The Stomping Land is a multiplayer survival game about living in a world with dinosaurs.

Post Date: 17:33 08-12-2014
Rating: 8
Author: arZ
Comment: The stomping land is a multiplayer dino survival game. You are a hunter and you need to live and survive in a world wit dinosaurs. You can kill the most of the dinos and you can use them as a food. But you need care, they are other hunters that are doing the same, and they can hunt you. Great graphic. I rate this game with the note 8/10!


  1. Multiplayer game where is your goal to survive dinosaur age. U can shoot them, hide from them, run away or even tame them, so u can use them as mount. Am satisfied with this game, looks and graphic are good

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  2. Awesome survival game,you have to stay alive , dinosaurs are main enemies,gameplay is superb,graphic is solid,my recommendations

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  3. solid survival game ,it reminds me on the forest,but much better cuz in game there are dinosaurs

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  4. Really,really cool and good game which has really solid graphic and I think u should definetly try it,I always liked this type of games.I’m giving 5/5 to this game without any doubt.

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  5. 2.5 / 5 – Ok this game is hilarious, that’s all I’ll give it. You’ll have a lot of fun and laughter playing this but the gameplay mechanics are far from serious. I believe this was also a kickstarter funded title.

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  6. The stomping land puts you in a tiny map with glitched out dinosaurs and the promise of fun pvp.

    It fails on every lvl no story which is ok but the pvp is trash with mediocre fighting and broken mechanics the crafting is also trash there is nothing to do. You can do everything the game offers in 5 min even ride a dino which is not that fun.

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  7. Interesting survival game. I really like that it features dinosaurs, and I bet the multiplayer experience would be a whole lot of fun. However, game does seem to be lacking in features to where it feels like average gameplay; not as top-notch as other survival games in my opinion. And the graphics are alright; I feel like it’s too grayish and I’m not a huge fan of the fog all over the place in the overworld. Overall, I’d give this game a 3.35/5.

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