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Earn to Die 2 is an action vehicle game where you try to overcome obstacles and zombies to drive as far as you can. Of course, to accomplish this you need to constantly upgrade your vehicle with the cash that you earn each time. The further you get and the more zombies you kill, the more cash you earn. The fun part is upgrading the vehicle in the garage after each day. There are 8 areas that you can upgrade in and the game tells you exactly what each upgrade does. For example, there is a gun that can be mounted on your vehicle that will shoot at zombies before you hit them with the car until you run out of ammo. The higher the upgrade the more ammo. This can be addictive as I kept upgrading my car to get further and further each time. This has to be one of my favorite arcade game so far and definitely my favorite zombie killer to date.

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1. Free arcade game.

2. Do not waste fuel.

3. Has many traps.

4. You can improve your armor.

5. You can increase your wheel size.

6. You can buy better weapons.

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Earn to Die 2 is another free flash game published for the web and is supported by advertisements displayed before, after, and during game play.

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  1. Pretty fun game that’s about upgrading just to continuously progress further. Not sure what genre these types of games fall under (I guess “Upgrades” is technically the genre this game belongs in, but I like to call this genre the “Anti-Idle” game since it’s incremental like an idle game, but the complete opposite of an idle game), but it’s kind of like the penguin game “Learn to Fly” which might have been the main inspiration for this game consider the name of the game rhymes perfectly. You pretty much have a vehicle and try to travel as far as you can, ramming into zombies along the way and earning upgrades (to upgrade your vehicle) as days progress. I played the Flash version called “Earn to Die 2: Exodus” some time in 2017 on Kongregate and it was fun, but you’ll need Supernova Player to play this game over there now. There’s also the mobile version called “Earn to Die 2” which I’ve never tried before, but the gameplay seems to be about the same. Overall, I’d rate this game a 4.3/5; it’s a pretty good game, but I think “Learn to Fly” is just more memorable.

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