Those super colorful Bubbles in Space are created to populate the entire universe and make our world more bubbling. You must fight back, and Bubble Shooter defense is the only way to do that. Three Bubble Shooters mode are here to test out all matching pros out there and shape out the ultimate Bubble Shooter hero! Have fun matching bubbles in a game against the clock, playing out the campaign mode throughout 15 challenging space-themed stages, or enjoying the moment by challenging your friend on a 2 players Bubble Shooter game!


  1. Bubbles in Space is a decent bubble shooter. I do like the modes this game has to offer such as time mode, level mode, and rush mode; I think the modes really make the game great. I do agree that the bubble shooting can be a bit imprecise; for instance, it’s very difficult to shoot through a gap to hit a certain bubble since the bubbles like to stick onto whatever it’s touching rather than go pass a gap. I also don’t like that the game doesn’t resolve itself when you’re down to the last bubble. If you have one bubble left to match, the shooter might choose different colored balls that you don’t need which can make the game last longer than it needs to. Overall, I would rate this game a 3.85/5.

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