Browser Game and PBBG List

Browser games come in many genres and flavors. These games do not need to be downloaded. PBBG stands for Persistent Browser-Based Game.

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Browser Games and PBBGs

Graphics: Yes
Transformice Forum
Free online game where players run around obstacle courses to get cheese. Teamwork is a key to the game.

MineCraft Classic
Graphics: Yes
Minecraft Forum
Minecraft vs. World of Warcraft
Virtual world where players help to build nearly everything.

Ogre Wars
Graphics: Limited
Little browser game that can be played on Three nations of ogres vie for dominance.

Graphics: Yes

Free to play browser MMO that is powered by the virtual world known as Gaia Online.

Penguin Farmer
Graphics: Yes
Help penguins make a green empire with luscious farms.

Golden Age
Graphics: Yes

Strategy game by Aeria Games where you can strategize in your own browser.

Drakensang Online
Graphics: Yes
Play Drakensang on GameOgre
Action RPG game with impressive 3D graphics that can be played right in your browser.

Chronicles of Merlin
Graphics: Yes
Automated Giveaway

Interesting hybrid of strategy and RPG games.

DD Tank
Graphics: Yes

PBBG that is very similar to other games such as Worms and Gunbound.

Graphics: Yes

Free survival game where you must form a team with other players in order survive.

Graphics: Yes
Juggernaut Starter Pack Giveaway
Free browser MMO with a complex fighting system and a start pack available on GameOgre.

Graphics: Yes

Witty combat/mech game with a futuristic theme. Has been on GameOgre's Top Ten list for many months. 

Pockie Ninja
Graphics: Yes

Anime-based browser game that now has a sequel. Players can build structures.

Sword Girls
Graphics: Yes
Sword Girls Video Review
Online collectible card game with beautiful anime artwork.

World of the Living Dead
Graphics: Limited

Persistent based browser game with a zombie theme that offers GameOgre exclusive weapons. You must be over 13 years old to play.

Graphics: Yes

Browser based fantasy MMORPG with decent graphics with a good amount of depth.

Graphics: Yes

Casual action game where players run around throwing bombs at one another.

Graphics: Limited

Basically an exact mirror of the Internet. You are essentially playing an MMO while surfing the Web. By visiting sites, you gain currency that can then be spent on items in the shop. The shop contains all sorts of items that can be used by players.

Torn City
Graphics: No

This game is chock full of features despite not having graphics. There are no resets, no costs, no adverts, do crimes, attack, train in the gym, start a faction, collect items, invest in stocks, go to jail/hospital, undertake missions, race a car, marry someone, get a job, start a company, take education courses, trade in the markets, invest in the bank, shop for items, program viruses, read or write for the Torn City Times newspaper, buy multiple properties, travel, and hunt.

Castle of Heroes
Graphics: Yes

Free strategy MMORPG that takes place in a medieval, fantasy world. Build your army from 40 different units, summon your Heroes to wage war on other players! Castle of Heroes is a Flash Browser game that requires no download and no subscriptions.


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