Overwatch is a very popular multiplayer first person shooter game.



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Overwatch is a very popular multiplayer first person shooter by Blizzard. In fact, it is a category killer like WoW was for many years. Players form two teams of six each. Like MOBAs, each player chooses a hero character with various attributes, movements, and skills. Actually, the game could also be considered a MOBA or a maybe a MOBA shooter since it has elements of both genres. Of course, the MOBA genre is the hot one right now with League of Legends as the top of the mountain there. Only time will tell, but Overwatch already has built a large player base and could eventually develop into a serious competitor for LoL.

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  1. Overwatch is now very popular first person shooter video game by Blizzard.It has interesting gameplay and great graphic,I suggest it everybody.

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  2. Mby the most popular FPS game atm, since beta game was rly success.
    Gameplay is awesome and fast and there are different types of characters that can influence the game , from healers, huge DPS and tanks.
    What make game rly interesting is large amount of game modes, every one is different and bring something new
    Escort: Attackers need to deliver cargo before times up and defender need to prevet them to do that
    Assault: Its objective based mode, attackers and defenders need to hold important points.
    Control: Both team fight over objectives and its best of 3 type, every time is different objective

    Only problem is that this game is a bit more expensive, but for real fans of FPS games, this shouldn’t be problem. Who ever can afford game, should played it

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  3. I was so hyped for overwatch, I was thinking about switching my main game from League to overwatch, sadly the game is far too expensive for me currently. 40€ in my country is a lot of money and I can’t afford it, hopefully we will get it for gameogre shop one day, if we do I would happily spend 60k points on it since the game is definitely worth it. Only huge con is that price.

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  4. Overwatch is an cool,first person shooter game where you need to kill your enemies as many as you can.Game has really good graphic and amazing gameplay.I’ll definetly suggest this game to everyone.I give 10/10 to this game.

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  5. This game made boom in gaming community, with a reason of course.
    It’s pretty cool game, graphic is impressive, i have played it and watched a couple of youtubers playing it.
    I would suggest it to anyone.

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  6. I love Overwatch! Everyone can enjoy playing different heroes in lots of fun maps and game modes like capture point, escort objectives and a lot of cool stuff happen like seasonal events 😀

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  7. I only watched gameplay videos but I can tell the game is good just by watching other players play it though it’s not as enjoyable as playing it I’ve heard good reviews about it too I can’t really say any bad thing about it not that I want to the graphics is good and the gameplay as well I just wish i can play it. 🙂

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  8. 😮 awesome!
    This is definitely an awesome game. Good graphics. Clean and Flexible controls. I havent played it but i will definitely consider buyjng it.
    Enough said. I will recommend it to other players too.

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  9. Overwatch is a quality game that I believe game out a couple years ago. I did have the chance to play it for free in my neighbors house. The game entirely is a fun, addicting and fast paced game. Somewhat of a first person shooter game with it’s own unique style of play. The characters in this game, are all uniquely diverse and have some personalized in-game talking as well. I do believe this game is a top quality franchise.

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  10. It’s an incredibly amazing first-person shooter, especially graphically. Blizzard has definitely made Overwatch one of their best games yet, and probably one of the best first-person shooter games for the year. Overwatch has so many memorable characters like Hanzo, Tracer, and D.Va.

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  11. Its indeed a great game!! One of if not the most popular game Blizzard has right now (other than wow). The characters are all designed with detail and caution and the gameplay looks amazing!! I have heard many people saying its a very good game and i have to agree!!

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  12. A very colorful first person shooter. Overwatch gifts players with a very diverse and large number of playable characters. Has great game play and game mechanics and is a very entertaining game, whether playing or watching. Another plus, LEGO is making their own LEGO Overwatch series. If a game gets the LEGO company’s attention then it’s good enough for me! c:
    I rate it 4/5.

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  13. Overwatch is a team based FPS game. You can choose a hero to play as and contribute to your team efforts with it. There are multiple game modes to play and a competitive mode too! Your heroes can also obtain skins, sprays and etc to use through normal gameplay by leveling. This game looks very good and plays well. 4 stars!

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