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If the original was not addictive enough, EverQuest 2 looks to keep gamers in front of their PCs even longer with some of the best graphics to ever grace a MMORPG. However, players should note that EQ2 has not caught on as fast as the original did when it first came out and still trails the original in terms of popularity. 

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Author: Mr. Peel
Rating: 8
Comment: Great graphics but it is not near as good as WoW since its too complex to actually be fun.

Rating: 10
Author: DeadlyNeko
Comment: This Game blows any other MMORPG out of the water. There is no game that comes close to the game play. I give the game the award of the year!

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Everquest 2 Insider Guides
In-depth strategy guides that cover classes, crafting and the most efficient leveling strategies to a so far unknown extent.

EverQuest 2 Expansions 

1. Desert of Flames

  • Level range increase to 60.
  • Over 40 new monsters.
  • The addition of Guild Vaults.
  • Voice-over emotes.
  • Climb up and down walls.
  • Over a dozen new zones.

EverQuest 2
The official site to the sequel to one of the most popular MMORPGs ever. Contains a plethora of info about the game including character info, monsters, equipment, and magic.   

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Talk about any aspect of EverQuest 2 with other gamers on IGN's video game boards.


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