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This is the first match in the semi-finals of GameOgre.com’s MMORPG Showdown 6.  This is a tournament to determine the best MMORPG out of 16 games. You can also view this MMORPG Video for more information about this important tournament.



Lord of the Rings Online

The semi-final match pits two former Showdown Winners against each other. In fact, these two games represent the past three winner of this tournament. RuneScape won the MMORPG Showdowns 3 and 4 while Lord of the Rings Online won the last Showdown. Which game will make it into the next round for a chance at another championship?


  1. I voted for runescape, I feel that what makes lotro a good game is its quests, and runescape has much better quests, in fact the only thing lotro is better than runescape in, is graphics in my opinion.

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  2. All in all, Runescape is a great game, but the Combat System is a real killer, I hate that! Therefore Lotro wins for me, it offers the same good quality and social experience AND it has a good combat system!

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  3. Runescape!!!!! Its my favorite game (btw is free:)!) My vote is runescape because of the graphics pking, monsters, armor, weps and more!!!!!!!

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  4. It was a very close match the entire voting period, but RuneScape has prevailed. It now goes on the finals to meet either SWTOR or Rusty Hearts.

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  5. I feel RuneScape is the better of the two, and I’ve played both.

    The only two elements in which LoTRO is its better are combat and graphics. However, combat takes on a very fresh spin in the upper levels of RuneScape, particularly in members’ quests (I’m talking level 70+ here). LoTR I believe is not as innovative, and its quests are good but weaker.

    PvP is also considerably worse, whereas RS has a whole community built around them. The fact PVP battles happen in secluded areas (Duel Arena, Wilderness) reinforces this. PvE is also better by a long shot and secrets are around every corner. Crafting, all the different weapons and the grand exchange (basically a stock market, with everyone shouting around it) are also excellent and create a sense of atmosphere. It takes place in a very original though somewhat disjointed universe (elements of sci-fi). I also like the British humour Jagex has put into its game, even in the ever-entertaining examine texts. Lastly, RS has been receiving many exciting updates recently, and botting on RS is pretty much dead, which I’m very glad for. LoTRO doesn’t get all this goodness, though I confess I haven’t played it in a long time.

    RuneScape is ultimately a more fun game to play in my opinion. But that’s just my opinion and the polls are still relatively close. 🙂

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  6. Am I too late? Here is my 2cents anyways:

    This one is tough, it’s almost like comparing apples/oranges when you get down to it. My vote goes to Runescape, maybe I’m just reminiscing though. 🙂

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  7. LotRO! I can’t play rs now because of eoc and the economy. LotRO has a good economy and it’s community is very friendly, not like in runescape where most players acts like children and mods wannabe that reports almost all words that you sent in the chat

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  8. I also played the two games… I liked Runescape, but i was scammed… In Lotro, i see scamming is not so easy and you can play it for free through deeds… I like the controls also more and the graphics are great in Lotro…. The new traits trees are also nice. Lotro is the best.

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