Webzen is announcing the release of their game C9 (Continent of the Ninth Seal) to a Western audience and they’ve been doing a VIP and press gaming experience this week. As a result, GameOgre has the opportunity to bring all you wonderful ogres some screenshots from within the game.

C9 is a distinctly East Asian-styled game that combines a great deal of wuxia genre effects with powerful warriors and mages going head-to-head with the forces attempting to sunder the world. From the first look, it plays in a fashion very similar to Vindictus with hub areas (like cities) and instanced dungeons where the players do their missions and execute their foes.

There are three classes available, gender locked, the only female is the shaman (pictured above) and the other two are warrior and hunter; sword-and-board vs bow respectively.

The game worlds are well rendered and beautiful, with the standard RPG controls combined with keyboard-letter hotkey system and something that feels almost like keyboard combos. There will be more on this in the full first impressions review. 

 The game is punctuated with narrative created by in-game cinematics from the get-go and the tutorial region is an excellent introduction to the game. While there is no voice acting, the story comes across through speech bubbles and acting by the various characters.

These scenes are fairly common and well-peppered into the gameplay and allow for good immersion. In fact, I think the scene pictured above is my character’s instructor totally owning some goblinoid monsters.

Magic and attacks have beautiful, firework-stunning special effects, the rendering is nice; the combat is fairly smooth (with an acceptable learning curve) and although the VIP tour let us make high level characters, I went low level just to see how the game played.

One last screenshot of a level up! I hope everyone enjoyed.

Look forward to a review sometime in the future of this game.


  1. Nice little introduction to the game Kyt, I really like the screens, it looks like an OK game for now 🙂

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