Guild Wars 2’s first expansion is here! Heart of Thorns introduces one new class, 7 new Elite Specs, tons of new progression and a crazy new map design that’s almost built 3D… O and Gliding! The base game also got tons of new features one of which is Action Cam which makes the game feel more well… actiony! No but seriously this is a huge addition to the game.

Guild Wars 2: Heart of Thorns
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  1. After getting familiar with the new expansion for Guild wars 2 : Hearth of Thorns I decided to write a review for it.F2p players are locked from HoT content until they buy the expansion itself.
    There are 3 different editions available : Standard edition ( you only get the HoT expansion),
    Deluxe edition ( that comes with additional slot and other goodies such as HoT glider skin) and Ultimate edition ( same as Deluxe edition + 4000 gems to spend in ingame store).
    Expansion is based on four new maps Verdrant Brink , Tangled Depths , Auric Basin and Dragons Stand.
    New maps compared to older ones are much bigger and they put more details in it.Also the most important thing is you can now glide on this new maps. I must say the gliding is really smooth and goes well with the ambient of the maps.
    The HoT starts at Verdrant brink,your new starting zone when you continue your personal story ( you can acces Vedrant brink from silverwastes).Map is jungle type with lot of content to explore but keep in mind that enemies are lot harder here.I still didnt reach other maps but Tangled Depths is also a jungle type of map.Dragons Stand has a new world boss Mouth of Mordremoth whom you fight on platforms.
    The new Hot expansion is all about masteries and we have 2 types of it , Central tyria ( red ) and Hearth of maguma (green).Red ones are obtainable from older content from core game while green ones are obtainable from newer HoT content.Red ones can be for legendary crafting ( so you can craft your precursor if you are unlucky with drops but takes a lot of money and time ) , pact commander ( to make your gaming experience easier ( quicker revive , 10% bonus on crafting, ….) and Fractal attunement ( making things easier in fractal dungeons and boosting your rewards).
    People cried that masteries are grindy so they nerfed it from 400 to 250 points.
    Green ones are mostly for gliding and other things to reach parts of the new maps.
    New addition to HoT will be also rading , 10 man raids to be precise.Also now every class have elite specialization witch adds more variety in PvP matches.For example Ranger ( that is mostly rdps class) can become Druid ( class with heals and buffs).
    If we take a look to core game and changes I must say I don’t like the dungeon nerf change.Basically arenanet is trying to push away players from doing dungeons and focusing them more on other content.Rewards for dungeons are now nerfed ( they were my main source of gold ).
    Adition to sPvp is the new playable mode called Stronghold.The simplest way to explain it is like moba with 2 lanes and whoever destroys the enemy lord wins the game.
    They also did some changes with WvW maps but since I am not into that part of the game I cant really say much.I must say that so far I am enjoying almost every aspect of this game and even tho I don’t like some changes they made there are so much good things added so I think this game have a bright future.
    If you are still not sure yet Gw2 is still f2p but without HoT content and keep a mind Gw2 is mmo with no subscription fee.

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  2. I played this game for while and its one of rare game where i didnt found Salty players or any kind negativity, but thats all tnx to game design, there is no need to fight with some1 for killing some mobs while doing quests, making everything shareable, from loot to xp, even events, is one of the best move, even today when i have free time i play game, but am only on beginning and still need to explore game.
    From what i saw, it can get only better

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  3. Guild Wars 2: Heart of Thorns is the first expansion pack for Guild Wars, 2 it is a very good MMORPG video game with enjoyable gameplay and great graphic.It is developed by ArenaNet.I suggest this video game everybody

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  4. The game is primarily PvP based. Monetized tournaments and PvP based guilds are abundant and ArenaNet, in my opinion, really understood what players were looking for in PvP, and even more so in Guild Wars 2. No longer is gear a factor in PvP .Even the storyline was rather fun to play and follow. If you enjoy game lore then you will sure get a lot of lore out of Guild Wars. Small in-game content and books cover most of the lore of the Guild Wars universe.

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  5. Not bad for being the first expansion pack for Guild Wars 2. Setting of this expansion is pretty cool, since the player explores a lush jungle called the Heart of Maguuma. Storyline itself is pretty good, with some pretty great voice acting, and this expansion introduces new races like the Exalted, Nuhoch, Itzel, Saurians, and Chak. My favorite are the Nuhoch since they’re essentially frog creatures. And there’s far more stuff in this expansion, a chock-full of content that’ll definitely be worth the $50 price tag. Overall, I’d rate this expansion a 4.85/5.

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