• GTA San Andreas was my favorite game back then. Doing missions was pretty cool since you get to experience things like riding in a jetpack, infiltrating the army, riding different kinds of rare vehicles like the Vortex, finding and collecting cars, finding rare weapons like minigun. Pretty cool! 😀

  • In Minecraft, you can everything you want. If you like designing or decorating houses, you can build with different colorful blocks in Creative mode. You can build machines like an elevator or even a computer using redstone. If you’re up for some adventure, you can play in Survival mode where you can craft and enchant weapons and armor, slay…[Read more]

  • I’m pretty excited to hear about Overwatch League planning to be launched. Overwatch is one of the most competitive FPS games I’ve played and there are lots of competitions where pro Overwatch teams compete like EnVyUs and Lunatic Hai. I can’t wait to see here my favorite pro Overwatch players like Taimou, IDDQD, and Ryuujehong. Oooh hype is real!!!

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    Whoa I love AQ3D! I’ve played Artix games like DragonFable and AQWorlds but so far AQ3D is the best. Everyone can choose a class and customize their characters with different cool items that can be crafted or bought in game. There’s also seasonal events like Frostval where everyone can obtain really. Also, the graphics is actually pretty good for…[Read more]

  • Wow Overwatch really deserves to be in this list! Everyone can enjoy playing Overwatch and have lots of fun even for players with poor aim like me. There’s a lot of cool maps where you can play as different heroes and different roles plus you get really cool skins from lootboxes by just simply playing and leveling up 😀

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    I love Overwatch! Everyone can enjoy playing different heroes in lots of fun maps and game modes like capture point, escort objectives and a lot of cool stuff happen like seasonal events 😀

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