Clandestine is an indie stealth/hacking game with great co-op elements. In fact, that is the biggest draw for this game. The single player mode is fun, but Clandestine excels at the co-op game play. The hacker and the stealthy spy working together is what this game is all about. These two complement each other so much that it can feel like you are right in a spy thriller at times. Thus, it is perfect for laying with a friend if you each choose the role you are most comfortable with. For example, I would be more at home stealthiness and taking down guards than the hacking aspect. However, it still would be fun to try the hacker side once for the team. Find a way to use voice and the team can work even better together.

As far as flaws go, Clandestine definitely has its fair share. To start, the graphics are definitely below average. However, the deep game play makes up for this quite nicely. What it doesn’t make up for is the weird controls and the bugs. As can be seen in the video below, the video crashed a few times. This can get quite annoying especially when two people need to keep the game running at the same time. Also, the game retailing for $24.99 each is not ideal when it is mainly focused on co-op. Clandestine is one game that would be packaged the best as a 2 pack instead of just individually. That would be the best way for this unpolished co-op gem to truly shine.

Key Features:

  • Released on November 5th, 2015.
  • Stealth/Hacking game.
  • Set in 1996.
  • Single player mode.
  • Local Co-Op mode.
  • Social engineering.
  • Interactive story.
  • Choose which role to play.
  • Two different play styles.
  • Requires teamwork.
  • Tactical maps.


  1. Hacking and stealth together works well.
  2. Good story.
  3. Coop works well.
  4. Good deep hacking system.
  5. The way the story reacts to what you do is brilliant.


  1. Depends on co-op too much.
  2. Crashes some times.
  3. Sub-par graphics.
  4. Wonky movement and controls.
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  1. Game has great story and is fun to play with few friends and have some fun together, on the other hand it feels extremely clunky to play and actual game mechanics are really weird and unusual. 3/5 from NeSsQQuiCk

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  2. This game is meant to only be played with a second player on another computer.
    This game is a thrilling game to see what it’s like to play as the spy and the hacker in movies. It’s a fun game, the mechanics, lip syncing and animation throws me off, but this is still a great game to play with you and a friend together.

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  3. Pretty average game. It’s quite fun with another player. The game play is pretty good and the graphics are okay but the mechanics are not the best. The story line is also fairly average. Overall the game is okay as long as you are with a good friend. I rate it 3/5.

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  4. 3/5 – Clandestine is a hack and slash game that looks like a mix of the early Tomb Raider games and Uncharted as far as graphics and camera angle goes. This game has aged well cause there’s not many asymetric co-op games out there.

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  5. Clandestine might not be on par with some of today’s games, but for a game released in 2015, it’s actually pretty good. The espionage-themed plot and gameplay is pretty uncommon, so it’s neat to see that in a stealth/hacking game. And it’s one of many few games that features a female protagonist; I can definitely see how one might compare this game to another game like Tomb Raider. As for graphics, it might not have the super-bright and colorful eye-candy graphics that other games have, but it sure fits the mood and environment of the game. And it looks like the kind of game that would be fun to play in co-op mode more than single player.


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