. You can also level fast by participating in Party Quests. They are hard, but with a good team you can overcome the powerfull bosses that dare to stand in your way.

Experience a community-based game also by attending to weekly Clan wars, where the 2 factions, White Clans: the clans that bow to the Emporor, and Black Clans: The rebel ones that know no law. The Clans that win the war are rewarded with the possibility to enter the 5th Floor of the Cave of the Conqueror, a mistical place with powerfull mobs and impressive drops. In the 5th floor you can find the most powerfull boss a MMORPG has ever seen: True General Wei. It takes almost 50 people to kill it. The one that deals the most damage to the General is rewarded with plenty of valorous things, and a Epitet to show the world the Hero’s accomplishments.

When you create a character, you are a humble vagabond, but you can join one of the White Clans: League of Beggers, Shaolin or Wu-Tang, or one of the Black clans: Sacred Flower, Brotherhood of Thievs or the feared Heavenly Demon.

There is too much to write about this game, so I invite you to experience on your own. May the Seed of The Dragon Within You Thrieve!

Post Date: 06:08 18-05-2009
Rating: 9
Author: Censoredx
Comment: 9D. (9 Dragons) Is an astounding online game.

One try and you’re addicted,

it’s as simple as that.

There are some things that still need updating,

this way it’s also more exciting.

Every day you can’t wait to get home, hope online and jump onto 9D.

The storylines to this game are very interesting,

not boring in any way. It adds effect to the realism of this game,

and it yet it’s also fantasy. I adore fantasy, and this is one heck of a good version of how I picture it. The Graphics are incredible, it’s so detailed and how each creature looks different…it’s amazing how many mobs 9D designers can think of.

The buying acclaim coins through home phone can be hard though,

I find it difficult to understand what the womens saying.

Her ‘9’ sounds like a ‘1’. As to this, the very first code I bought this way,

failed as I did not understand. But I guess I just have trouble understanding anyone.

As to the end of this game?

Never let it end.

9Dragons is too good to end.

Even through my lag every 5 minutes.

I still adore it.

Post Date: 05:55 18-05-2009
Rating: 10
Author: Dragon My
Comment: As a gamers. I’m searching other online games. The best graphic, gameplay, mapping, update, event, story line and many more. I have a problem with network here. I only selected the only good games. Sometimes it lag if i play at Nirwana, sometimes Bardo, and sometimes Asura. But i can’t leave this games. So i have character in this 3 server. I can’t leave even 1 days.

i don’t want to tell the positive thing about this games because the whole games are good and cool. So i want to hear the lamentiation. I found that refinement problem, people gather around miss refinement event i want to refine +3 it failed because lot of people there make lagging there. Also even i used scale it failed too.

And 2nd negative thing is, nuker power like no other role can beat him up. If want to beat nuker we gonna rearrange attribute. Shame on me as a war and hybrid can’t take down a nuker.

And this only 2 i don’t satisfied.

For the last thing i want to say, Thanks to acclaim support, GM or VGM because they solve problem fast and really helpfull annoying player like me. Many email i have sent to them they help me solve it. I can’t give mark 8 or 9 cause i really LOVE THIS GAMES.

Post Date: 17:15 17-05-2009
Rating: 8
Comment: This is a really good game. I started from like 2 years ago

and im just now deciding what role i wanted to because the roles, clans,

and skills are all amazing. And then like later on there was an update about the second role quest. I wondered about it and asked, I had to get to a really high lvl. I strived just to get to that level. This is one of the most best free online games that you can get your mind to, the graphics are good, and the whole story line is good great

Good things:

-There still coming out with updateds to improve the game like new skills, wepons, and items.

-There are many events that go on.(Most People love the Lucky Cricket Event which gives more experience points to level. sometimes it multiplies your experince by 2, 3, and or 4, and im hearing they do x5 to)

-The chatting is great accept somethings gget cut out that dont need to.

-Things such as the wepons, elixers(increase stats), clothes, the item mall are like things that are really good in the game.

-Meeting new people and increasing your rep and getting into a league helps get you known around the nations

Bad Things:

-The pvp(player versus player) is ok because sometimes you would get ganged by a whole nother clan

-the Wu Tang Mastery Ability anihilates every one its like dont mess with them

Post Date: 16:55 17-05-2009
Rating: 8
Author: fireforce312
Comment: This game is very good.The PvP is great,2nd role is amazing,

Leveling up is okay,When I first saw the game I thought it was stupid

but now this is the best game I ever played in my entire life!!

Post Date: 10:42 17-05-2009
Rating: 8
Author: Rider98
Comment: I like the tigers they look realy kool.This game has particular good graphics i am going to play this game i just downloaded the game before this post.HAPPY GAMING =]

Post Date: 08:31 17-05-2009
Rating: 8
Author: Sixtail
Comment: Well, after 2 years of my experience with this game, i think i can make a detailed game review for everyone.

9Dragons is a MMORPG developed by Indy21 and published by Acclaim.

So, lets get started!


Graphic is very good, and the game itself doesn’t ask a high configuration.

Many skills to learn, also animations for them are looking great.

High level cap, currently 180 levels available.

Leveling system are also impressive. For every 12 levels you need to complete a “chi-breathing” (its a combination of buttons pressed on the mouse).

Great item selection, unique equip system (meaning on the pocket system, inserting relics there).

Dungeons are fun to complete and they are challenging (at a certain level, of course).

Band, League system is well worked out, giving you a few extra options (like Storm vs Storm war). In a Band there can be 40 people and in a League can be 5 Bands.

Good PvP system, enjoyable.

6 great clans to chose (Wutang, Shaolin, League of Beggars, Heavenly Deamon, Sacred Flowers, Brotherhood of Thieves). And you can play as Vagabond (clanless) if you want a more challenging life in this game.

4 roles implemented (warrior, healer, nuker and hybrid).

Good chat system, you can overlook your chat-board without getting lost in the letters.

Easy to learn controls, not complicated at all.

Great interface, showing everything what you need.

Character creation is well worked out, many different choices.


In the first place, its the PvP imbalance. 1 role dominating over all others. The developers working on this problem thou. (Do not misunderstand, the PvP system is great, but it needs some balance between roles)

The second big problem is the “Ad-bar”. After 12 levels you will get an annoying Advertisement Bar on your upper screen, stealing 1/5 of your gaming interface, causing lags sometimes. The developers announced that it will be removed for test period.

Some minor and some major bugs, like bosses disappearing from dungeons, the most common “errorcode-1” (its a “cant connect” bug).

Not enough events. They really need to put in some great, new and unique events.

Quests after a certain level disappearing, rewards for them are awful on mid-high levels.

Leveling after level 120 becoming frustrating because of the low experience rate.

The game causes “gameoholic” problems (meaning you cant leave it after you played a few times). [Joke, joke of course :-)]

Overall: 8

Yea, its a 8 from me, because of the negatives i mentioned before. Not looking at that, its my favorite MMORPG i ever played.

Its a great game overall, i recommend it for every MMORPG fans. True, it has some minor problems, bugs, but it is very enjoyable to play.

Post Date: 07:28 17-05-2009
Rating: 9
Author: alfamu87
Comment: – very challenging game, good players play this game

– graphic is good

– great kung-fu skills

– character animation/movements are realistic

– amazing pvp

recommended for all but best for players that want competition

Post Date: 07:23 17-05-2009
Rating: 10
Author: slayers1989
Comment: I was playing 9 Dragons once at my friends house…and after i started it ..well…I COULD NOT STOP PLAYING!!! 9 Dragons is a game, and you are playing it in the times of Ming Dynasty! You can chose one of the 4 roles : warrior, hybrid, healer, nuker , and you can start playing! Each role have different Kung Fu, you train your Kung Fu to improve what it is doing! You can chose one of the 6 start clan , 3 blacks and 3 white! ATTENTION: If you start this game you won’t be able to stop playing!!!!! The Graphis is AWESOME! I dont know if there is a chalenge for the best online game…but for me the best online game is 9Dragons! You can chat with other players, that are all around the WORLD!!

Post Date: 05:59 17-05-2009
Rating: 8
Author: blloyd
Comment: 9Dragons is a massive MMorpg, that has tremendous potential. But has a few issues that are being worked out by acclaim. Namely PvP and higher level quest. The begging to mid levels have of quests to do and are very well laid out, but at levels higher than FC quests become hard to come by, and you start to feel the drain of the grind. As for PvP the sytem needs some work. Since the nuker class dominates the PvP it makes for a frustrating experince since you feel that your warrior/healer/hyb clas are almsot powerless to stop a nuker attack. I think the potential in 9Dragons is amazing and if accliam can resolve there quest and PvP issues it would be one of the most dominate games on the web.

Post Date: 01:28 17-05-2009
Rating: 9
Author: aznbdrgn
Comment: Hello there. I’ve been playing 9Dragons for a VERY long time.I’ve been playing it since the game started. I love the game with it’s awesome graphics, great animations, and PvP system. Alot of players play MMORPG’s for the PvP.But, this game has good PVP, a good storyline that many players such as me like, and it presents a challenge for some players. You have to level up, and as you level up, it gets harder.Players like that challenge. Some do not like the buffs, but if you get them stronger, they help you get stronger. I love the game, the dungeons are fun, and the mobs are very different from eachother.Very original. But, the dungeons end up boring as you get higher.Also, the PvP is still leaning to the Nukers.Even though they are changing that, Nukers still have a advantage, unless it is someone very high against a low-level nuker.That’s what I believe about 9Dragons.But, I thank Acclaim and Indy27 for making this wonderful game that I will play for a VERY lonf time. Thanks for reading my review.Hope you like it!

Post Date: 20:31 16-05-2009
Rating: 10
Author: samuelpancu
Comment: My opinion is that 9Dragons is one of my favorites MMORPGs.What I like at this game are the lands like those from China , the Great China Wall that can be see in Shi Zang , many dungeons that can be maked with friends and that make it much funnier. I think that the realistic Kung Fu moves maked me play this game for 2 years , but thats not the only reason …. the second one is that this game has a high level cap and its hard to reach it so you are in a permanently challenge with other players + the hint that to become the best from all.And now I wanna tell what I don”t like at this game :lets start with that ad-bar that was added this year and makes the gameplay harder and the graphics that are good but can be much better than that so Acclaim can work at this.

But what I really appreciate at Acclaim Team is that 9Dragons is not one of the hacked games but Acclaim try to think at us the players not at your money that you get on that ad-bar please.

Post Date: 19:07 16-05-2009
Rating: 10
Author: joanna64
Comment: Fantastic game in my eyes 😀

The graphics are great, quest are good and the martial arts are good 😀

I have tried other games, and every time i quikly uninstalled it because i hate the graphics! 9 Drgaons is the only one i like and feel comforatable when playing.

Great friends and community, love my league that i am in too 😀

All i can say is try this game out and give it a try. You wont regret it!

Post Date: 16:32 16-05-2009
Rating: 8
Author: theejat
Comment: To me 9Dragons is one of the better MMORPGs I have ever played. It has great graphics, an elaborate story, a wide variety of items and monsters, quite a few vast maps and much more. The only thing that bothers me is that in order to start any of the quests you have to be a sertain level altough you can finish some of them with a level inferior to the required one. But aside from this litle detail this game RULES!!!

Post Date: 14:32 16-05-2009
Rating: 8
Author: azul101
Comment: Just like any other MMORPG, 9Dragons has both good and bad aspects. If you like Martial Arts, Kung Fu and all that “Hiya!” action, 9Dragons is a wonderful F2P MMORPG. As a F2P MMORPG, 9Dragons provides very good graphics. They may not be the best, but they are quality. The music you will hear in-game is inspired by the land. It uniquely adapts to the land as you move from one map to another. The user-interface that 9Dragons provides is not customizable, but is quite easy to use. The game may be a bit challenging for those who use a laptop with touchpad. Just ask me. =)

In-game, you, the player, will have very little restraints placed on you when you choose to not pay real money for the game. 9Dragons allows you, as a F2P, to explore all the maps it has implemented. Each map coincides with your level and contains mobs that are near or at your level. Also, 9Dragons is very intense in grind. The amount of experience you receive is great at lower levels, but you will find out at higher levels that it drops significantly. With enough persistance, you will emerge as a high level. Also, be careful as you travel throughout the land. Walk into the wrong map and you might find yourself dying at the hands of mobs at levels too high for you. Be careful of other players if/when you enter a PvP map. 9Dragons has had some major problems with PvP imbalance. Nukers/mages are at the top of the food chain, while warriors are ranked as the weakest in PvP. Healers and hybrids fall in-between. Action, however, is being made to fix this imbalance.

In-game, you will also have the option of joining one of six major clans. Three of those clans are known as “The White Clans,” and yep, you guessed it, the other three are known as “The Black Clans.” Each clan has unique skills and weapons. There are four classes that you can choose from. Each class has its own advantages and disadvantages. If you decide not to enroll as a student to any of those clans, you become known as a “Vagabond.” Vagabonds are played mainly by players who have a good amount of experience with the game. But, you decide who you are.

9Dragons offers more than just mobs, maps, and a chance to enroll as a student in one of the six major clans. 9Dragons provides players with opportunities to explore the history of ancient China during the Ming Dynasty. Each clan is based on clans that once existed in ancient China. The ultimate goal of 9Dragons is for players to discover the legend of the Nine Lost Dragons. On their quest to find the Nine Lost Dragons, players will explore the land while making friends (and maybe, just maybe, a few enemies will tag along to ruin their journey).

Post Date: 10:53 16-05-2009
Rating: 10
Author: manifi
Comment: Author: manifi

9Dragons is one of the best Free MMORPG’s and it is in my top , no.1. I played other mmo’s P2P and F2P , but nothing compared with this. The clans and the roles are more than satysfing . The grind is long, but a very pleasure one. The game make the player to feel the need for higher character and better than anybody. The maps looks really nice, the quests are amazing and the story is the same.

My opinion is that if you try it , you will be amazed what this game can do, if you know how to play it. Grapich looks amazing . PvP is cool , but a new pvp map will be good. Anyway , gratz Acclaim

Post Date: 10:20 16-05-2009
Rating: 10
Author: bruceper75
Comment: Awesome and 1 of the best graphics game among all others mmorpg especially its F2p game, and the controling and handling of skills and commands are simple and easy to access.Contents of story is easier to understand and quests that are in this game are easy to understand compare to others which have more words and tons of it to complete.This game gives you a chance to level ur characters or roles without relying on quests only and time to spend with your ingame friends as a party to leveling together.And the game developers are trying to improve and make it a better F2p MMorpg game…we will all wait to see more improvements and better contents coming up soon. 😉

Post Date: 09:57 16-05-2009
Rating: 10
Author: krzycho1
Comment: 9Dragons contains realistic martial arts and history. To be best u must increase your experience on many monsters. 9Dragons makes you want to be a member of the history.

Really good game

Post Date: 08:04 16-05-2009
Rating: 9
Author: Vladyss
Comment: Hey…

This game is a good MMORPG with his own bads and goods.

Graphic is answome but…with some problems 🙂

PvP System is cool i really like it [ all my chars are good in pvp and got pvp build 😛 ] and Karma System is good but…its bad that GoodKarma cant be like BadKarma due to quests when you receive GoodKarma

Leveling is hard..but with one of 4roles implement in game its cool

The game got 6clans revised in 2parts , White and Black clan and 4roles , 3advanced clans [which is not implemented yet]

Quests got a very good story [ i really like read them , not everytime but sometimes 😛 ]

I give 9 for this game due to unbalance in pvp sistem 🙂

Post Date: 07:54 16-05-2009
Rating: 8
Author: xenamadona
Comment: hello, i love this game, it is not perfect and there are many things to be fixed but i like the story line and i make allot of friends in this game, sometimes i got mad when dungeons are bugged or when i can’t talk whit friends because of spammers but those thinks make me to feel i am alive…:D

Post Date: 06:06 16-05-2009
Rating: 10
Author: andrey83
Comment: It is an awesome game .The level system is getting better and the PvP-system is updating , making nukers not the best role in the game , as well as giving a fair chance to other roles , to win a PvP-battle. All the current and past BUG’s have been solved and updates are coming out very often , giving the players possibilities to improve they’re game experience.But even if it is an awesome game , the add bar is not the best thing that you can put in a game. But 9Dragons deserves the best marks in any category.

Post Date: 21:38 15-05-2009
Rating: 7
Author: MyIOnU
Comment: Summary:

9Dragons is the free MMOPRG martial art game based on the ancient Chinese history. The game offers six different clans. From White clans, you have Shaolin, Wutang, and the League of Beggars. The other side of darkness, you have the Brotherhood of Thieves, Sacred Flower, and the Heavenly Demon. Each clan has its unique kungfu fighting techniques. Even though, they are labeled as White and Black clans; however, no matter which clan you choose, the path you choose will determine if you are the bad or good person.

Each clan has four roles to choose from: Warrior, Healer, Nuker, and Hybrid. Each role has its own special kungfu skills to emphasize their class. In order to move up in the 9Dragons’ world, you need to gain experiences. You can do it by two ways: killing monsters, or set out in many adventures to complete the assigned quests where sometimes you also need to kill monsters based on the storylines.

Also, each role has the special way to build its own characteristics. The strength of each role is based on 5 categories: Strength, Essence, Wisdom, Constitution, and Dexterity. Depend on how you put your chi into; it will determine how strong you are against others. There is not one way to build it. You have to experience to see which build will yield the most effective way.

Besides the grinding, the game also has many levels of dungeons. You have to go through many steps to get to the bosses. Defeating the bosses, you will receive many rare rewards which also help to build your character stronger.

The Good:

So far, 9Dragons has the best graphics comparing to other free MMO games. Six different clans and four roles of each provide you the variety of choices. All the kungfu for each clan and each role are unique. The kungfu animation is very realistic. Quests also provide the nice storylines to the game play. Then the challenging in dungeons encourages you to grind harder to achieve the higher level to be able to complete it. The implementation of the new Storm vs. Storm brings the game to the next level, where the alliances have to work together to challenge or defend forts from others.

The Bad:

Even though the graphics is nice; however, the character creation needs to have more variety choices. You should have the option to create body thin, fat, tall, or short. The quests are only available at lower level. When you get to high level, the only way to gain experience is endless grinding. The dungeons eventually get boring, because all of them just follow one simple ways. The dungeons will be more fun if not based on time. They need to have randomly puzzles which require thinking to solve it. The worst of all is the PvP system. It needs to have major revise to achieve the balance between all roles.

Post Date: 20:27 15-05-2009
Rating: 9
Author: fjrpg
Comment: Martial arts are a subject hard to catch on anything but asian animation or honkong flics. It’s because it usually lacks drama but has hordes of action packed, fast paced, impecable choreography. And that’s the spot that Acclaim bullseyed with 9dragons.

Originally made by Korean company Indi21, the occidental 9dragons version allows it’s players to fully submerge into the realms of old traditional Wuxia adventures- Characters have to strugle hard and train even harder to perfect their Kung fu and become a real hero of the land. Even though it’s pvp is, and this is a flaw common to most mmos, very unbalanced towards the nuker class, in general it’s design is very rich and funpacked.

Those Jacky Chan (pre round eyes) fans well find iresistible to play Drunken Kung Fu Beggars. Those who vow “36th chamber” movie series will feel compelled to play a Shaolin. But those who doesnt know at all the fantasy martial arts world will find this is the best way to be sucked into a wonderfull universe of enterteinement.

Post Date: 19:24 15-05-2009
Rating: 8
Author: nightwish01
Comment: Post Date:22.08 15.05.2009



Comment : My oppinion is that 9Dragons is a great game his basic idea is a great one and it can attend the perfection

I appreciate that is a free game and it doesn t make anyone to pay for his service but if a player likes it will use the itemm moll

His graphics and many others quest and the forum that help lots of players

handel with the game when they have isues

I also like the events that are well chosen and entertain all 9D players

Many atu s can be sayd but the best thing is that once u began playing u can not stop because the game was made so good that it makes u adicted

I played lot s of MMO RPG and i quited but i m sure that i will not quit 9D never becuase i m playing it more than 1 year and i love it like the first day

I gaved 8 because 9D is not a perfect game it has problems that persist and must be solved like spamers , buggs ,players that use macros or cheats , and players that insult others players ….

I olso dislike the erors that appear in the game ..

That think make the game lower but if this problems are solved 9D will reach the perfection beeing the best MMORPG game

And that will be done

Post Date: 19:17 15-05-2009
Rating: 7
Author: nanno
Comment: i give this game a 7

it would be a great world to play in if the many problems are fixed.

these include:

-a completely unbalanced pvp system (although acclaim has said that a patch in the recent future will fix this)

– lame grinding (there is no point in partying unless one does party quests, because its too hard to get a full party since the bonus is so low)

-events are for high lvls only, apart from the 2x. The war is for FD+ while its only fun at GB+ and True General Wei is fc+

Those reasons are enough to make many a player leave the game. But while it does have many issues that need to be corrected, it still has a great landscape with a wide variety of vegation, from bamboo forests to volcano landscape, to a nordpole land) and cool looking kung fu moves.

if The problems of 9Dragons would be corrected, it would be one of the best mmorpgs out there and would gain alot more popularity again, making it even more fun.

Post Date: 08:52 24-04-2009
Rating: 8
Author: jash27
Comment: The good

The game has a great kung fu feel to it with a wide array of clans to participate it and different styles to expierence, whether its the cold despair of the heavenly demon base or the calm peaceful almost utopia base of the shaolin clan there all great.

The class system takes a new approach to the traditional rpg game that welcoms solo players as well as group players.

the most enjoyable pvp levels are rl-sm, after that warriors have it hard and nukers gain incredible power.

The battles are supposed to be quick and action packed. Great feeling. There is also a strong sense of comradership between the players/leages espically when you are leveling with others. It always feels great to help out a friend when he is blindsided by a pker and you taste sweetness of victorty or bitternes of a death, either way its a good laugh and fun break from leveling.

There are also dungeons,epithats, and bosses to kill so there is alot of things to keep yourself sidetracked.

The bad

i can honestly say it had one of the best pvp systems, even though it is severly flawed at the same time. Nukers are walking gods, warriors are humbl pions but this isnt noticed till about GB level. The recent patch also hurt the pvp system because it is just level based, but it is just in testing so there is hope there.

9dz has potential to be the best free mmorpg…if acclaim had better customer service. They make it to obvious there all about the $. nukers are insanely overpowered and the community is starting to suffer because everyone wants to rule pvp and just be a nuker, which is sad because the other roles have far more interesting pvp battles. The ad bar was just horrible, well theres ways around it ^^. theres not as many active people as there once were =( and there is occasional lag….well more then occasional.

Post Date: 09:04 24-03-2009
Rating: 5
Author: acxrockerxdc
Comment: The good:

Very engaging storyline, interesting quests, fair graphics, awesome combat and skill system.Nice community too.

The bad:

After lvl 40 your leveling gets slowed down ALOT and everything just gets…repetetive.

Lack of quests, ill admit, the quests were fun, but cmon, 1 quest every 2 levels is a bit crap.

Lack of armour, you can get the best armour lvl 1 if youve ggot the money.

Post Date: 17:56 19-03-2009
Rating: 2
Author: Krindi
Comment: I remember playing this game years ago when it first came out and it was great. I recently came back to it. The graphics are still nice, the martial arts and “chi kung” use still unique. With that said, the “new to me” addition of the ads that pop up once you hit level 13 are something of a dissapointment. The always made decent money off the online sales of stuff, which I don’t mind. If you wanted to play with the standard game stuff you could or get some better equipment by spending some money, whatever. Those who did it with only the game offered stuff were always more impressive to me, they actually had skill and didn’t need to spend the money to be good. The add issue is far worse now though. At first it wasn’t much more than a distraction, but after awhile the lag created by the ads became obnoxious and unplayable. Acclaim’s solution, pay a subscription to the game….that’s basically what buying a premium package is, a package without ads for 1,3,6 or 12 months….gosh, sounds like a subscription play offered by pay games to me….anyway, they’ve successfully built in a way to make you pay if you want to continue playing past level 13ish. It sucks because this game and the support use to be good. The community is still nice and pretty close, but the game stability and pathetic way the manipulate you into paying by creating lag for you is just..well….pathetic. The game itself, great and I give it a 8 across the board for graphics and fun, but for technical like playability and the support…drumroll…..2

Post Date: 01:02 11-03-2009
Rating: 6
Author: ExperiencedMMOplyer
Comment: I played it for about a week. The first day it was great at first. But theres really no variaty.

Post Date: 11:29 26-12-2008
Rating: 8
Author: naruto25
Comment: Sometimes it”s easy to get lost.However, it”s an exciting martial arts game that deserves a chance.

Post Date: 18:41 13-12-2008
Rating: 10
Author: apersonhi
Comment: Although it does have a few bugs in it(everygame has some) 9 dragons is a game that u might be playing for a long time.

Post Date: 02:57 03-12-2008
Rating: 10
Author: YepGuy
Comment: This is the BEST mmo ever. idc. compare it to p2p f2p anything, trial subscription games anything. this is best quality… i could only imagine if you had to p2p, it would be even more perfect– although that isn’t possible i could here it happening! haha!The game isn’t especially fun when beginning but after a while you get in the swing of things, th community is small but very friendly– and growing. There actually is a premium account available for purchase but not having it doesn’t affect you much if at all. this game is a perfect 10.

Post Date: 20:10 02-11-2008
Rating: 8
Author: hotaru
Comment: I thought this was a great game – the graphics and sound were great and I found the storyline very interesting.

Post Date: 10:06 07-10-2008
Rating: 5
Author: satyrion
Comment: The gameplay and fighting is very robotic and boring, but ididnt play long so i guess it has some good part too, but seems to be way to simple for me

Post Date: 02:28 26-09-2008
Rating: 1
Author: EngyN
Comment: after lvl 50 better play runescape and lvling lvl 80 attack to 81 b4 u get 51 on this game and lvl cap is almost 200 and i quited cuz asian hosters offer more xp then acclaim, and worst drop rate ever then any game i ve played + quest system is messed up u read quest description like ur in collage .

Post Date: 23:00 15-09-2008
Rating: 6
Author: cantstopme88
Comment: I just downloaded 9 dragons and havent even played it..but ive got a idea about it. After the downloader was done i got a message from my anti adaware and anti virus tellin me theres some adaware in this software and what im guessing is its what the guy with rating # 9 was saying…the host put some stuff in the downloader to make u buy buy buy….oh well

Post Date: 08:37 01-09-2008
Rating: 9
Author: Samsho
Comment: first 9d isnt acclaim game its indy21

acclaim just host and pump some patches

playn this game since a year but acclaim have ruined it with a trojan downloader ad-bar that hide permanently 25% of the screen visibility unless u buy a premium each month

this game is awsome but the greed of the hoster have ruined it

if u dont use the item mall u cant pvp

if u dont buy premium u will give up sooner or later

better to play on asian hosters

Post Date: 17:52 28-08-2008
Rating: 10
Author: termntr
Comment: best game i’ve ever played, some computers have a horrible time on it, and lag a ton, but it’s amazing as far as graphics, and movements. the best thing is that, especailly with the first few levels, you hardly have to grind at all, u just perform fun quests. the first 12 levels fly by, and it doesn’t really slow down all that much until a bit past the 42’nd level. you join a clan somewhere between the 24’th and 36’th levels, and choose a role (the best part of this game) at the 36’th level. don’t judge the game at least until you’ve gotten to this point.

Post Date: 00:34 13-08-2008
Rating: 3
Author: ubermensch
Comment: It was a really cool idea, but the system was awkward. You have to get to lvl 7 before you can leave the main village to be able to kill anything, and the only way to level is to kill this guy named Scamp Zhou, over and over and over again. The Chakra system was cool, but that was about it.

Post Date: 15:26 08-08-2008
Rating: 4
Author: killervickboy
Comment: first let me say the game is an open world adventure but the faults are high and i giv a generous score for this game me i dont like those make a knight and fight games this one i can change my mind just barely the game is set in ancient china but your constantly overpowered by your enemies i never new wat to do so im always stuck it givs horrible instructions the graphics are mediocre and the gameplay is okay in a kinda bad way it can do worse much worse i giv it a 4/10 thats generous for this game

Post Date: 08:31 19-07-2008
Rating: 6
Author: Andri
Comment: This game soooooooooo reminds me of Silkroad Online.If I start to look at most features I can say they are almost identical by these reasons:

1:Overrun with bots and probably bugs.


2:The company does not give a darn about the game and its only interested in how many idiots would like to pay for features that other games offer for free(global chat for example just like lordknightwalker said below).Both 9D and SRO have a near 6 of 7 rating and 6/10 is all I can give.

Post Date: 20:03 09-07-2008
Rating: 1
Author: lordnightwalker
Comment: To me all these games are pretty much the same. The game play is ok but I think most use them for social gatherings. So with game play asside. 9 Dragons has taken adverstsment and money sucking to an all new low. I read here where you would see adds in your mini map. Well, not any more. NOW they run a streaming add across the top 2 or 3″ of your screen. If you have a large screen its not bad. but if your using a laptop… good luck. Your field if view is drasticly reduced. and everytime they stream an ad, (for various products now) the game can lag badly. And yes, I have a high end machine for gaming. Ive been killed just as many times because of lag as i have been by mobs swarming me.Swarming mobs I can deal with. Not much you can do about whats stuck on your screen. You can remove the ad (however not all of them) IF you purchase a premium package but thats only for 90 days at the most. Then you either pay again or live with the ads. I also read where someone said they couldnt get help because no one would talk to them.. Thats because they didnt buy what they call Roar which enables you to talk to everyone on the server. othre wise your just talking to the few people that are in your general area and from what I noticed, most of them dont know anymore about the game than you do. This is because there is no reason for a high level experenced player to be in low level areas as they get absolutly nothing for for killing mobs there. In my opinion this game is set up for one reason and one reason only. Money. Pure and simple. Make money and to see how much money they can swindel out of you by charging you for what most games give you for free. Imagine.. having to pay to just talk. I agree, if your going to continously dish out money for this game. Invest in a real game. You may have to pay for it but at least they dont insult your intelegence by promising free to play but not teling you that if you dont spend money you may not get very far in it. OH and I wasnt real impressed with there so called forums. I think everyone knows that NO one from Acclaim reads them or takes them seriously if they actually do.

So appreciate a good game? When/if a company actually makes a good game thats worth playing. Ill def appreciate it.

The low rating isnt because of game play. its because of the lame busness pratice

Post Date: 02:46 08-06-2008
Rating: 4
Author: opresser
Comment: Welcome, all to another cash shop korean owned mmoRPG with the brainless click & kill innovation. These type of gamers are home to the worst of the worst 1337 newbies and cash botters. This is a example of a game you don”t want to touch, at all.

Its basically a copy of the origional Korean bombshell that came out, and im sorry to say there are so many that its hard to put my finger on. If you want to waste your time on a game that requires you to buy items to beat most of the teenagers that live inside this virtual shit ball, then by all means, enjoy.

Graphics 7/10

Community 4/10

Sound 5/10

Innovation 0/10

Content 2/10

Overall 4.75/10 – Not reccomended.

Post Date: 12:31 11-04-2008
Rating: 8
Author: My Name
Comment: Windson, It blocks out clan names so you cant give away clan information! (Like info about the Dragon of that clan) But I liked the game overall, a bit laggy but if you have a fast computer it works well. It’s better than WoW but not as good as GW simply because the clothes dont give you armour and the graphics are a bit faulty.

Post Date: 04:10 06-04-2008
Rating: 7
Author: co6241
Comment: Great game. Amazing story line. But HORRIBLE lag. I barely got through the tutorial with 2 hours of my time.

Post Date: 19:52 03-04-2008
Rating: 9
Author: DirtyMooCow
Comment: I am a player who is very harsh about video games. Not many games stand out as exceptional in my opinion. But this game is one of them. I found 9Dragons to be more fun than WOW, GW, and FFXI, all of which I have been playing for a long while. What makes 9Dragons a very unique game is its exceptional story line. Those of you who played the game for an hour or two and then put it down have hardly even scratched the surface of this truly wonderful game. I”ve been playing for a long while, am a pretty high level, and I am totally engrossed in this rich games lore. I admit, WOW and FFXI both have very rich stories but they”re stories that have been told for years over and over again in other Warcraft or Final Fantasy games except with different names being tossed around. This game is uniques in nearly every facet.

Now on to the Review:

Graphics: These graphics are low to medium quality depending on your graphics card. I have a pretty expensive setup that can actually play CRYSIS, albeit on the lowest graphics setting, and these characters and landscapes still come out looking terrible. But this is by far the most gorgeous free-to-play game I have ever come across. But keep in mind, graphics do not a good game make.

Sound: The sound is totally negligible. The music plays for a while, then you have an extended period of silence broken only by the growls of animals and the kiais of fighters locked in combat. Shortly after the silence the music will resume.

Gameplay: The actual gameplay isn”t anything special. It brings very little to the table that”s any different from any other MMORPG. You point at a monster, click it, beat the crap out of it, repeat until you level. When you level up so many times you can unlock new techniques from a Sifu (Chinese Sensei or Master) or a clan Master. But after you do this you don”t get the skill automatically. You need to earn it by training on a dummy. Many people hate this, but I find it to be one of the most enjoyable aspects of the game, it makes me appreciate the skills I do learn more. After awhile it begins to get slow when you reach higher levels and can”t level up anywhere near as fast as you were at the beginning. But don”t give up, eventually you”ll level up and can continue on with the game.

Story: The story is rich. The war of 9 Dragons took place and each of the nine clans Dragons (Strongest Warriors) battled one another and then disappeared. What happened to them? Where are they? Are they still alice? That”s up to you to find out. Nearly every time you level up you are given more quests that you can complete. Most of them, Road to Karma or Road to Enlightenmen, are just menial tasks that can get you better items, money, or some experience. But the Road to the Dragon quests unlock a little bit of the games lore and make for a very good stretch of gameplay. I”m very rarely bored when doing these quests, unless I neglected to do them earlier and am just to overleveled to get anything good out of them. The stories are a little different for each clan so you won”t find out about each of the 9 Dragons, personally I only know about the Beggars, Shao Lin, and a very small part about the Heavenly Demon, but do not be discouraged. Even those who concentrate on one clan”s Dragon with one character can get as much out of the story as a person who has a character in each of the clans.

Overall: This game is actually pretty good. I”m surprised it”s free. There are some annoyances that need to be addressed like Acclaims banner popping up every 1/2 second, but since this is how they make there money, that and the cash shop, I can ignore it so long as the game remains free. All in all, this is a solid game. I recommend this game to anyone who has a decent computer that can handle decent graphics and has a good internet connection but I don”t recommend this game to anyone with a bad computer.

Post Date: 04:10 20-03-2008
Rating: 10
Author: mare291

nice monsters

awesome characters

but its just awesome….

Post Date: 08:57 15-03-2008
Rating: 8
Author: Dakkaza
Comment: Really cool game but a little hard to lvl and get money but still really cool 🙂

Thats why I give this a eight

Post Date: 17:31 02-03-2008
Rating: 5
Author: Amos
Comment: not bad game, dont like the grind too much but kept my attention for alot of hours, the community dont help newbies so dont try and get help as they dont answer you.

Post Date: 21:05 18-02-2008
Rating: 5
Author: kingfire28
Comment: pretty good not bad, i have a friend on it who uncle is a gm or something that what keep me playing for like… 1 week maybe, i have a level 25 wutang

Post Date: 21:35 30-01-2008
Rating: 9
Author: killer00433
Comment: this is awesome on most levels. it has pretty good graphics, great fighting, and i love the weapons. they should add some weapons though and the quests for joining clans have a very small time limit. the one for heavenly demon is only about 2 mins to kill 3 things. overall, its a great game. 9/10

Post Date: 11:10 08-01-2008
Rating: 8
Author: windson
Comment: Ok, this is my first review so it might not the that great…

The Good:

-Pretty Good graphics

-Good character customization. Lots of diffrent faces

-Loads of diffrent attacks, each haveing their own animation.

-diffrent kinds of attacks.

-You can gain exp and levels for your attacks making them into combo atacks.

-9 diffrent clans and 4 classes, there’s even a hybrid class who knows a little of everything.

-Healing items like food are more realistic than most games. In most games it instantly heals you, but in this game it heals within a certian time limit (37 hp every 3 seconds for 15 seconds) Though some powerfull (and expensive) items heal you instantly.

-When you get lightfoot moving inbetween areas is a breeze. Way faster as fast as regular movment and faster if you upgrade it.

-lots of weapons. Each look diffrent.

-each clan has their own special item.

-you can donate to your clan and you get points to spend to learn new moves.

– Sometimes if you complete a quest you can wear text above your head that says somthing like “killer of so-and-so” and you’ll get a state bonus, I forgot what they’re called though…

-Nice animation.

-When you loss all your life another player can revive you if they get to you fast enough, but if they don’t you go into a coma.

-You get choices on where you comeback at if you fall into a “coma”.

-Quests are fun, and rewarding, I think, I haven’t played this game in a long time so I can’t remember if you get much exp from them, but you do sometimes get awsome armor. Some quests you can keep doing over as long as you want.

-Partys divide exp and items evenly, if the party leader says so, the leader can make it so you only share exp but not items or the other way around, or share nothing at all! but then whats the point of a party if you don’t share anything? Partys allow up to 6 members I think, or somthing like that.

-You can also make a heros band, which lets 40 members join.

-Every Saturday there’s this huge war in a pvp area!

There’s this rage mode that makes you super powerfull!!!

The Bad:

-The game trys to shove a cashshop in your face all the time! And there’s this pretty pointless advertizment that says Acclaim in the minimap every minute or something! You can’t see a thing in the minimap during that time!

-You level real fast untill you hit around lv 50. Then it takes a whole day just to gian a lv.

-If you die and choose to comeback to life where you died this HUGE advertisment for the cash shop or Acclaim pops up and you can hardly see a thing, and to make matters worse you have just a little life when you come back so you’ll die in one or two hits.

-To eat food you have to go in peace mode. So everyones atacking you and you can’t fight back when your trying to gobble down food to heal yourself.

-Clothes don’t give you any defence, but they do give you state bonuses, and some have pockets that you can put stuff in for more bonuses! ^_^

-During Sturday’s huge war you keep freezing.

-If you go to a place where theres lots of people you start freezeing.

-If there’s to many people you could get dissconected, I was once in this huge market place with lots of people and couldn’t get out because I kept getting disconected. After getting diconnected like 5 times I finally got out.

-If the enemy is to strong the game always says you missed, but how can you miss a high level stationary tombstone that your right in front of?

-The game ends up getting boring around lv 50 because it’s all training and no fun.

-It’s a point and click game so you click on an enemy and your guy goes and fights them, you don’t really do anything at all.

-The whole games based around combat, you can’t do things like cook or mine or that sort of stuff.

-Some Kun-Fu moves aren’t realistic at all. (ex: jumping up and doing the splits)

-You can’t say the name of you clan, you type in “buying Wu-Tang item” and it comes up as “buying **** item”

Overall: This game is fun at first but starts to get real boring to people who don’t like training forever to gain one level, your better off finding a master and learn the martial arts yourself.

Post Date: 06:10 03-01-2008
Rating: 5
Author: AnhPhi
Comment: I reccommend this game to anyone who is interested in Grinding as well as PVP. But be warn that there services isn’t as good and Indy21 the creator refuses to cooperate with Acclaim.

The Grind is really easy to come by, but around lvl 40is(RC10s+) it will make people quit to those soft core gamers, but challeging for many hard core gamers. For example at at high lvl around lvl 100+ its takes about 2 mobs for .01% which i think its rediculouse. They have a unique system of skill where you train a skill to level up unlike some other MMORPG. The story is a great plot though it isnt completed it makes it even more interesting for people who likes stories lol.

The graphics are really nice for a free game. Also adding to the services, the acclaim team has a lot of work to do since you can still see bugs that appears during CB stage that were fix then appeared again.

In conclusion i say go for it if you really like martial arts, just dont go flaming me if you don’t like it, personally i perfer to wait until new maps are revealed and the “buffs” situation is over.

Post Date: 21:31 30-12-2007
Rating: 1
Author: mark101702
Comment: I wanted to try this game. But the problem is its only playable only in North America T_T I’m here in asia. I dont have any accounts yet.. can somebody help me create an account please T_T send me the info (username/password) in my email please. I am just an ordinary guy looking for an extra ordinary game. – [email protected]

Post Date: 18:44 29-12-2007
Rating: 4
Author: jmetal
Comment: this game is meh

the graphics are pretty good

but gameplay isnt. i sat there clicking on a haystack for an hour. and for what? all i got was frustrated, annoyed, and bored! and chat system didnt help either. even with tutorail! and thts another thing. those little monologues where some lady tells u how to access stuff thts pretty explanitory. “click on sword to equip it”. wow like i couldnt figure tht out myself. and i saw alot of doppelgangers. i swear a little army of ppl in yellow with long brown hair

graphics: 8 best ive seen in a free game other than anarchy online

gameplay: 4 tutorials-aggravating constant clicking- frustrating

character design/customazation: 5 very limited, but good overall design

pvp: i couldnt find any. i couldnt even find monsters!


Post Date: 02:06 24-12-2007
Rating: 6
Author: daimyo92
Comment: good grahics and good fightingness but…you have to have a rly good computer and its way too reptitive.

Post Date: 05:47 17-10-2007
Rating: 5
Author: j-dragon
Comment: Like others said,the grinding sucks if you do it for hours on end like you have to do to level up.the skill training is ok,animation and graphics are good,this game is a one of a kind to me,im sure many people will ike this game,the sound,is good.9/10 here.

there is always help,its a good place to play,it is more fun once you get higher in level.It can use with better moves in fghting cmbat though,well thats my rating

the dragon^^

Post Date: 22:23 15-10-2007
Rating: 8
Author: happylad
Comment: Really fun game but you have to do lots of grinding to get anywere. you have to go out and just kill stuff for hours just to gain one lvl when you get farther in the game. Really fun when you dont have to grind.

Post Date: 19:16 14-10-2007
Rating: 9
Author: The_Critic
Comment: Dear Players,

I am The_Critic and i dont easily give out 9’s… This game deserves a 9 because of the realistic Kung-Fu animation and skill training. The game does of course start slow but so does every game. I have not yet discovered any AoE attack but i will get back when i find out.(+1 point)


SFX are realistic and good, although the BGM is repetitive and can get very annoying. (-1 point)


Fast after you get “Light Feet”, permits travel to other maps within 5 min tops. Before that it may take up to 10 minutes to travel across the map (+1 point)


NPC’s play a crucial role in the game, about every NPC will be a part of a quest or give one (+1 point)


Some, pointless. Some, ever so rewarding, the level 1 quest is a guarantee level up, not only because of the spider you kill, but because of the EXP you are rewarded (+1 Point)


the screen shot that GameOgre has supplied should say enough, the graphics are awesome for a free game. Weapons aren’t flat not is any scenery or monsters. (+1 Point)


FUN, fast, and you gotta be awake. The grind will drain your health like a Vampire at a blood bank. so be sure to bring some pots 😀 (+1 Point)


Bosses live up to their name in this game, very tough and take many people to kill. Also, their re-spawn rate is low so you will only see them on rare occasions. (+1 Point)


Divides exp equally in half, also giving a couple exp extra, so find a party if you need to level up faster.


Over 500 weapons to choose from and a variety of factions. (+1)

So there you have it dear players, this game is quite enjoyable, download it now and see for your self.

Your Friend,


Post Date: 20:03 12-10-2007
Rating: 8
Author: Flinty24
Comment: A surprisingly good game. At first, I was a bit wary of playing the game, though as I am an avid fan of all things martial arts, I tried it out, and I have to say I wasn’t disappointed. Cool game features include real martial arts moves/forms, movie-like special effects, such as running amazingly fast, and good graphics make this game definitely worth playing. Also, the different clans add some diversity to the game, while roaming the landscape at the equivalent of 50mph can be entertaining. Great to roam around, and not too much grinding means that I give this game 8 out of 10.

Post Date: 00:04 06-10-2007
Rating: 10
Author: codybates
Comment: This game is pretty good imo. I really like this game the grind isnt bad and the action and skill increasing is very original and fun. There are tons of classes to choose from with lots of authentic weapons to use. Overall a very good game

Post Date: 00:27 17-09-2007
Rating: 3
Author: Sylexus

this is a silkroad rip off you can tell just by looking at it. to me its a waste of 3 hours download time, even rappelz has more to offer (and i hate rappelz) im not going to tell you not to play it because everyone has their own opinions. im just not recomending it.

Post Date: 18:14 03-09-2007
Rating: 5
Author: pepsi1028
Comment: this game is pretty fun when u get higher…tons of tns of quests, very good graphix, good community always sumone to help u…i give it an 8 cus i can get repetitive

Post Date: 01:00 14-08-2007
Rating: 10
Author: gsker
Comment: This game is great!!!!Try it, it is worth it. JK the download is long but think it was worth the wait. The kungfu moves are awesome!

Post Date: 23:34 05-08-2007
Rating: 3
Author: neobloodline
Comment: I have tried many of the free mmorpgs and alot of the paid ones. This one is probably 1 or 2 from the BOTTOM of my list.

I can appreciate a older looking game if the gameplay is good enough but the gameplay in this just didn’t do it for me. I found a comparison of this to silkroad to be a disgrace. Go with silkroad you’ll be infinitely happier.

I don’t base my ratings on the fact that it’s free or paid, let’s face it a junky game is still junky whether it’s 50 bux or 99 cents. If you have a system with anything newer than maybe a geforce 3 this game with be a waste of time as you can play much more satisfying games with enriched graphics and gameplay.

Post Date: 04:58 04-08-2007
Rating: 10
Author: Maxxstor
Comment: Awesome game! Best martial arts game I have played because learning the fighting stsyles is a huge part of it instead of just popping somebody and saying”I know martial arts, I am tough”.

Post Date: 17:43 14-07-2007
Rating: 9
Author: phynx477
Comment: Awesome free game, lots of in game ads too. Also a lot of forced leveling for quests.

Post Date: 05:28 14-07-2007
Rating: 7
Author: PestvsPet
Comment: Hate acclaim games like bots and the junk it used to put out but also a martial arts fan. Fun game with different fighting sysles. Acclaim finally has a game that is ok.

Post Date: 05:10 30-06-2007
Rating: 8
Author: Big Mo
Comment: Fun only if u like kung fu and I do:P. Only complaint is that techniques should be improved.

Post Date: 04:13 22-06-2007
Rating: 9
Author: Bola
Comment: Very fun martial arts game that is free. The download is big and the ads are in the game too much but I still like it. Always wanted to play a Shaolin and now I can :).

Post Date: 12:03 29-05-2007
Rating: 10
Author: manimal13
Comment: its grate and the grathics in the game are good for the game i can not wat for the 2 moons to come in to open beta!!!

Post Date: 18:21 12-05-2007
Rating: 3
Author: jhhj
Comment: READ THIS!

the game looks really good but the gameplay and the fun is bad.

i played conqueronline and eudemonsonline before the graphics were horrible but it was way more fun.

there is no real xp skill and no hp potions in 9D. u figth 5-15 monsters and then u have to flee to meditate its boring and coma like. always the same from level 1 to 150. the leveling stinks, u get to lvl40 in 2-3 days after level 40 it will get soo hard to level suddenly. i know it will get harder every level at any mmorpg but thats not normal (for me). u can arrange ur attributes by urself but if u do wrong u wont level anymore dont try to find answers for attribute arrangement ingame go to the forum. u can only attack one monsters at one time. annoying. u attack one while another is stealing ur hp from the other side. the quests are too easy but ok.

there are so many skills seems to me like the developers never thought about what they need in the game so they just put in everything. but there are very cool and nice looking skills. they are just too much. dont try to level all.

they installed a item mall. now its like all other so called free to play mmorpgs. u need to buy the xp pots and other items to level at a high level or to make ur character strong enough. u have to pay for this game sooner or later dont believe if they r saying the game is finnanced by ingame advertisement. there will be crazy payers who always have an advantage against u in leveling, pking and anything.

the game is totally bugged and the developer team is unable to fix the bugs. with every patch they produce more bugs. they only care about their item mall. and even the item mall is bugged for some players. they dont respond to ur reports because they just dont know how to fix ur problem. if u are one of the lucky ones u will even get blue windows errors screens when ur trying to execute or play the game.

bottom line:______________________________________

the game is boring. dont try this game u will waste ur time and ur money. if u r willing to pay for a mmorpg then just go for a major mmo like WoW it can be cheaper and even better because all players have the same chances. and there is a customer support. this game will be no fun without paying at a high level at least. its fun till level 40 after it begins to get lame.

the story is really good, the characters are cool, outfits, monsters, animations… it really looks good. sounds are good too. i dont want to lie.

but the gameplay, the inability of the developers and the stupid item mall just messes up everything.

try urself. i tried too but now i know what im thinking about this game.

listen to a brother who knows.

____________________9D stinks!____________________

___________Indy21 & ACCLAIM stinks too!___________

it could be a good game if the developers wouldnt screw up everything.

Post Date: 02:48 26-03-2007
Rating: 7
Author: slayerzigx
Comment: Oh snap, they were right, this game was gunna go under a different company. I thought this game was dead, i was in the CB for the company that originally made it (forgot the name) I’ll still score it high because it was a pretty good, ive yet to play this version.

Post Date: 02:35 09-03-2007
Rating: 4
Author: XenaWP
Comment: Hyaru, it’s obvious that you are involved with the game, you are probably a developer or someone who is working behind the game. You talk like a salesman.

There might be hundreds of fighting styles but you never really get to use them all. You get to learn a technique which is made of 3 moves. Each fighting technique levels up as you use it, however before you can use all 3 moves of the technique, you have to get it up to cheng 5 (lvl 5). Cheng 1 and 2 you only use the first move. Cheng 3 and 4 you get to use two moves.

As you level up your technique it becomes stronger. By the time you get a new technique your previous one has just about made it to be at a level where it does some nice damage. Now you learn a new technique, you will have to level it up again and until it gets to the same level of the old one you will do less damage. Of course at the same level the newest technique will do more damage. But if you really want to have a strong one you just stick to the first technique you got and level it up to cheng 10. Boring.

The game’s philosophy is that you become perfect by mastering one single tehcnique. The NPCs will even advise you to focus on one technique. I am not sure where the developers got that philosophy from because it’s pure rubbish. A martial artist doesn’t become good by performing one technique in all his life considering that he will be approached differently by different attackers.

Sounds are OK. Some are horrible. Dogs seem like robots when they bark, one day they got so much on my nerves I just started to kill them all. I guess that’s what happens when you get bored.

The story line is good.

This game has a good concept (sort of, I don’t like this “one move” philosophy) which is badly executed. It attracted me because of the martial arts only to leave me with a big delusion.

Post Date: 15:30 25-02-2007
Rating: 9
Author: Zephone
Comment: I certainly agree with xerin… All you silkroad fanboys do my head in… Quick One on One here…


9 Dragons.

Here you can level at a nice steady pace and yes in the higher lvls you may be looking at a few days before you get one lvl.


GRIND GRIND GRIND !!! 3 F*****G MONTHS for a lvl and that’s 5 hours a day at lvl 34…. !!!


9 Dragons.

VERY short and very easy starting quests. Ease you in before the much tougher mid to high lvl ones. Drop rate is GOOD… Normaly the first or second mob will drop what you are looking for for a single item quest. collection quest you can look at a 1/3 drop rate.


OMG… Quests on this game are SO crap… Yes please i’d love to kill over 1000 of the same mob when other players are contantly killing the same ones because they all have the same quest…

Oh YES i’d LOVE to collect your 200 jewels from higher lvl mobs than me with a drop rate of about 1/30 (if i’m lucky)…

Get the idea ?


9 Dragons.

Simple point and click. Some keyboard use. Travel from one place to the next while killing anything that looks about your lvl, ie: White or orange names.


Pretty much the same.


9 Dragons.

Mob AI is rather good. Lower mobs will avoid you and try to draw you into a high spawn area where you can be ganged by an amount that may pose a threat. Higher mobs will genraly not aggro unless you attack first. Mobs around your lvl will do a combination of these things. But will fequently run away when low on health.


WHY ? Why do lvl 10 mobs like Yeowas (the tree things) STILL insist on attacking you no matter your lvl… Why do tigers do the same ? WHY oh WHY do Chakjis EXSIST ??? Dumb AI, Nothing to complement here…


9 Dragons.

Really good. Things look nice enough to take plenty of screenies. In the end who REALLY cares about graphics as long as they are nice… Hell I STILL play old SNES games and thing Ooohh !!!


Same as above.

—-Side note on Graphics—-

The animations are VERY nice in 9 Dragons with plenty of fluid martial arts animations and plenty of attacking animations per skill with tons of skills. The animation in Silkroad although nice has NOTHING like this… Only one attack animation per weapon, no extra except the skill animations which 9 Dragons also has.


9 Dragons.

FOR gods sake turn the BGM OFF… The Sfx are good and convincing though, with some very nice crunching and gurggling from dying mobs.


Can’t remember if there is BGM here or not.. But the SFX are still rather nice.


9 Dragons.

For all it’s thought and amount of quality around every corner. I’ll give 9D a very comfortable 9 out of 10.


Silkroad was good while in the lower lvls such as 1-20 when it was not the GRIND hell that it becomes. Therefore it only achieves a generous 6

Post Date: 02:31 24-02-2007
Rating: 10
Author: xezin
Comment: great game uou people whine to much. IF you can find a game that is free to play and has good customer service tell me. The fact is there are so many whiners(like the one below) that they start not caring. I mean if i had a few thousand people complaining at me all the time id say forget it. How about you people stop pointing out the negatives and start looking at and appreciating the good things. Mayb they might change their minds about helping you.

Post Date: 09:16 03-02-2007
Rating: 0
Author: waaha
Comment: how do you rate a great concept of a game thats impemented in a very dated fasion? a zero

when acclaim get get its act teogther and offer up more then patches they take down a day later after thelying to the community as to why it was released (they said it was player demand, yet not a single player ever demanded the hybird servers)……..90% of the community cant even log in and the devs are slient in replying to anyone,

OB= 2 steps backwards from the 1 step forward they took

get your act teogther acclaim and id rate it higher, till then all you have are snot nosed children who dont know any better all happy they can play a janky kungfu game before they have to go back to work in the rice paddy

Post Date: 19:54 19-01-2007
Rating: 10
Author: goko12
Comment: my best game forever its so great game great graphica great gameplay great sound yayayayay

Post Date: 13:01 14-01-2007
Rating: 7
Author: sesaqui
Comment: General comments:

Since this game is pre-open beta, you can’t expect all features to be there, for example, the Help section. I hope players will bear this in mind as they play.

Graphics: 7/10

Pretty good. I prefer silkroad overall in terms of aesthetics. But the good side is that the game still runs smooth on a not so powerful laptop like mine. It doesn’t lag thank goodness.

Game play: 6/10

Personally, I don’t really like it, since it’s mostly point and click, point and click. There’s not much keyboard involvement here, say compared to silkroad.

Interface: (just a special note)

Almost the same as your usual mmorpgs, but if you’re new it might be difficult to navigate because certain things are only accessible through keys in the keyboard. For help, I suggest you go to the forums of persistent worlds.

Quests: 6/10

I have only played in the Sacred Flower and Heavenly Demon clans, so I cannot say about the rest, but my current judgement is that I don’t really like the quests. They are either too hard or too easy, and for some consecutive levels, there are no quests at all, so you end up grinding endlessly to level and to wait for a quest… which to me is thoroughly annoying because I hate endless grinding. But I heard they are putting up new quests per month, so let’s hope it’ll be better soon eh?

Community: 6.5/10

Not too bad.. Players are not that unfriendly, some are nice and can be helpful, but some can be pretty much nasty.

Monsters: 6.5/10

The monsters range from extremely hard to extremely easy. Beware that at higher levels there will be more monsters that will be more than willing to mob you, so I suggest that partying would be a good idea. There is also not much variety in monsters, for example, you kill Timid Scamp, next level would be Arrogant Scamp, and the next Wicked Scamp. Same goes for almost all the others..

Skills: 7/10

Since my current level is not that high, my current comment is that skills range from very easy to level (because you use them 24 7 when playing) to difficult (because you only get 0.10 to 0.20% exp per usage of skill… and you don’t use them frequently to boot). But they are interesting, more so the actions, this is for you martial arts fans.


Not bad, a pretty good time filler. It would be nice to have a party so that you won’t get bored. Also, a special note on money making. It’s tough, unless you’re patient to sell your wares, you won’t really get much money… and weapons and clothes are ridiculously expensive and you only get to sell these things back at about 1/5th the price you bought them for..

Post Date: 03:48 10-01-2007
Rating: 3
Author: trytoo2
Comment: The graphics are good. Even if you are on a laptop or older computer, the game will still run smooth.

The community (for persistent worlds version) is very tight and willing to help. They are a great bunch to play a game with!

It is nice being a warrior and only having to meditate to regain health. You don”t have to rely on a healer all of the time (though they do help!), or eating food after every battle.

The downside: not much to do except level. There are no real mini-games, or depth. You pretty much fight enough thieves bandits to level. Then you go and fight enough bandits to level. Then you go fight the angry thieves until you level…rinse and repeat.

Quests are few and far between. An average of 2 or 3 every couple of levels. Don”t expect any quests close to the amount of an average new MMPORG game.

About the unique skills: You don”t really use them. It takes so long to raise the level of the attack to the next level, that you will find yourself mainly just using 2-3 different attacks, just because of the time it will take to raise their skill. Not to mention you will get new and better skills later in the game, so all the building you did on your basic attacks will be useless compared to the newer attacks you will get.

I like the game, I like the devs. I just wish there was more to do than a couple of quests, and then grind…and grind….and grind….

Post Date: 19:12 17-10-2006
Rating: 10
Author: 9PHT3
Comment: This game is good.

The game is based on skills. And there a lot of quests, like hyaru said, they are adding quests each month. You have one big quest that you need to do. There are a lot of weapons and skills….

Post Date: 17:08 10-10-2006
Rating: 7
Author: hardass22
Comment: ive played before and i thought it was pretty good

Post Date: 03:32 07-10-2006
Rating: 10
Author: RougeMaster
Comment: This game rulz and i know a good game game when i play one this beats all the games ive played!

Post Date: 15:57 06-10-2006
Rating: 10
Author: hyaru
Comment: exelent

by the way the guy that said silkroad is bigger


silkroad is cooler



Each clan has more than 400 unique martial arts styles and over 500 different items of martial arts weaponry. Some clans use unarmed combat while other focus on weapons mastery or even assasination!


Featuring more than 450 various quests, 9Dragons will be adding 20 to 40 quests per month.


The animation uses cutting-edge Key-frame animation technology. Players can punch, kick, chop, spin or execute any of the moves they would see in a martial arts movie.

Monster A.I.

Mobs and monsters run away from superior players, chase inferior players or commit suicide when they get fatally wounded. Some monsters will change their appearance to deceive players. Some use transformation skill to get bigger and stronger


The overall setting is Ancient China during the Ming Dynasty.the gameworld is based on the actual geography of China. It is split into large maps, and you can travel from one to the next.


Players are always human, male or female, because, although there are some non-human monsters in the game,There are over 500 starting combinations in character creation, from faces to starting costume.Player also have 10 points to spread over thecharacter?s abilities, so player can decide if he want to be a strong character, a quick one, athletic, etc.


This is a skill-based game, driven by the quest system. To learn a skill, palyer must find a master who will teach you the basics.Each skill has a sequence that player build up by practice.9Dragons has more than 300 different skills and a character can have up to 60 at a time. Each skill also has 10 levels.


NPCs are critical in 9Dragons because it is very driven by the quest system. They are very detailed and can help players on the path to mastery. Examples of NPCs are shop owners, trainers, guards, etc.


9Dragons have more than 500 different weapons to choose from and players can upgrade their weapons by crafting and enchanting them

its so cool even the fighting styles of the game

arent even in a single match to silkroad

silkroad is grinding festival

9dragons is high quality gaming

i now because

i have beta tested both

played silkroad for a long time

and silkroad is so ugly compared to this

Post Date: 03:22 05-07-2006
Rating: 8
Author: mmorpg_geek
Comment: The detail that went into this game is vast.

Post Date: 14:33 31-05-2006
Rating: 10
Author: Flow
Comment: If you have never done martial arts before and like games where you are a green orc grinding the same monster to level up then you are likely not to be interested by this game.

If however you know about martial arts then this is a game to look forward to.

Post Date: 21:48 19-04-2006
Rating: 10
Author: spiderbyte44
Comment: some people don’t know when to appreciate a good game. you guys got to stop looking at the graphics and start looking at game play, character sellection, and what style it is. gosh! I rate it a 10

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  1. 9 Dragons is 3d martial art game, standard mmo game type, pick a character, go lvl up, and get stronger.
    Unlike other games, in this one u dont pick class when your are making character, u do that on lvl 25, also cap lvl is rly huge. Graphic is quite bad, punches are inaccurate, and sound is also lower quality.

    brankomiljus20 did not rate this post.
  2. 9 dragons is a mmorpg with a martial arts thematic.
    It was very important to train your skills as you level up.
    Other than that its like any other mmorpg.

    Septera did not rate this post.
  3. It looks fun you start as a poor peasant while doing quests training fighting monsters you start to look stronger 🙂 the graphics is fine I don’t mind it.

    Masako did not rate this post.
  4. 9Dragons is an interesting free-to-play MMORPG. First off, what I like about this game is that the setting of the game is set in ancient China during the Ming Dynasty, a setting that is not at all common in MMORPGs as a lot of MMORPGs are either medieval or fantasy. I also like that the main character in the game is mainly a martial artist, something else I was not expecting in this game. The graphics for the overworld is nice and vibrant, which I really like, but sometimes the characters in the game are too bright. Gameplay-wise, the quests are fun and the combat is alright, though not the most interesting. Overall, this game is very unique from many other MMORPGs for its theme and story, and I would rate this game a 3.95/5.

    SnowyAE did not rate this post.
  5. Horrible tutorial. Quest text nearly impossible to read and doesn’t explain anything. Was supposed to train, couldn’t choose what I was supposed to train, quest text was no help. Made it 15 minutes into the game, and thats because EVERY singlke step of a quest has to require you to click an npc 2 times for each step. Tedious and worthless.


    Qsljic did not rate this post.

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