Without question, there are many different types of online games including MMORPGs, online shooters, MUDs, MMOFPS, MMORTS, and more recently, MOBAs. However, online action games in general do not have a snazzy acronym. Even without one this genre continues to improve with many fun games to lead the way. Also looking for games that would not fall into the Online Shooter category either. Lastly, some fighting games will make their way on this list as well. With that in mind, GameOgre.com has added a dedicated forum for Multiplayer Action games. Here are just some of the games that fit into this category:

Chivalry Medieval Warfare – Very popular medieval fighting game that is currently in the GameOgre.com forum shop.


Mount and Blade: Warband – Better game than the original. Has a single player mode also.


Brawlhalla – Tight brawler with a bots or real players.


Splash Fighters – One of the oldest and most fun online fighting games over the years.

Warframe – Science fiction actioner that is free-to-play.


Castle Crashers – Award winning 2D arcade adventure with everything but the kitchen sink.


A few honorable mentions on the off-beat side include Barony, Sumo Revise, Streets of Fury EX, and Miner Warfare.

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  1. I am a huge fan of the Mount & Blade : Warband. I played original, Fire & Sword. Really wanted to play the Napoleonic Wars, but for some reason the game would have crashed me always, (probably because I don’t have game on steam) 🙂

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  2. Nice list my best game on the list is Chivalry,also I played the original version of it,because I bought it on this forum 🙂

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  3. Castle Crashers was probably the one I remembered the most. I remember playing the precursor, a Flash game called “Castle Crashing: The Beard”, during the haydays of Flash, and then some time later saw Castle Crashers and then the developers just became instantly popular.

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