As of this writing in the blog, currently has the following Giveaways open with plenty of codes on hand to satisfy all gamers. All you have to do is go to the forum thread that is linked to here and ask for a code there. One will then be sent you. You can ask for more than one code, but you can get only one per Giveaway. In some cases, we do have different Giveaways for the same game. You can also Request Giveaways at our Giveaway Forum. We also have an Upcoming Beta Key thread as well.

Ok, here are the main new Code Giveaways that we currently have. You might also find a few older ones that still have a few keys left. You can tell mainly by whether the thread is locked or not.

Blood and Jade Giftpack Giveaway – This Free MMORPG game offers real-time battles with a decidedly kung-fu flair.

Lunaria Story Media Giftpack Giveaway – This side-scrolling MMO combines aspects from MMORPGs and 2D platform games.

Odin Quest Media Giftpack Giveaway – This Action RPG can be played easily in a browser.

Seven Seas Saga Newbie Code Giveaway – SSS is a browser-based pirates game. The code is meant for new players.