Diablo 2 LOD Cheats

Ethereal Items and Hirelings:

Ethereal items are normally undesirable, because
although they are usually stronger than their
non-ethereal equivalents, they can not be repaired.
Hirelings, however, never need to repair their items.
A good suit of ethereal armor and a helmet works
wonders on the new hirelings.

Horadric Trick:
The Horadric Cube can be filled with 3 gems of the same 
type (flawless, chipped etc.) and it will transmute to 
a single gem of a higher quality.

Horadric Cube Mixes:
3 health potions + 3 mana potions = 1 Rejuvenation Potion.
You may use any quality of potions for this one.
3 Health potions + 3 Mana + 1 Gem = 1 Full Rejuvenation Potion.
You may use any quality of potions and gem for this one.
1 health potion + 1 Strangling Gas potion = 1 Antidote Potion.
You may use any quality of health potion.
3 Gems of the same type and grade = 1 Gem of the next higher grade.
Useful to upgrade chipped and flawed gems.
3 Perfect Skulls + 1 Amulet = High % chance of getting a +1 or +2 to 
character skills amulet.
Any 3 perfect gems can be used, but skulls seem to have a higher success 
rate. "Beware this one does not work 100% of the time"
3 Perfect Gems + 1 item "armor or weapon" = A new magical item of the same 
item type. Items seem to be random, they can be better or worse. "This Can 
not be done with unique, rare, or set items."
1 Axe + 1 Dagger + a Stack of Throwing Knives = One stack of Throwing Axes.
Any kind of axe, dagger, or throwing knives can be used, but all types
= plain throwing axes."so use the cheap stuff"
1 Ring + 1 emerald + 4 Antidote Potions = 1 Viridian Ring with 21-30 Poison 
Quality of gem and ring used don't matter.
1 ring + 1 ruby + 4 exploding potions = 1 Garnet Ring with 21-30 Fire 
Quality of gem and ring used don't matter.
1 ring + 1 sapphire + 4 thawing potions = 1 Cobalt Ring with 21-30 Cold 
Quality of gem and ring used don't matter.
1 Ring + 2 Topaz gems = 1 Coral Ring with 21-30 Lightning resistance.
Quality of gem and ring used don't matter.
3 Amulets = 1 Ring
Quality of ring is roughly equivalent to the quality of the amulets used.
3 Rings = 1 Amulet
Quality of amulet is roughly equivalent to the quality of the rings used.
6 Perfect Gems "one of each type except skull" + Amulet = Prismatic amulet 
with "16-25% Resist All" this one is buggy the amulet will morph when you 
start a new game."Beware only about a 75% chance of working"
6 Gems + 1 Sword = One Socketable Long Sword
Any type of gem, and any normal or unique sword "magical and rare don't 
2 Quivers of Arrows = 1 Quiver of Bolts
This Can save you a trip to town to buy more.
2 Quivers of Bolts = 1 Quiver of Arrows
This Can save you a trip to town to buy more.
1 Spear + 1 Quiver of arrows = A stack of Javelins.
Only makes javelins, never higher quality Javelins, no matter the type of 
spear or number of arrows used.

To play a single player game with the 
difficulty of 8 players press enter and type, 
"players 8". This will make the monsters stronger, 
will give you more experience, and you will find better 

An Assassin uses no Magic and Specializes in Martial arts 
Shadow masteries and traps. An Assassins Martial art skill 
provides her with close range attacks that charge up damage 
and then there is a finishing move that releases the charged 
damage. The shadow skill provides her with the ability to make 
shadow doubles of her self, use psychic energy to attack and 
the ability to cloak herself. The traps consist of having a 
monster walk over it inflicting damage and Sentinels that shoot 
out elements and ninja stars.

a new character to the Diablo realm a Druid summons animals 
he has elemental magic attacks, and he can shape shift.
The druid summons animals from the wild such as ravens to 
grizzly bears and vines. Each has so much life and does damage. 
The elemental magic summons the power from the earth. he has 
Ice wind and Fire. His shapeshifting gives him the ability to 
turn into a werewolf or a werebear. After those he has fighting 
abilities only useable in the shifted form. He can't use magic 
in shifted form but he can summon an animal like his form like 
in werewolf he can summon a dire wolf. 

Baal's minions skip:
When you first find Baal he will keep summoning different 
demons to fight you. Eventually he will summon his lords 
of destruction which are extremely powerful. If you don't 
want to face them, have them follow you towards the entrance, 
then run as fast as you can back towards Baal. If you do it 
fast enough, they will disappear and Baal will then go into 
the portal and you can go face him. 

Crafting Items:
What you need, Ort Rune, any kind of jewel, and a Perfect 
ruby or a perfect emerald, and the weapon that you chose 
(Has to have blue or have a white text). You put those Four 
items in your Cube and click the transmute button. Look in 
your iventory and there you have a crafted item 

Getting More Rare Items:
Equip as much magic find to your character as possible 
and go kill stuff and open chests, loose rocks, barrels, 
etc. Also kill Champion and Unique monsters for a better 
chance of getting good and rare items. If you have 100% 
or more magic find does not mean you will always get rare 
items, if you have 100% magic find, then you have 2x better 
chance of getting good items. Champion, Enchanted, Unique, 
Super Unique, and Bosses have a higher chance of dropping 
Rare, Unique, and Set items then regular enemies. 
Try getting to a very high level(45+0 and get really good 
magic find and kill Baal on normal by yourself (So other 
people cant take your items) a few times, you should get 
at least 3 rare items if your magic find is very high(150%+). 
There is NO limit to how much magic find you can have, but 
sometimes magic find items can be weak.
Finding Your Corpse:
When you die, save your game and exit. Reenter the game and your corpse 
will appear next to you!
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