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This is the final match of GameOgre.com’s Online Shooter Showdown 2011.  This a tournament of the top online shooters and FPS games as voted on by gamers.


Welcome to the Finals of the 2011 Online Shooter Showdown. Firefall defeated Crimecraft in one of the wildest matches in Showdown history. AVA makes it to the final match of the tournament for the second year in a row. Which game will win?



      • Well, AVA isn’t going to win with TF2/openworld scifi fanboys and ect. coming and voting for firefall.

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      • AVA is bad, horribly unstable servers, community is worse than that of HoN, GMs lack communication, Updates lack bug fixes, hackers are rampantly running about, gameguard doesn’t update, just a terrible game overall.

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        • You’re either living in some foreign country or just have a horrible isp. The servers are fine, the community is what you make of it. There is ABSOLUTELY rarity of finding hacks in ava. You terrible newcomers think everyone hacks because you don’t understand the concept of a competitive game.

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  1. AVA all the way. It’s more accessible to thousands of players for free. You don’t need a fancy gaming computer to run it either.

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  2. @ Lions, have you looked up firefall at all? firefall will be accessible around the world, free to play and will be very accessible to all. the Devs have clearly said they want it as accessible as possible to everyone and although they have yet to release final specifications I doubt you will need a ‘fancy gaming computer’ to run it. Not that AvA isnt a great game, its just that your saying incorrect things about firefall.

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  3. FIREFALL! It looks awesomer than AvA, the community and devs are awesome Firefall is also free and you won’t need a fancy comp either.

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  4. Alright now, let’s have a good clean fight! There will be no biting, pinching, or scratching! However feel free to use machine guns, tactical nukes, and anything else that can completely destroy you opponent in a unsissy like behavior! Good luck gentlemen!

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  5. FireFall!!! AVA is not that great…FireFall looks insanely good. Just go watch the 10 min PAX demo on youtube its incredible.

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    • Nah man, if it was the entire Firefall members list then the numbers would be closer to 140k votes. Right now it’s just the forum fiends like myself voting.

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      • Well… Counting AFK’s, MIA’s, repeats and blahblahblah it would probably be closer to 90K or 100K.

        But we’re being modest and hiding the link from those people so it looks like we’re not cheating.

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    • Real? You do realize that not a single game out there is real. You should go outside and find what what is read of you think AvA is real.

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  7. I voted Firefall in this one. It is unfortunate that more of crime crafts players could not vote in the last one. Damn these polls and there taking away precious seconds that could be spent defending the core, looting containers or tea bagging random bastards!

    Good luck Firefall, though I am sure you will win this because most people are too busy playing the game you are up against to bother voting. PS the game looks sweet and I cant wait till we can actually play it. Sure hope it lives up to all this hype!

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    • Nighthawk! Thanks for the support! Are you sure those people at Crimecraft aren’t going to kill you for defecting?

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      • Probably not since he’s not really defecting. Games shouldn’t have to be little clans where you can only be a part of one. If it gets to that point where people aren’t allowed to enjoy more than one game then people are missing out on the whole point of games… to have fun.

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  8. How can these games even be compared with each other? Firefall is completely sci-fi and cellshading with a completely different play style while ava is in a urban setting with actual set game types.

    Not a good comparison for the “Better online shooter” since there completely different gametypes.

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    • You do realize that Firefall has room based gameplay as well? With set game types, its just not limited to the set game types.

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      • “Room based gameplay”

        Yeah, If I want to play a shooter, I’ll stick to AVA. Which clearly shits on firefall.

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        • Firefall has organized gametypes, just like any other shooter. It just ALSO has an open world.

          The names behind Firefall are responsible for a couple of the best online shooters in the genre (Tribes 1 and 2) so I’m pretty sure it’s going to be a much stronger shooter than some generic Counter-Strike clone.

          As for the the “setting” ..that has no relevance at all, and you are probably some “Call of Duty kid” to even bring that up.

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          • So apparently Firefall is not a real FPS? What makes a true FPS.

            FPS = First Person Shooter. Does Firefall allow you to look in First Person and Shoot? Yes. Therefore, FireFall is a true FPS.

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    • And they didn’t make this matchup. It happened. It’s like going to a basketball championship and asking why the Lakers are going against the Knicks?

      Because they beat the people below them. Why else?

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    • As you, and every other gamer too for that matter, should be doing. To heck with the fan camp crap, enjoy what you want to. :p

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  9. AVA is by far the best game right now. There are no issues with the netcode, absolutely no lag, no OP weapons that are here, or coming soon and no 8 man co-op rooms.

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  10. I can’t play AVA due to Gameguard conflicting with itself. Sure, I could temporarily fix the issue myself, but since the problem has been going on for over a year, I don’t find it worth the effort.

    If I could actually play it, I would love AVA.

    And Firefall is awesome because Tribes is awesome.

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  11. Same problem here.. I have been trying to pass level 72 every day for over a week now! Those bubbles come down waaayy to fast! It’s getting pretty frustrating :p

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