Asheron's Call Cheats

Some fun cheats and some helpful hints for Asheron's Call.


Type the following codes during gameplay to make your 
character do the following crazy actions:

  Code       Result

ATOYOT - character jumps and freezes like the actors in 
            the old Toyota commercials 
YMCA - character's hands sparkle, character does The 
            Village People's "YMCA" dance, and leaves a 
            sparkling trail behind as it moves through game 
TEAPOT -  character does "I'm a little teapot" dance                
SNOWANGEL - character creates a snow angel on the ground  

Be sure to go through the tutorial dungeon until you're 
comfortable with the keyboard and the interface. 
The target monsters in there give experience (though not 
much), and you'll receive a useful item at the end. 

Learn to recognize the early warning signs of impending 
lag, one of which is that your character suddenly appears 
to be running through jello. When in the wilderness, 
immediately stop running until the lag storm passes, and 
if you're in combat, get away as soon as possible. 

When adventuring far from towns, or in potentially hazardous 
areas, always have the map screen open (press F10 to bring 
it up). Keep an eye on your coordinates, especially when 
you're in combat; if you die, jot down the location where 
you died so you can find your corpse. 

The most useful keys for searching for your corpse are the 
bracket keys ([ ]). These will cycle through all the 
inanimate objects within your range, including your corpse, 
should you be near. Also, when you're running through the 
wilderness, you'll sometimes come across the most amazing 
items just lying on the ground. 

Always attempt to identify a monster you haven't fought 
before you get into combat with it. Click on the monster, 
and press E (for Examine) or click the magnifying glass. 
Even if you don't get the statistics, you'll always get 
the level. 

Break allegiance without losing experience:

Delete your character at the character selection screen 
and restore them. When you log back on as that character, 
your allegiance will be broken and it will once again 
require 0 experience to pledge allegiance.

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