Second round match in MMORPG Showdown 3.

The Match-Up

Although fantasy MMORPGs dwarf any other genre including science fiction there seems to be a great reason for that: most gamers simply prefer fantasy MMORPGs. Besides Eve Online not too many MMORPGs have been been successful at straying outside of the fantasy realm. Just look what happened to games such as Auto Assault and now Tabula Rasa. Both of those games offered alternatives to the fantasy genere but both failed to acquire enough players to survive.

This difference in genres seemed to play a large role in Eve Online versus Lord of the Rings Online as the match really never got close. These two pay-to-play MMOs are both solid games but one appeals more to the masses than the other. While Lord of the Ring Online is easy to jump in and start playing Eve Online has a rather steep learning curve for a MMO. This difference enabled Lord of the Rings Online to easily win in both the forum discussion and regular voting. Lord of the Rings Online will now face Guild Wars in the semi-finals a rematch of last year’s finals.

Tale of the Tape

Eve Online

  • Offers a 14 day free trial.
  • Pay-to-play.
  • The best sci-fi MMORPG.
  • A major focus on PvP.
  • Players have their own real life government.
  • Players control corporations.
  •’s 2006 and 2007 Non-Fantasy MMORPG of the Year.
  • One of the best economies in an MMO.


Lord of the Rings Online

  • Based on a great fantasy franchise.
  • Pay-to-play.
  • Runner-up in last year’s MMORPG Showdown.
  • First major expansion pack known as Mines of Moria will greatly expand the game.
  • One of the few highly anticipated MMORPGs to deliver over the past couple of years.
  • One of the better reviewed MMORPGs on GameOgre.

Select Comments For Eve Online (Edited for Presentation)

Rating: 8
Author: buzzsaw
Comment: The best sci-fi MMORPG by miles! Eve is special because no other MMORPG is really like it. This game has politics espionage a free trial and great PvP. However I still like LotRO better because its more fun.

Rating: 4
Author: webber
Comment: Bleh I never could get into Eve Online or even see why its one of the big MMOs. I guess you have to like sci-fi to appreciate it? Or maybe the reason is the politics and spy stories I have heard about?

Rating: 7
Author: aaddron
Comment: Eve Online has it flaws but is still a great game!

Select Comments for Lord of the Rings Online (Edited for Presentation)

Rating: 9
Author: komgred
Comment: Lord of the Rings Online is based upon the books so the game contains a great story. Some gamers even consider LotRO to be a WoW killer.

Gameplay: The gameplay is very standard to the MMO format. Camera angles can be switched between first person and third person options. The main storyline is set up as a series of books which feature quests called chapters. The story is very enjoyable as your character is actually involved and recognized in them. Quests are very fun to do with friends and solo. Instances are well designed with good bosses. The first expansion Mines of Moria has already been released and contains a lot of content. Characters can obtain titles and traits by completing deeds. Deeds are earned in each area of the game by such things as killing a specific amount of monsters using a certain ability a set number of times and many other ways. Titles add a new layer of customization to the game by adding additional information to your name. Traits give characters different bonuses or abilities. Any trait combination can be equipped as long as they have enough trait slots which depends on their level. In the crafting side of the game characters cannot choose a single profession but they choose a vocation which is composed of three professions. Most vocations include a gathering profession and two crafting professions that complement each other. It is the best crafting system I have ever seen in any MMO. When characters reach level 5 they can learn to play musical instruments. The instrument can be played in real time on three octaves and abc notation with the music being broadcast to nearby players. PvP is in the form of PvMP (Players vs Monster Player). Monster Play is unlocked when a character reaches level 10; players can then play a level 60 monster. PvMP is based in the Ettenmoors where players fight for the control of various keeps. PvMP is very well balanced and the classes are also well balanced. 10/10

Graphics: The graphics are very good looking. They make the environment stand out which is what I usually say. Nothing else it is just simply amazing. 9/10

Community: One of the best I have seen in any MMORPG. Most of them are all LOTR fans very friendly and the game has a very warm welcoming atmosphere. 10/10

Difficulty: A bit hard to get started out in this game but you will get the hang of it after 30 mins. Quests are simple and soloable just the way I like it. 8/10

Overall: 9/10

Rating: 8
Author: aaddron
Comment: Everything Lord of the Rings touches seems to turn to gold and this game is no definitely no different. While it isn’t up to the same level as the movies and book it’s still great.

Rating: 9
Author: alistaly
Comment: An amazing game featuring outstanding 3D graphics and great gameplay.

The Voting

Eve Online received a total score of 4.2

Lord of the Rings Online received a total score of 8.9

The Result

Lord of the Rings Online Wins!