Did you know that finding a top-quality indie game is like winning a big giveaway online? You could compare it to someone giving you the bingo no deposit free bonus, and you use it to get the grand prize. It’s impressive how indie game studios managed to come up with real gems with limited budget and personnel. Here are some titles made by independent companies that you should try in 2020!

Untitled Goose Game

If there is anything that we like, it’s a creative concept that implements comedy in a gaming scenario. The Untitled Goose Game (the featured image) features you as the main protagonist – a goose in an English village. The weather is fine, and the villagers are happy, but that’s where you come into play.

Your missions will vary from one task to another, but the idea is to make life hell for the farmers. You’ll start by stealing farmer’s items and produce, ensuring that bullies get what they deserve, etc. It’s a concept that reminds us of the Neighbors from Hell a bit, except the small difference that you are a goose.

Telling Lies

If you played Her Story, this game comes from the same developer. Sam Barlow did a fantastic job once again, but this time he focused on private conversations. The player will browse through the hard drives of four people. They will find recorded videos there, and the task will be to listen to them all. That will show you the path to resolving a mystery and figuring out who’s lying.

Telling Lies places you in the role of the real private detective. If you ever wanted your case, this is the right opportunity to enter the Sherlock mode and see how successful you’d be as a PI.

Hypercharge: Unboxed

A game that receives very positive reviews on Steam is worth checking out, and you’ll realize Hypercharge: Unboxed is a real gem the moment you try it. You play as toy-sized action figures in this cooperative shooter that supports up to four players.

The graphics are impressive, especially when you see that the place of your battles will be a children’s bedroom, attic, and other in-house locations. Hypercharge: Unboxed involves improvements, such as new weapons and skins. You can also unlock items to craft like walls and traps. They could prove essential to come out as a winner.

Yes, Your Grace

You will play as the ruler of Davern – King Eryk. He doesn’t have an easy task in front of him because the kingdom has limited resources, and the peasants demand a lot. Will you help them to fight the monsters, and is it time to build that relaxation place they always wanted?

Yes, Your Grace is a game that includes lords and other characters with a unique personality. It would be best if you made smart choices to come out as a winner in the upcoming battles. It’s an RPG where the goal is to keep everybody happy. The problem is that’s the hardest thing to do both in real life and this game. In fact, it is downright impossible!


  1. My mobile and Pc gaming experience stays sorta mainstream , but digging up a nice fresh indie game helps from turned based to tactical , sometimes you never know what you have until you try it !

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  2. Untitled Goose Game’s probably the best indie game of 2020, just because of how creative it is (the goose being obnoxious in a comedic way) and the memes that have spawned out of it. And there’s some pretty good replay value out of the game as well.

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