Some mixed news was received in the gaming community recently when Microsoft announced its acquisition of Activision-Blizzard and all of the publishers under its wing too but ultimately something that has been positively received. With some big mobile publishers like King under its banner it has a solid foundation to build on particularly with mobile games thriving as some more online casino ohne lizenz like these being just as popular too – the acquisition could lead to some promising changes for Blizzard after a few years of difficulties, and things seem to be on the up already with a new IP.

Whilst it’ll take some time before the acquisition has any real impact on the direction of the company, with the announcement that a new IP is on the way and some other big names in the pipeline, by the time it comes to any release window the new direction could help keep things on track or provide the platforms to market the games in a different way. The most notable will be for new releases like Diablo 4 – whilst still in its development cycle and a number of years away from release, it may fall into a window where the acquisition could have a profound impact on its release. Other releases like Overwatch 2 may not be able to benefit from this same fortunate luck as it may be nearer to release but may still benefit from the exposure with its likely inclusion in game pass.

The latest announcement has been for a new survival game from the developer – it will be the first new IP that Blizzard has released since Overwatch back in 2015 and is something that even those who have become disillusioned with Blizzard over the years and have insider knowledge have said is a very exciting project – Blizzard were just a little too late with a previous release of Heroes of the Storm which could’ve been one of the big MOBAs if timing had been a bit better, but this may be one of the few survival games that launch on the market in this way and could fill a niche that has remained empty for quite some time, particularly as games like Rust have shown just how successful survival games can be.

For now, there aren’t too many details around the new release, but a beta could be expected sometime within the next year or two, and combined with the Microsoft acquisition, it could be a period for Blizzard to once again become one of the top names in game development.

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  1. I think Blizzard will just go downhill since they really haven’t had a good time with any of the events happening. Their last major success was Overwatch. But then there was Diablo Immortal which was heavily criticized, the Blitzchung eSports controvery in 2019, and then workplace scandal where some of their employees are quitting and working for other game companies. They’ve really had it rough.

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