Minecraft Classic is a multiplayer creative game. Players can both add and remove blocks in large 3D maps, leading to giant buildings and excellent artwork.

Post Date: 13:22 31-07-2015
Rating: 10
Author: axwellshm
Comment: Game that is in 2D, but won the hearts of many players on internet. Maybe because it brings your whole crew to play it. Dunno, but I can say that this game is pretty damn good and interesting.
Post Date: 14:01 20-12-2014
Rating: 8
Author: gavrilo3
Comment: what i to say one of most popular games of today special kids. i like minecraft cause world is so good and u can do everything u want to do modes in minecraft is also amazing servers is nice. i like to play survivial mode and i like to play create mode or i forgot excacly name of that mode minceraft is very good game if u want to start relax your self from something special if u are angry i don’t know what i other to say one of most popular games is created 2009.
Post Date: 19:15 24-11-2014
Rating: 8
Author: arZ
Comment: The developer from this game is the company Mojang and the same company is the publisher for PC, and Microsoft Studios is the publisher for the consoles. Minecraft is an independent multy-player or single-player video game for PC and consoles. Released date is end of the year 2011. Minecraft is one of the most played game at this moment and its really popular. This game is really unique, and got unique game play and funny horrible graphic. This game got no story, and its got not end. That means you need to use your creativity. Its a creative game that allows player to build whatever they want. Constructions, building, underground cities and other different thinks. But not just that, you can explore the world ( server ) gathering resources, craft some new items or items and fight against different minions on the map. They are a lot of other modes in this game like survival game, creative modes, adventure mode, and creating your own custom maps alone or with friends. At the first look this game is horrible, but they where sold more then 54 millions copies whole over the World. So that means this game got something special. Graphic or story its not … its the unique game play where you need to do what you want. Its up on you, do what you want. The game is in the first person look but you can chose the third person mode too. At the start of the game the player generate virtually the game world. They are different types or terrain, mountains, snow, cave, water, underground and you can build there whatever you want. The day and night is in the game too. You can fight different mobs, animals like chicken, pig, cow and other real life animals, and sometimes you can see some aggressive spiders, skeletons, ghosts, zombies or dragons. Killing the mobs you get some different items or reward that you can use for crafting different items and thinks. So many possibilities without an end, this game can be just fun when you have a big creativity. Like I say, they are different types of games, like :
Creative, where you are able to build whatever you want, you got all resources and items, this mode is for creating the big buildings or some other projects. Spectator mode, its free to fly over the server.
Adventure where you can craft custom maps and adventures. Multy player, allows you to play with your friends and the mos played is the survival mode where you need to find resource, items, and other thinks to build different structures, where you need to fight with mobs and kill animals and you could be attacked from monsters and you can get killed by them. You got a health bar too, hunger bar, when you need to eat. You are able to play in hardcore mode to, when you die your creations will be deleted, so you need to care of you like in the real life. And this is the most interesting part in the game.Interesting game, something like real life lego world. I played it just for a short time, because I didnt like it to much. I dont like the graphic and games without an end doesnt make sense. I am fan of a games with an end. You like it, or you hate it. But I still give this game a note 8/10, because of so many possibilities that you can do in this game without to be stressed or something. Its nice game for relaxing, but there is not competition that the most gamers are looking for. So that was my review for Minecraft, I recommended it for players that are creative, and have much time doing nothing 🙂
Post Date: 08:53 09-08-2014
Rating: 9
Author: shaki997
Comment: Minecraft is a classis multiplayer game were creativity shines the brightest. the world od minecraft is entirely made of blocks! You can either play creative mode where you have unimited materials and you are free to build anything you want! You can play the survival mode where you have to collect food and materials in order to build a shelter and survive from the zombies. and finally the Online MOD where you can play lots of different creative games that players have come up with i rate this game a 9/10 and recommend anyone to try it.
Post Date: 19:57 30-07-2014
Rating: 6
Author: FrendlyLeBlanc
Comment: All know this cube game… I really dont love her and that is boring game for me… Maybe just creative mode but and that is boring after some time…
Post Date: 17:26 30-07-2014
Rating: 5
Author: Marks
Comment: Minecraft is a very popular game.he graphics are bad.Have survival,creative,pvp.The player has 10 hearts and 10 drumsticks.10 hearts indicates how you Helt and 10 drumstick to hunger.If you are under 10 drumsticks have to eat food.From the food there is meat, potatoes, carrots, apples and bread.When a player has less than 10 hearts, and less than 10 drumsticks and eat their food and filled the hearts of the drumsticks slowly filled.There are a lot of mobs,these are:villager, horse ,ocelot ,mooshroom ,wolf, squid, chichen, cow, sheep, pig, witch, bat, magma cube, blaze, silverfish, cave spider, enderman, zombie pigman, ghast, slime, zombie, spider, skeleton and creeper.The Minecraft world, there are deserts, jungles, forests, meadows, oceans, rivers …Meadows and deserts can be found small villages.There farmers planted vegetables.Also in deserts can be found pyramids.In this pyramid can be found much more, but there are pitfalls.In Multiplayer you can play with other children and has much more than a simple gaming.There’s a faction, new admin commands, and more.Faction as an organization,there may be people to socialize and of course can wage war against another faction.There is land and power,power is the most important in the faction.Each player can have a maximum power 10,minimum of -10.When someone kills you reduce the power,the longer you hold on live Power increases.Land the size of your faction.If you land such a total 30 Power 29 other faction can you take a part of your faction.There are potions that make it easier to play.There potion:regeneration, speed, fire resistance, poison, instant health, night vision, weakness, strenght, slowness, instant damage, water breathing and invisibility.If you want to go fishing.I can make books for them to write and then shows other.There are three world in Minecraft and these are ordinary people,nether and end.Nether is hell and there is totally different from the ordinary world.here’s red rocks and there are Pigman, ghast, blaze and magma cube.Pigman is a mixture of human and pig,always with you holding a golden sword.Ghast the great white monster and he shoots a fireball,he constantly screams.milder fiery monster that flies and shoots fire from it to get blaze rod.Magma cube is a cube of fire jumping and when you kill then create several smaller until there are no more.Also in the nether there is a castle and there are Chests.End is a small world, this world keeps a large dragon and many Enderman.In normal playing when you kill a dragon appears you can portal for ordinary people, and then you move the game.I have not mentioned when you kill a dragon you get a lot of levels.When you kill Enderman drop ender pearl and it can throw away and create to a destination with shorter distances.I’m just going to mention when your attack creeper to break ahead of you and then blow a little bit country and you if you are weak.
Post Date: 07:31 26-07-2014
Rating: 5
Author: Marks
Comment: Minecraft was created so that the two brothers named Herobrine and Markus Alexej Persson, known as Notch, creator of Minecraft and owner of Mojang AB.Let me tell you their story in Minecraft.They agreed to make a whole other world that resembles us and so are Herobrine and Notch started making meadows, village, villagers, animals and more.Then one day the brother of Notch and Herobrine became jealous of his brother, so he created a new world,Then one day Herobrine started to Russians the new world that is Notch invested all his strength to make it, and once you see it coming and saying Herobrine Notch “What are you doing to our world?” Herobrine he replied “You’ve got all the credit for the new world that we’ve made and I’m going to bring it down”Then Notch created Nether and his brother was sentenced by which he put in the new world that is made.Notch is a renewed world, and it occurred to something and began to ask myself “Why for example is not something more interesting and more difficult?”Then I started making mobs.Mobs are zombies,Spiders,Skeletons…This created another world called End in the end is one of the most powerful creatures of the world Minecraft,and to the dragon.After I explained how to get to him but to go back to Herobrine…One day a boy asked Notch if you have a brother?He said he no longer has a brother, but he had.Now I will tell you what was going on during the first opening Minecraft specifically in beta version, it is a trial version.When you play Minecraft, making coffins, Item put into them, and so that, when you go after you to cut wood or something like that, when you come back you will see that some things are missing in coffins,and I believe that most of you know who did it, Herobrine.Herobrine has already been seen in the so called world of Minecraft.See his spirit, and sometimes attack you and then you are done.It’s Herobrine, a man who is still among us.Now to get back to playing Minecraft.After all that minecraft has begun to play in Multiplayer.I think it started somewhere around the 1.2 version of Minecraft i’m not sure.Minecraft is becoming more and more popular.You can make traps,houses,machines.But let us go back to the Multiplayer.The multiplayer could have much more than ordinary playing,There can be a real factions,new admin commands, correspondence with others…What’s this Faction?Thus Faction as an organization that members insert into it, and every member can have a maximum of 10 power with a minimum of -10.Power slime that you can not take away faction because you claim something is increased land and land must not be greater than the POWER power must not be less than Land.If such a situation the other team can not win you a faction, this is how it works in the example you faction has 70 land and 69 power and then the opposing faction can to win but only one claim.When you win your faction is still there, but everything you’ve built in that faction fails.Now I start to explain about the potions.The main ingredient of the beverage is nether wart,when the actual device for beverages on the right with the help of a flame rod and three ordinary stone.you need 3 bottles of water and then drink the bottle says.Now go back to the nether wart.When you put three bottles then go nether wart.When the nether wart connected with three bottles with water then goes up some ingredients depending on the drink.Now I’m going to talk about the various drinks and how they are making.I’ll start with a drink for strength.Potion for strength is made so you take one flame rod and processing it in the crafting table and get a 2-fire, then put a fire above three drinks and begin to rework drink after a while you get a drink power 1.Now as the potion to become stronger?I’ll tell you when I make the power you need right stone powder which is located in Nether,It is a luminous yellow pad and when it strikes it turns powder is stone.Then the powder is put stone over the three drinks and begin to work and eventually get power 2.Otherwise beverage strength serves you a stronger attack.Now I will explain how to make a drink for night vision.Drink the night-vision is made so you take one carrot and one gold.This one put a gold coin in the crafting table and get 9 small pieces of gold.Then put the carrots in the middle of the crafting table and the small Golde place around the carrots and get the golden carrot.Then the samovar for drinks put this golden carrot, of course, has to go three bottles of water and 1 nether wart before that (basic).Then the real drink and get a drink at the end of the night-vision which takes about 3 minutes I think.Now if you want to improve your beverage to be 8 minutes you need red stone on a dig in the mines.Put it in and drink takes you 8 minutes and that was it for the potion.We’ll tell you just one more drink how to make a potion that is flame resistant.Potion of fire resistance you need magma crem to be made from one magma and the two flames of the blaze rod.Connect to the crafting table the two ingredients and you get magma crem.Put the ingredients in the right beverage and then get a potion that lasts for 3 minutes, then place the red stone, and takes 8 minutes and that was it as far as making potions of course there are still many many drinks al that may be next time.
Post Date: 17:27 24-07-2014
Rating: 10
Author: Aki013
Comment: Minecraft is really great game.This is a cube game developed by MOJANG. Game is very good because in game you have a lot of things to do.First you don’t have nothing.Than you can chop the woods and make crafting table.Than you can make some materials like pickaxe and mine some stone.Than you can make house wooden or stone.After that you can go on hunt on zombies or animals.
Here is something about game:
You have 10 hearths in game- life.
And 10 hungers. You lose hearths when someone hit you ,and you lose hungers when you run,jump,or you can lose them by pass time .You can lose it if you eat something poisoned.In minecraft you got a lot of zones: desert,wood,jungle,lakes,sea…You can build something when you get materials. You can build houses,statues,or whatever from real life. You can even build the people. In minecraft there are a lot of mobs : Skeletons-they shoot and they are the most dangerous for me. Zombies-they just hit you and they are really weak.Spiders,they hit you hard and fast, and i’m really annoying of spiders. Pigman-this guy is from nether he is really strong if you don’t have any weapon.Blase-blase fly and shoot the fire! Enderman- he can teleport himself and he is really strong.Cow-when you kill the cow it give you meat.Pig-same as cow. Chicken- when you kill the chichen you got the meat nad you can collect the eggs from them.You can also collect the milk from cow and you can ride a pig.Horse-thats new animal in minecraft,you can ride him and you can set the armor on him.Octopus- im not sure if is it this mob ,but he swim and when he left the water it die in the same second.Ghast- it fly and shoot with fire +it scream. Slime- it is green, and it jump and when you kill it you got more them! Magmacube- it is in nether,its same like slime but this is fire mob. Bat-he just fly and you can kill him.Witch- she drops the potions on you.Ocelot- he is in jungle. Mushrom Cow- it give you the soup.Squid-it just swim, like octopus.Dragon- he attacks you and this mob is in End and in End are so many endermans. Creeper- he is the most annoying mob in the game.When he come near you he just explode! Silverfish-it attacks you when you mine,it spawns in stones when you mine them.Sheep-you can collect the wool by sheep.Wolf- it attacks you or you can give him bone and he is your pet.Villager-with him you can trade with your stuff.In the night Zombies attack villagers to turn villagers into zombies. You can also turn zombie into villager,but you can’t turn every zombie into villager
Music discs-you can listen a music when you put the disc into Jukebox.There are 12 different discs.I like to listen a music from them sometimes :P.Minecraft is one great game,graphic are awesome for cube game,and gameplay is great too.The most interesting thing in minecraft is it you can do whatever you want in every time.
My grade is 10/10
Post Date: 19:14 03-07-2014
Rating: 10
Author: Frozen
Comment: Minecraft is great indie game! Released in November 2011. and developed by MOJANG.
You can buy game for 20.00 euros.
It’s a multiplayer game and you can play it with your friends also you can play single player.
First of all you need to creat your world, when you do this you will be spawned in some biom.
There is a different types of bioms like:
ocean,desert,dark forest,tundra,taiga…Now i will make a short guide how to play and survive in minecraft.
First of all things what you need to do is to find some food and make shelter.
you can get a food by killing animals like pigs and cows also you can plant some food like seeds,carrots,potatoes…
you can cook food in furnace.
You will need a shelter because when the night comes, zombies,skeletons and other mobs will start spawning and they can kill you easily on start.
you can also make the tools and fight with zombies.
you will first need to chop tree and then make a crafting table (in crafting table you can make all tools and other stuff for survive and building)
First tools what you need to make is wooden tools.
The tools what you can make are:
Axe (with axe you chopping trees)
Sword (with sword you fight against zombies and other mobs)
Shovel (with shovel you dig earth)
Pickaxe (with pickaxe you mine stone and other ores with it)
There is a different types of ores the easiest ore what you can find is coal with them you can cook food and make torches.
Iron is a little harder to find you can find them in caves which are deep.
you using iron to make a better tools and armor.
Gold is harder to find then iron but iron is more useful then gold. you using gold to make tools and armor.
Diamond they are the best and rare to find.
With them you can make strongest tools and armor.
redstone ore is using for traps and other machine stuffs.
emerald they are rarest in minecraft. And you using them only for decoration.
lapis lazuli is the decoration ore.
These are all ores in minecraft.
And let’s back to tools.
the last one hoe.
now the best defense against zombies is armor.
there is 4 types of armor (helmet,chestplate,leggings and boots).
you can make armor with leather,iron,gold,fire and diamond.
the strongest armor is diamond armor.
In minecraft world you can find some really good and rear things like
Pyramids (you can find them in desert and also secret room in pyramid)
Jungle temple (you can find this temple in jungle and he have secret room too)
the village (villages usually spawning in desert and forest, in this villages).
there is also another world, the only way to come there is to make obsidian portal.
This world looks like hell,everything is red and there is tons of lava.In this world you can find castle which is huge. in this castle you can find a rare plants which is using for potions, you can find a spawner for mobs.
There is also 3rd world. You need to find portal in normal world. This world is a small and there is only endermans
enderman is mob who teleporting wherever they want.
I will tell you some mobs:
(creaper he blow up things)
(skeleton he shooting arrows with his bow)
(zombie it’s classic mob)
(enderman he teleporting)
(spider he can and jump)
let’s back to 3rd world as i said there lives endermans and enderdragon. when you defeat him you finished your world, you can still play on this mode but when you kill him it’s like you finished.and if you want to play this game it’s worth to pay 20.00 euros for it, it’s great game and i recommended it everyone! 🙂
I hope i was helpful and i rate minecraft 10/10
Post Date: 19:32 01-07-2014
Rating: 10
Author: reconswrath
Comment: fun game but i enjoy mods that deal with technology instead of minimal stuff it give it more or a challenge to have to figure out how to build the machines and stuff
Post Date: 12:11 16-05-2014
Rating: 10
Author: NoVaZz[E]
Comment: I first played it in 2011. .At first i was like:Graphics are baaad.But then i started building house and all other stuff and the game touched my heart.
Post Date: 08:07 01-05-2014
Rating: 10
Author: Frozen
Comment: And here we go! MInecraft is awesome game to play.
you can play it on single player or on server with your firends.The point of game is to have fun and try to survive as much as you can. you can also ”END” minecraft killing a ender dragon.when you start single player you will be spawn in a random world.There are a some biomes you can be spawn in a
(The desert biome is one of the only places you can find cactus, the others being a beach and Mesa. there are hills and small mountans made of sand and sandstone. In the desert you can also find desert wells and piramide.
(Tundra biomes known as Ice Plains in-game, are biomes completely covered in snow and have ice blocks due to water freezing breaking ice produces water. Spruce trees are found in this biome. There may be packed ice spikes. Wolves also spawn here.
Swamp Biomes feature small shallow bodies of water and dull-looking grass, presenting oak trees covered in vines, there are alot of oak trees, though not as many as forests, swamp biome trees are covered in vines. Swamp biomes are the easiest biome apart from The Nether to find both types of mushroom in. As of 1.4 Slimes and Witch Huts can be found in swamps. Lily pads can generate in water, so swamp biomes are the only natrual source for lily pads.
Jungle Biomes are very forested biomes. They have the biggest trees out of any biome. They also have these unique traits. They are the only biome where ocelots spawn. They also have Jungle Temples. Jungles look more like a Tropical Rainforest. Coco bean pods spawn here, and as of 1.7.2, melons can be found “wild” here. Melons have also been made much more common.
Redwood forest
The Redwood Forest Biome, also known as Mega-Taiga or Mega Spruce Taiga contains various blocks including Podzol and a varient of Dirt. Also featured are 2×2 Spruce Trees along with Ferns, Mushrooms, and Dead Bushes.
The Mesa Biome features various colors of clay that can be mined and dyed for decorated purposes. Also found in this biome, is red sand, which was implemented in 1.7. The only other things included in this biome are Dead Bushes and Cacti
A biome with spruce trees and dull grey-blue grass. Snowfall also occurs in this biome, forming snow and ice. Hills are common, and wolves are found in this biome more frequently than in others. Spruce Trees are this biome’s tree.
This biome features dull, dry grass, and acacia trees. NPC villages spawn naturally here, along with horses. It never rains in this biome, often connected with deserts or mesas.
Roofed forest
The roofed forest biome was added as of 1.7.2. It features dark oak trees and huge mushrooms. The roofed forest biome is a very dangerous biome to spawn in as there are many dark places in the forest where hostile mobs are likely to spawn.
Ocean Biome
Ocean Biomes are extremely large open biomes made of water. Far beneath the water is a landscape made of gravel, dirt and clay. Ocean biomes often flood into Abandoned Mine Shafts or caves. Occasionally, oceans have small two block wide air patches.
Post Date: 12:11 27-04-2014
Rating: 9
Author: nikiwild
Comment: Great game, first i would like to say, minecraft is bassicaly not required game, you dont need to have a good pc or a good network. You can play it online or offline, you can even make a server just for you and your friends, bassicaly anything you want. In this game, there is no goal, goal is to make your own goal and do it. Make what you want, build what you want, and many more. Sound in this game i cool. Yos can hear sound in the background going one, some easy song and when there are zombies near you can hear, when u are doing some work, walking and some more. Graphics are not good, but not that they cant make it better, they want it to be like this, cube world. Gameplay is do what you want, the only thing you need to do is surveve the night. At night, if u dont have a house, you can get killed, because there are many zombies, trying to kill you. So this was my review of this game, i will make one more, longer, but now i cant i dont have much time. So see you around and cheers nice game you should try it by the way.
Post Date: 11:51 27-04-2014
Rating: 6
Author: Geograf
Comment: All game is in blocks There is 3 modes: Survival, Creative and Hardcore. In survival on star you don’t have anything. You must create all ( or buy it if you play online ) when you die in survival you face is something like this You have monsters and they are attacking you. They are spawning when is night on dark places. On creative you have all from start ( that cheat mode ), you can fly and monsters don’t attack you. Hardcore is like a survival but if you die its game over, no more spawning You have levels and for that levels you can enchant items You can get horse, pig, sheep… When you die, you drop your items and lose levels, but you can get it when you go on place when you die ( you can take items from other players when they die ), and you can take half of your XP
Post Date: 10:23 22-04-2014
Rating: 9
Author: savicaa
Comment: Minecraft is a three-dimensional indie game created by the Swedish programmer called Notch.Later it was designed and published by Mojang.No other game has unleashed my creativity like Minecraft.I’ve spent countless hours chipping away at blocks and gathering the necessary materials to complete the next masterpiece that would otherwise only occupy my mind’s eye.Creating items in Minecraft is the most important action to do.The first time I beat my way through some trees and gathered wood,I had no clue what to do with it.Even after you find a good resource,it still takes a lot of effort to learn everything.And suddenly-nighttime.The scariest time of the day,atleast in this game.All kinds of monsters chase you around.But if you have some kind of a sword,you can defend yourself.The real fun of Minecraft is that it’s flexible enough for players to enjoy on their own terms. You can focus on monster slaying, farming and animal husbandry, magic and enchantments, or astounding electro-mechanical contraptions using redstone—the in-game surrogate for electricity. A normal game is usually a mix of everything.Once you start exploring further away,you’ll catch yourself spotting some pyramids or jungle temples,and getting ideas for new buildings.But as you play, you’ll quickly see that this game has so much more to offer than just architecture.If you haven’t already, you absolutely must play it.
Post Date: 09:13 15-04-2014
Rating: 10
Author: Jezic
Comment: It is a very fun game and checkered haha … I love it with my friends in my free time I love it! 🙂
Post Date: 13:33 03-04-2014
Rating: 10
Author: Jundista
Comment: Amazing game.
Post Date: 04:13 16-03-2014
Rating: 8
Author: buzzsaw
Comment: Minecraft is the world best world builder game! I have seen it on videos and many systems. The only downside is the price tag.
Post Date: 00:55 05-03-2014
Rating: 8
Author: CrownKnight
Comment: a fun great game on build doing great stuff it is great like it a lot
Post Date: 06:01 03-03-2014
Rating: 10
Author: Mordekaiser
Comment: Great game there are so many mods and different servers things to do i cant even tell you its so interactive the graphics are really good the maps are giant like the biggest for any game there is endless fun with this game if you can think it you can build it with this game its just so amazing this game is 10/10 for sure
Post Date: 15:57 28-02-2014
Rating: 9
Author: Thedarkboy
Comment: Minecraft is more than a game. It became the golden ticket that got the creator Markus Persson to resign from his job and realize his dream – to develop games on full time, and even more. Although it have been released for a long time already, Minecraft is still a huge game today, and Markus Persson together with the company Mojang, have earned incredibly much on the game.But Minecraft is as I said more than just a game, and guaranteed more than numbers on a bank account. When I’m writing this review, it have already gone close to three years since I first played Minecraft. Even then, Minecraft was a great game and if you look at the building and the digging since then, there haven’t been any major changes, only improvements. You still wake up with empty hands but with the ability to create everything from the simplest shack to a huge palace, statues and even computers. arkus Persson knew that he opened Pandora’s box when he introduced the ability use your creativity to its full extent, which laid the foundation to many great videos you can find on Youtube.For me it has always been the adventures and the exploration that have stolen my nights sleep and made me play the game instead thinking of washing the dishes, my personal care and more. Discovering an underground cavern is more thrilling than ever, and you can even find remnants of old tunnel diggers, abandoned railway tracks and cobweb-covered support works, which makes the experience even more credible.Despite the edginess, I still think Minecraft is a beautiful game. It is enough to climb up on a mountain top and look out over a sunset to understand the beauty. Much of it is because the landscape you are gazing at is unique to you and only you. I can also lose my breath of the knowledge that the majestic mountain on the other side of the valley, with a babbling brook on the side, is possible to level with the ground if I want to. You are just as much a god as a gardener.

n the years that have passed, lots of new features have been added since Minecraft first arrived. Everything from sleeker glass panels to mechanical pistons, which gives you the oppurtunity to make even more crazy inventions, but the biggest throughout the years is for me, that the open game finally got an ending. Beyond the horizon, actually in another dimension, there’s a dragon waiting to be slain in order to see the credits roll. But the road is long. Very long. But that’s what makes it so enjoyable.

But perhaps, you just want a simple life in Minecraft. To become a peasant and to grow crops and raise animals in a pasture are just some of the activies that you can do in Minecraft. You can do everything you want, and the possibilities are almost endless, as long as you have the resources. But if you are too lazy to gather resources, you can always play creative mode instead, where the number of resources is endless, and all you have to do is build whatever you want.

Minecraft is really more than just a game. It is the sandbox from your first years to the Lego collection from your childhood and the adventure you wove together in Dungeons & Dragons. A game where the creative is everything and where the imaginations truly blooms. It’s your world.

Post Date: 22:56 24-02-2014
Rating: 8
Author: Webber
Comment: Minecraft is great and played by many ogres on GO. I just wish there was a free version!
Post Date: 07:13 23-02-2014
Rating: 10
Author: mmowiz
Comment: minecraft is played by ogres almost every week. it demolished eve online in the showdown.
Post Date: 07:57 15-02-2014
Rating: 10
Author: ufbre
Comment: Minecraft is one of the most playable game ever.
It is so simple to play-and the whole world play it.
Post Date: 20:48 29-09-2013
Rating: 9
Author: mmowiz
Comment: minecraft is special because you can do so much in and out of the game. i have seen countless guides and videos on mc. it inspires creativity!
Post Date: 13:35 14-05-2013
Rating: 9
Author: Thedarkboy
Comment: It is not unusual to be asked what Minecraft is. If you answer that it’s a game, the question that you get next is usually what kind of game it is. The question is a bit difficult to answer to be honest. Minecraft is namely one of the games that will be what you make. You decide for yourself what the game is going to be, on your own experience. You get to choose whether you want to play with others or alone. The main starr isn’t held by the silent and cube-shaped main character Steve, but rather by the massive game world that Minecraft gives the player. The game can randomise the game world for you, or you can manually enter a code to create a game world based on it.Depending on the playing style you choose to play, you get two completely different experiences. In the Creative mode you get access to an endless amount of resources and here you get to do exactly what you want. Create, build, destory or just simply walk around and stare. The player will be able to fly around in the air and watch everything from above. You can travel around without any problems and you don’t have to care about either dangers or daily needs. In creative mode, you have access to all the tools you need to create structures of houses, statues, well about anything. You’ve probably seen users create massive cities with designs that are very impressive and you can create exactly the same if you just are willing to put in some time and hard work.The second game mode is Survival and this is more similar to traditional games. You get in on a place in the game world, without tools or resources. When you hit on something long enough, it will disappear and form a cube that you can pick up and then re-invest in the gaming world again if you want. It’s just to get used to it because you will tear apart and place many cubes during your adventures in Minecraft. The materials are many and you will soon have to make your own tools to speed up the process a bit.These tools must be manufactured from raw materials found throughout the game world. The first simple tools may be constructed of wood, but they aren’t very good to be honest. With these tools you may instead cut a little stone that forms the basis for a little more proficient tool. The first you need is an axe, a hoe and a shovel for the different materials. But you can’t just hang around, since the first minutes in Minecraft, survival mode is critical. The sun doesn’t stay up forever, and when it goes down, many unpleasant things appear. Zombies, spiders, skeletons and many other creatures that can be dangerous. The first night in survival mode you usually spend it in a cave or something similar.

My first night was mildly dramatic when I locked myself using a collection of sand cubes in a mountain side. Without any tools, I was trapped meanwhile zombies and other creatures gathered outside. When the sun then rose and put these monsters on fire, it was safe to get out from hiding. Lost and alone in a gigantic world I did not know at all what I would do with myself.

While many games are investing a lot in the help system (tutorial) that leaves little or nothing to the player’s own imagination or creativity, is of course not good and it’s a bit disturbing that you get almost too mucch help in some games. In Minecraft However, it’s the exact opposite when you do not get any help at all. I don’t want to get too much help so it’s kind of nice to have to understand everything alone, but at the same time it would also be nice with some basic information.

It’s hard not to mention the graphics in Minecraft in a review. While many would dismiss it as poor and blocky, the fact is that all design are related and these cubes forming massive environments are quite impressive. You find mountain ridges, beaches, hills, natural caves, forests and hills everywhere. When you stand up high and gaze out across the game world, it is hard not to be impressed by how great it looks.

The shapes appear, despite its strict design, fully natural and I like it a lot. Just like, for example, 3D Dot Game Heroes or any pixel-based games, you can criticize the graphics to be old and technically inferior. Personally I find it full of character and it appeals me much.

Minecraft is a game where the player can decide and I can only guess and say that I think that Mojang has simply chosen to give the player a blank canvas and let us paint our own picture and let ourselves have our own development. The power is with me as a player and it’s not common among today’s games. I can do almost anything I want with the world. You create your own goals in the game and how you want it to be.

There is a really good community around Minecraft and there are many who have created lots of videos where they are more than happy to help other players. This is obviously a big plus and help is rarely more than an Internet search away. My favorite is clearly playing Survival mode, on the difficulty Peaceful. This means that I can still die if I’m not careful, but I do not have enemies and other stuff. I must work for my resources, I can explore the world as and if I want to build something I have to get my own materials to build it.

Creation and exploration for me is an exciting part of Minecraft and I like to head down in a naturalcavey in the ground and explore to see what the earth has to offer. Here I can find huge underground complex filled with lava, water, rare materials and other fun stuff. Other times I start to chop a hole in the ground that gets deeper and deeper, until I find something that interests me.

In a time when more and more game companies limit what the player can do, Mojang is doing the exact opposite. We avoid simplified game mechanics, predetermined sequences and predictable events with a game that is almost entirely free and open. In the end, Minecraft is simply a wonderful game where you can do about anything. It is a game about nothing, but in the midst of this nothing, anything is possible. That is something that I love.

Post Date: 00:06 18-04-2013
Rating: 5
Author: User Name
Comment: I want to play for free and not download or put in a password and usearname. from dean leighty
Post Date: 01:05 26-07-2012
Rating: 10
Author: User Name
Comment: play classic minecraft its fun with peope
Post Date: 23:53 24-07-2012
Rating: 9
Author: Aaddron
Comment: Minecraft is an odd game, it basically breaks every single industry “key to success” and still succeeds. Photo realistic graphics? Nope, this game could be passed off as a Ps1 game. Deep and engaging storyline? haha no… actually the game doesn’t have one. Epic combat system? Nope, swing sword hit target… that’s about it. Ok so how about a detailed environment and setting? Wellll… not really, lets just say it has it’s moments. One epic NPC that guides you with witty lines and is always trying to kill you? … … nope, in fact NPC’s weren’t added until late in development and at this point still do nothing. Sooo I give up, what makes this game so great? Exactly!Minecraft is a game that if brought to a publisher probably would of been rejected. Thankfully it wasn’t, Minecraft is developed by Mojang which started as one man band. Notch is his internets name and he defied all odds, produced a winner and now has his own game development studio. It’s really a great story but we are here for the game so lets just leave it at. Notch made a game, it’s sold through the roof and now he has more money than he knows what to do with… all without the help of the tradition “publisher”.So back to the original question, what makes Minecraft so great? There are millions of answers but since this is my review I’m gonna go with its openness. When I say open, I really mean open, sure it has the “see it, walk to it” aspect of all the top sandbox games but that;s where it ends, no only can you walk to anything you see, you can blow it up too. Sick of that mountain… well just take it out… ever want to dig a super big hole but can’t because of zoning laws… no problem! Dig to your hearts content, no annoying city workers here… although you should still watch out for the locals… except them little green fellas. Friendly little buggers, might even help you dig if you let them close enough to you. *trollface* O and the best part? Sick of your world… simply start a new one, everything is randomly generated so no two worlds are the same.To know what Minecraft is all about, you simply need to read the title of the game. Minecraft is a game of mining and crafting. Your sole purpose is to survive, gather ores and build. You see you start the game with nothing… not even a hint as to what you should do. Then night falls and it quickly becomes apparently something isn’t right, monsters start spawning and 9 out of 10 times you’ll find yourself dead before dawn. So you died… you respawn, nothings changed, still no objectives, still no instructions but this time you know nightfall equals bad news. With a little help from the internets what was once confusion is now a race against time to find or build a shelter. You survive your first night, congrats!

Minecraft is a game of blocks, everything is a block and every block can be broken and placed. You use these block to build and craft, you use wood from a tree to make planks, you use the planks to make sticks… you use 2 sticks and 3 planks in the shape of a pickaxe to make a wood pickaxe. Minecraft is a game of upgrades. Your fist can’t break everyblock and is really slow… so you’ll want to upgrade to wood tools which are faster but that have limited durability so then you want to use the wood tools to get materials to upgrade to stone ones, these are slightly faster and last longer… then stone to iron etc.

Crafting a major part of the game not only for making and upgrading tools but also to get access to tons and tons of items that can only be crafted. Items like chests, pressure plates, trip wires, furnaces, minecarts, rails etc. Minecraft doesn’t hand anything to you… if you want to build it you have to make it first. This kinda sucks as elaborate contraptions take forever to build as you need to get all the materials by hand, it can be extremely time consuming but at the same time it’s extremely rewarding when your done. For those that might not have the time they’ve added a creative mode where you can get any block in the game in infinite amounts and break everything in one hit without tools. It’s a great place to experiment.

Multiplayer in Minecraft is unique. Usually a good Multiplayer takes away from the a good Singleplayer and vice versa but in Minecraft that isn’t true. Minecraft’s multiplayer is Minecraft’s singleplayer with multiple people. If you don’t like Multiplayer or can’t get anyone to play with you that’s absolutely fine, your not missing anything minus player generated stuff. However if you choose to play Multiplayer your experience can change dramatically. Instead of adventuring on your own you can adventure with many other players. Instead of one little house, players get together and build full cities. Communities have formed and full RPG style severs with real players as NPC style characters have spawned… some truly awe inspiring stuff has come out of the multiplayer side of Minecraft.

It’s not all roses though, for every way Minecraft’s multiplayer is great, it also has an equal amount of issues. Minecraft multiplayer is like the wild west, not many rules and people don’t always follow them. Griefing (players raiding your server and destroying everything) is a common occurrence, same with hackers, spammers and pretty much any other annoying thing you can think of. Mojang has taken some steps to help but it’s been mostly up to the Mod community to devise methods of warding off these troublemakers, they’ve been successful in some respects but it’s a never ending war. The only way to prevent this is making your own server and only allowing friends on it… still make sure to take protective measures though as even then you’re not safe if you leave the door open.

Minecraft is in many ways a throwback to the old days of gaming, featuring little to no hand holding, like losing all inventory items on death (5 minutes to get back to them) and no mini map or objectives to guide you. You don’t have a whole lot of health and even on easy monsters due quite a lot of damage. It’s a throwback but a whole new world at the same time. The sheer aspect of being able to do anything… and I mean anything is simply unmatched… fancy a game of minesweeper? Yup you can do that. Wanna make your own Adventure Game… go for it, thousands of people already have and surprisingly a lot of them are really good. Mods? Yup have them too.

Minecraft is the game that “shouldn’t” work with today’s gamers but it does, o it does. Well it’s about that time, I’ll leave you with the sole rule of Minecraft, always dig straight down*.

*This reviewer is not responsible for any harm and/or death/item loss that may come to anyone following the advice in this review.

Post Date: 17:44 14-07-2012
Rating: 10
Author: User Name
Comment: how do you get to play it?
Post Date: 13:52 06-07-2012
Rating: 9
Author: PolanWalker
Comment: The most playable game ever seen. Love building bridges and towers. Almost 15 days in one game 😀 Only problem can be no imagination.
Post Date: 11:02 04-07-2012
Rating: 9
Author: Thedarkboy
Comment: Minecraft is a great game even though it’s graphics isn’t the best. A great game to play with your friends. Makes it a lot better if you have friends to play with. It is really funny to build different things. You can probably build about everything that exists irl. There are dungeons where there are some monsters that you can kill. There’s even animals here too. An absolutely awesome game that makes you forget about the graphics. A MUST TRY GAME!
Post Date: 06:03 04-07-2012
Rating: 8
Author: quinn
Comment: Minecraft is quite a fun timekiller. The classic version, especially, really floats my boat. Although it went downhill after Survival was released, I can always count on the original if I ever need a good pick-me-up. It’s also great to put on the computer when my little cousins come over, they love it too!
Post Date: 13:32 18-11-2011
Rating: 9
Author: Thedarkboy
Comment: Minecraft is a popular game. Pretty nice game. Baaad graphics though, it’s so bad that it makes the game better 😀 I’ll give it a 9/10..
Post Date: 00:51 16-11-2011
Rating: 9
Author: champking5
Comment: This game is very fun, even though the graphics isnt all that good, I can say its still an awsome game. Start off creating your own house from trees, later in the game you will start making your own armor and entering dungeons to obtain more money. I love this game.
Post Date: 22:46 15-11-2011
Rating: 9
Author: lumlehsumleh
Comment: minecraft is a very good game. it has bad graphics, but it’s a world where you can let out your imaginations. you can build almost everything with the variety of different blocks. i havent tried the real version. ive only tried the online free version. the real game is probably much better. TRY IT!
Post Date: 15:26 03-11-2011
Rating: 10
Author: Epic
Comment: Basically, whatever you can’t do in real life, you can do in Minecraft. Build a town, city, castle, stronghold or even pixel art, there’s absolutely nothing stopping you. Many people complain that the graphics are bad and that it has no storyline etc., but that’s actually what makes it so good. It’s so unique and original that people just haven’t had the type of game that you can do literally everything in it.
I think that mods are also great. Once you exhaust the regular game (if that ever happens), then you just plug in a mod and boom! You suddenly have an entirely different game (more or less).
Going back to the graphics, the graphics actually make the game. it’s impossible to have exceptional graphics and still have a good sandbox game. Plus, the graphics are still somewhat modern. The pixelated blocks allow you to create texture packs (allows one to change the look of blocks) and because the player is made of ‘blocks’, you can change the player’s skin as well.
If you like Minecraft Classic, then you’ll love Minecraft Survival. It’s really worth the money! 🙂
Post Date: 17:16 07-10-2011
Rating: 10
Author: Webber
Comment: Minecraft is probably the best game there is for creative players. You can make almost anything you can think of. The mods make the game even better 10/10 for me!
Post Date: 04:52 03-10-2011
Rating: 10
Author: mmowiz
Comment: minecraft is for creative gamers. instead of having to kill x many rats you build according to your own imagination. virtually anything can be made! i can see why it charges a feee.
Post Date: 18:14 23-08-2011
Rating: 10
Author: Teaana
Comment: Minecraft is a wonderful game. I’ve been playing for a few months now and I’m addicted. You can create everything you imagine. You can download mods to add to the vanilla game, to make the experience more fun. Play with your friends on multiplayer and design more things. You can even change your skin, which allows you to change your look, rather then the classic ‘Steve’ Skin.
Post Date: 21:50 14-08-2011
Rating: 10
Author: gokiguy
Comment: I’ve been playing Minecraft a lot recently, and I love it. There is so much to do and the maps are so big. Plus you’re able to change the skin of your character and the texture of the game. You can build houses, castles, even boats. There are dungeons that are full of monsters. Download an adventure map that someone made and play through that. Download a mod that is full of cool things you can do or use. Go online and play with some friends. Build a little town or a big city with the help of your friends. Fight off monsters in the darkness to protect yourself. There is an endless amount of things to do.
Post Date: 18:09 06-03-2011
Rating: 10
Author: Adrian
Comment: Minecraft, the best multiplayer building game out there. The graphics are great, the gameplay is outstanding.
Post Date: 16:58 06-03-2011
Rating: 10
Author: dantabletennis
Comment: I love the game, its basic i suggest buying it!!!
Post Date: 01:54 26-02-2011
Rating: 10
Author: quinn
Comment: Fun and extremely creative. A GREAT multiplayer game to play with friends or the internet. I love Minecraft!
Post Date: 22:36 28-12-2010
Rating: 4
Author: Supernatural
Comment: Minecraft Classic is a free to play browser based online game.
At the first sight it reminded me at my childhood and famous LEGO cubes 🙂
But after a few minutes playing it gets kinda repetitive and doesn’t keep ur atencion for long. I guess i had more patience as a kid 🙂
It doesn’t offer much challenge, it’s basic building game with some extra features.
I won’t be playing this game anymore, but it may appeal to younger audience.
Newer games have much better graphic which is also something i had in mind while playing this game, it just doesn’t feel real, or at least fun…
I will rate it with 4.
Post Date: 17:31 28-12-2010
Rating: 7
Author: awesomedrako
Comment: Minecraft is a very, good, game. It is a game that is based on blocks that can be placed to form almost any kind of structure, as long as you put enough time into it. It is an indie game developed by a person called ‘Notch’. Minecraft Classic is the free version, while the latest version, on the same page, is called Minecraft Beta. Obviously, I will be reviewing Classic here.Gameplay: 7/10
The gameplay of Minecraft is quite simple; you place blocks to form structures. In Minecraft Beta, there is more to do, but I will get on to that later.
This game is an indie game, but has recently gotten huge popularity. Why? Because it combines two very important factors in gameplay: Accessibility and Re-playability. The game has almost endless replay value, limited only by your patience and your imagination. Examples can be seen on Youtube if you search for ‘Minecraft’. There is someone constructing a ONE-TO-ONE RECONSTRUCTION OF THE STAR TREK ENTERPRISE. The structure will be massive, as you can tell, especially as the player is only 2 blocks tall. Basically, this game is perfect for someone who loved LEGO when they were younger.
The controls themselves are extremely simple too, which is where the accessibility stems from. WASD controls for movement; space to jump; left-click to swing your tool, to break down blocks; right-click to place blocks. That’s pretty much it. This means anyone can go in, even without reading any instructions, and after clicking some buttons, know all the controls of the game.
So why am I only giving it 8/10? Because there is one very important problem of Minecraft Classic: there is almost no drive to build. While we are used to hugely complex games offering millions of reasons to continue playing, games like this only offer an indirect reason of ‘if you play and play, you MIGHT get something cool’, and instead of it being the start of the game, as soon as you enter Minecraft Classic, it is already the endgame. All games need to have a road which you know has treasure at the end, but the road needs to be sufficiently long, and it needs to have treasure in the middle as well. A game where there ‘might’ be treasure at the end of a road that you don’t know the length of, doesn’t give you reason to play. It’s the reason why I avoided this game in the first place.
However, on a short note, I will mention that Minecraft Beta, the paid version of the game (which I have got now), HAS got more reasons for you to play, and even if you have no creativity, in the beginning a goal can be clearly seen.Graphics and Sound: 9/10
You may be puzzled why I have given such a high score to this ‘zOMG CrAP PIxELLY GrAPHICS!1!!11’ game. Well, contrary to popular opinion, I like the graphics. The pixelly look is sort of retro, but still modern. The graphics inside the 3D world look somewhat crisp while maintaining a pixelly look. And I like that. Anyway, there is another game that I would like to point out called Cubelands (google it), which is essentially the same as Minecraft Classic, but has nicer textures on the cubes. This is just a personal opinion of my own, but the textures in Cubelands, being made to be quite realistic-looking, make the game look quite ridiculous. You seen cubes everywhere, which aren’t exactly following the curves and bumps of the real-world, with realistic textures on them. It actually seems to makes the cubes look less real, in my opinion. The pixelly art in Minecraft, however, looks very good inside the cube world. I have recently gotten a texture pack called the ‘Painterly Pack’ which maintains the pixelly style of Minecraft, but sort of refines it a little to make it look even better. If you are really concerned about the graphics, you could take a look at that if you really want to.
The sound is great by the way. Sound effects do their job perfectly, providing aural feedback when you perform tasks. The music was composed by a person who goes by the name ‘C418’, and I would like to say that he is a pretty damn good composer. The music he makes for Minecraft fit the mood almost perfectly, and instead of looping endlessly, Notch cleverly only starts the music sometimes, between several minutes of silence (well, silence apart from the sound effects), so the music never really gets old. And if it does, you could just turn it off, as with most well-designed games.Replay Value: 7/10
I fear I may have already explained everything in the Gameplay section, so unfortunately, I don’t have much to say in this section. Basically, if you can get into it, and you have ideas of stuff to build (I have seen someone build the Orthanc from Lord of the Rings, so maybe Helm’s Deep next?), this game has almost endless replayability value. However, as soon as you run out of ideas, or get bored of endlessly placing blocks, you’re bust.
Also, there are only 9 blocks available for use, while the current version, Beta, has many more, including vehicles like a minecart and a boat, that can be constructed. Beta also offers a lot more reason to play: enemies. There are enemies in Beta, and you can create armour and weapons, and a mini-fort to defend against them.

Conclusion: 7/10
The biggest problem with this game is the lack of reason to start playing, and lack of reasons to continue playing for un-creative players, or players that aren’t ready to exercise their brains. Therefore, I can only rate this 7/10:
a ‘Pretty Good Game’.

Post Date: 16:31 28-12-2010
Rating: 8
Author: Double Negatives
Comment: Hello Everyone. This is Double Negatives here.
Alright, lets get to the review.
This game runs in your browser, and can be found at minecraft.net
Fun game, runs on java, so might be rather laggy at times.
Compared to Beta (Which I have), its still pretty fun actually. With the absence of mobs, crafting and water fluidity, this version of the game is mostly based on creativity (as its name states). You can destroy and create blocks with one click of the mouse, and this allows for quick and epic creations. A very decent browser game overall.
Post Date: 23:27 18-10-2010
Rating: 5
Author: Julein
Comment: Epic game but only works on my laptop. could do with better graphics but cant complain. nice depth. might but it sometime
Post Date: 14:53 10-10-2010
Rating: 9
Author: nostradamus22
Comment: Game is nice
it is mach faster now becose noch has move it to some other server
I play this for 2 months now classic mode is whery nice
but survivor mode is batter you can make a lot of thinks when you learn to craft whitch is going fast…
you can make pick,glas,minecart….etc
you can dig and when you do thath you finde samoe ore and whit it you can make beter tools
grafic is not good but i must say it is good becose it is JAVA game 🙂 bater cant be for java of corseSory for bad eng but i think you understand the meaning of all this 🙂
and yes i give it
Post Date: 07:05 30-09-2010
Rating: 9
Author: jared
Comment: This game is awesome it is fun to play and not difficult you can build cool things like houses even skyscrapers and also even though it may look boring it is not its time consuming you dont get bored at all playing it and The players arent rude so thats an up x] 9/10
Post Date: 03:29 30-09-2010
Rating: 10
Author: Vocal
Comment: The game is like the best game ever.This game may seem boring but it is really great.You can build many things and the graphic just look like it the blast from the past.This game give me warm feeling,and Alpha is just better.Zombie,animals,and crafting.So great.Neat game that just remind me of the past.a 10/10
Post Date: 01:40 28-09-2010
Rating: 9
Author: Noche
Comment: For such a simple game, Minecraft has so much to offer. Even the free classic version has huge possibilities–you can build massive structures, explore underwater and aboveground caves, and interact with other players both competitively and non-competitively.The worlds are huuuge. Massive. Randomly generated, too. The blocky graphics don’t even make a difference to gameplay–the sheer sandbox-style creativity possible is amazing in its own right.And it was all created by one guy.That’s just the classic version–the alpha version (which is a paid subscription, but pretty cheap) offers monsters as well as a huge array of craftable items and tools. The possibilities here are great. Maybe I’m just a sandbox junkie, but…well, give MC a try. You’ll like it. 🙂
Post Date: 19:20 27-07-2010
Rating: 6
Author: –.aldo.–
Comment: This game being a game in development is so good,if you have a friend to play with. you can have so much fun building things in its free servers, also checking what others build in the different servers though if you are alone or even when you play for some days game get bored and repetitive.
but you can serch some servers to play multiplayer games like zombie vs human that will bring the fun back.
Post Date: 01:35 27-07-2010
Rating: 7
Author: kevow
Comment: if you put the game to low view it becomes much quicker, its a fun interactive building game and alot of things to build, graphics still need improvement and over all its a very awesome game its still in alpha so i hope when it becomes a full release it would have better graphics
Post Date: 21:45 26-07-2010
Rating: 8
Author: starr
Comment: This game is def fun. But it’s not multiplayer yet 🙁 My brother and I are waiting for it to become to make it the best.
Post Date: 23:52 22-07-2010
Rating: 3
Author: kevow
Comment: not very responsive, laggs alot, graphics of the game could be better, it would have been fun if it wasnt to slow but since its in alpha mode i hope it gets better

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  1. Game that almost everyone heard about but unlike others I dont really prefer it.
    Game is heavily based on building and crafting.

    Septera did not rate this post.
  2. One of the most famous games and one of the most funniest and best open world games…In this game you can do all sorts of stuffs that’s awesome…Graphics are not too good but that doesnt matter when you are having fun….Highly recommend it because of fun :3

    xicor97 did not rate this post.
  3. Very cool sandbox video game which is always popular,most of people like it because of PVP and that you can be creative and do what you want,I suggest it everybody

    Pok ratings for this post: Pok gives a rating of 5Pok gives a rating of 5Pok gives a rating of 5Pok gives a rating of 5Pok gives a rating of 5
  4. I am not sure how this game attracts players but it’s probably black magic, once you start​ you don’t want to stop you’ll want to play until you gey bored that is if you’ll get bored. 🙂

    Masako ratings for this post: Masako gives a rating of 4Masako gives a rating of 4Masako gives a rating of 4Masako gives a rating of 4Masako gives a rating of 4
  5. In Minecraft, you can everything you want. If you like designing or decorating houses, you can build with different colorful blocks in Creative mode. You can build machines like an elevator or even a computer using redstone. If you’re up for some adventure, you can play in Survival mode where you can craft and enchant weapons and armor, slay thousands of skeletons and mobs, explore dungeons or underwater structures, and even travel to other dimensions and slay powerful beasts such as the Ender Dragon.

    Euhi did not rate this post.
  6. Minecraft is like a simulator game where you can do almost anything build anything, craft anythung you want to.

    There are 2 options on how to play
    in creative, you have everything on your inventory. Unlimited resources, unobtainable items such as spawn eggs, You can even fly, acces every place in the world you enter. You will never be hungry and ypu will never die. Basically, you are a god-like being 😮
    You can get acces to strong swords, enchantment books etc. Creative is a good way for testing out stuff. Or building huge projects such as skycrapers or even a giant Smurf (idk)
    It is fun to play with friends.
    In survival, you start without any items. You start from scratch. Gathering wood, crafting tools to aid your survival. You also gather food, be it fruits , cropss or meat. Youre avatar can get hungry.and will lose health points (hearts).
    There are 3 or 4 difficulties (sorry for the inconsistency)
    Peaceful, Easy, Normal, Hard

    On peaceful, you won’t get hungry. But will still die if you drown, fall to lava for a long time, burn with fire, or fall from high places.
    There will be no enemies, no zombies, no endermen, no skeletons, creepers etc..
    On Easy, enemies will start spawning at night or on dark places. They attack you and will lose hearts if you arent careful enough.. And will die in the process.
    Normal and Hard are the difficult versions of easy, where mobs hit harder and spawn rate are quicker.

    All in all the game is really enjoyable and fun! Yessy. It is! I approve! :p

    Mayonnaise ratings for this post: Mayonnaise gives a rating of 4Mayonnaise gives a rating of 4Mayonnaise gives a rating of 4Mayonnaise gives a rating of 4Mayonnaise gives a rating of 4
  7. – continuation for my review

    There are different biomes i have explored so far :
    Savannah : Like plains, flowers grow, tall grasses can sometimes be seen. Horses are plenty.
    Dessert : too hot! Omg. Rabbits! Sand~ Sand! And plenty of sand! Sadly.
    Taiga Biomes : this is where you can tame wolves. Yes. Wolves. Feed them skelethingies.
    Jungle : this is my favorite part! I can go screaming OHHH AWAWAWAWA! (Tarzan)
    XD tame cats here using fishes.
    (An ice and snow filled Biome) i cant quite remember.
    It’s so vast. Too many exciting things to explore. :3

    I have seen and entered generated structures so far
    JUNGLE TEMPLE (consisting of a monster filled room) i die here a lot. By i mean a lot, i mean reeally really alot.

    DESERT TEMPLE : me: oo oooo omg i see chest. Not just one! But 3! Or 4! Wooooh! Am rich lets go diving! (Dives down) *click* *hissssssss*
    Me: wait… What is that?….. *BOOOOOOOOM!* rip in potata. You were blown off by TNT
    Xd. Exciting right?

    Cobwebs, Spiders, Zombies and even Creepers! Can come at you from any freakin direction.
    But hey :3 you can get good stuff from it. So yay

    STRONGHOLD: *whisper whispers* this is the most hard structure i tried to conquer wiv my cousins. (Even tho i didnt do much) i mean.. Silverfish?! Lots and lots? Oh rip in potata

    OCEAN MONUMENTS : the most breath – taking structure. Literally. XD underwater fighting skills. You will feel like aquaman.

    WITCH’S HUT : you can smell a witch’s cooking abilities here. It gots a cauldron (which i always rob) xD

    Well. It’s pretty enjoyable as always. It offers a lot of amazing moments.

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  8. Minecraft is a great game that is versatile in many ways. The game not only offers you an experience of gameplay like killing mobs, collecting achievements, exploring for dungeons, and playing on different difficulties, but lets you create your world, especially in creative mode. You can build houses, contraptions (via Redstone and/or command blocks), a game within a game if you really wanted to, etc. The possibilities are endless in Minecraft. You can even modify the game, create resource packs, and do so much to create a suitable gameplay for your needs. Because of the game’s versatility, it has to be the #1 sandbox game of all time.

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  9. Minecraft is Mojang’s most successful and entertaining sandbox video game that can be played by all ages. The focus of this game is of course mining and crafting, but players can explore various gameplay with creations and adventures beyond simply mining and crafting. More in depth, here are how various ways elements beyond standard gameplay make Minecraft such a great game:

    Graphics and miscellaneous:
    The graphics of Minecraft is adequate, but not the most exciting. Much of the entities and objects is blocky, but Minecraft’s resource packs created by users may enhance graphics, and even sound and music which can push creativity to another level. With resource packs, map creators can create their own special maps with their own creative touch. If a creator wants to make a horror adventure map, they can retexture blocks to be spooky, and have creepy music and sound effects via resource packs. Creators can even retexture mobs to make them look scarier, or even entirely different. Those who enjoy art, music, or other media may be interested in fiddling with resource packs.

    Game mods:
    Game mods, short for game modifications, enhance the experience of a player. These mods often include new mobs, blocks, functions, and features usually not found in Vanilla Minecraft. While mods do enhance gameplay, it can be counter-intuitive to install mods or even play with other players on multiplayer. There are various mods like Tekkit, Mo’ Creatures, and Pixelmon which are popular.

    Redstone and command blocks:
    Redstone and command blocks are great alternatives in place of mods, though there may be a few limitations. With command blocks, Minecraft players, and most notably experts of redstone and command blocks, can enhance gameplay by adding code within a command block. These items can do simple functions like teleporting players, adding effects, and changing the environment to complex functions like adding in a new mob or boss, making a game within Minecraft, and creating unimaginable creations. Those who love to code and program will enjoy redstone and command blocks.

    PvP and PvE:
    Players can engage in combat with other players on multiplayer, or with enemies on single player or multiplayer. Maps such as Survival Games, based on Hunger Games, Ultra Hardcore survival, and other PvP maps are common to find on servers, and are engaging to play, usually focusing on the last player standing. Challenges of PvP maps may vary depending on the map. PvE maps are also available to find when searching for custom maps on the Internet and occasionally feature challenges to the player unlike some of Minecraft’s default difficulty settings.

    Puzzles and parkour:
    Puzzle maps are also common to find when searching for custom maps on the Internet, and may feature interesting puzzles where players need to search for things or complete different obstacles. The most popular type of puzzle maps are parkour maps which usually involve moving from block to block without falling and using various tricks like grabbing ladders and vines, being quick before an event occurs such as the retraction of a piston, and taking time for difficult jumps. Most custom parkour maps divide parkour into various stages, and are often fun or challenging to play.

    Other mini-games:
    Players may also find mini-games in Minecraft such as Spleef, Guess Who, Prophunt, Cops and Robbers, Hangman, and more, which are oftentimes played with other players, either on LAN or on a multiplayer server. Mini-games on Minecraft are endless with so much variety that almost any common, classic game named can be found somewhere in Minecraft.

    While Minecraft does include elements like mining and crafting in its survival mode, there are unimaginable creations and adventures that players can explore beyond mining and crafting. Minecraft is a huge game with endless possibilities, and is a game that may interest just about anyone. The game is nearly limitless!

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  10. This is one of the very first PC games I grew up with, back in 2011-2012 I was in my early teens and this game brought a lot of memories with me and my friends on a server one of them hosted. You can craft items, mine and build practically anything your mind can think of. There’s a creative mode where you can do anything you wish (even load blocks) and a Survival mode where you have to eat food to survive and stay away from monsters at night or in places with little light source.

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