BattleField 1942 takes multiplayer shooters to the next level by using a war from the past instead of the future. Execution is the key word here as the gameplay is so realistic that it makes you feel like you are really in WWII.

Battlefield 1942 Match 
Discusses the different game modes, vehicles, weapons. The site also has a clan database where clans can draw attention to themselves.

Battlefield 1942 Nation 
Cornucopia of BF info such as articles, FAQs, kits, and screenshots.

Battlefield: CE Modification 
Site for a BF modification that will feature one new game mode and several new vehicles and weapons.

Game Rankings 
Ranks Battlefield 1942 according to ratings given in reviews by other game sites. A great way to get an overview on how the Internet perceives the game.

Game Spy Review 
The review by the network of sites that specialize in multiplayer games.


Desert Combat 
A popular BF1942 mod that brings BF 1942 game play into modern times.



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