Probably best described as Diablo meets an MMORPG. This free MMORPG takes some of the concepts of and translates them into the MMO realm. For example the towns function similarly to the way that lobbies function on There are no monthly subscription fees but players will have to pay for periodic booster packs that add content to the game. Guild Wars 2 will take the franchise full force into the MMORPG arena for the first time.

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Author: LODOSE
Rating: 10
Comment: I am an ex-EQ junkie and I love MMORPGs. This game however takes the genre to a new level. If you like hanging with your online pals leveling and doing quests then this game is great for that. If you enjoy PvP games this game is more or less designed for that.

On the other hand if you like RPGs without grouping with people this game is great because you can get henchmen who are NPCs in the game to join your group in order to complete quests and help you to level. You can then just go to cities and towns to chat and trade items with other players.

The main reason I enjoy the game is the fact that when you leave a city and venture out the game world is your own private area. That means no waiting for others to kill an enemy for a quest then waiting around for the enemy to respawn so your group can kill it. There is no fighting back and forth over which group got to an area first to farm for anything. It’s your very own area. I enjoy this game and I think that whether you love MMORPGs or hate MMORPGs you will enjoy this game.

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