has chosen games in the past to livestream and to play together as a community. Our first shot at that did not exactly turn out well many years ago in Transformice, but we continued on through out the years. Game we have played include Raiderz, Neverwinter, Minecraft, and Dungeon Defenders.


Chivalry is a game that we first bought a four pack for during Steam Summer Sale. That did not last long as all three copies (I get the first automatically) were bought in a matter of a couple of days. Luckily, Steam had an encore of the sale towards the every end so we added more copies back to our shop. I was even able to buy the DLC expansion pack at the last minute called Deadliest Warrior for 90% off. This expansion allows you to play some very nice classes including Ninjas, Knights, Samurais, Spartans, and Vikings and Pirates.

Look for us to be playing this game Wednesday at 3PM Central time on the OgreMedia channel on Twitch.

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  1. I really like this game!! You can pick between 4 classes (sorta) and change the weapons that you will be using!! There are many modes from defend the king to defend the keep and vise versa!!! You can also join mods which change the appearance of the characters like we see in the pics or buy stuff with cash!! The hard thing about this game is that you need proper timing to attack and defend and you also got a stamina bar… Also there are certain tricks to it.. I rate it 3.5/5.

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  2. Amazing game cool fighting style and have 4 classes you can also change gear while fighting. THe mods are fun which is the interesing part. This game is all about timing and mind games to win the battle, customizing is good and fun, I will always have the time to play this great game 5/5 rate!

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