Small joke game about the helpful Guitar Hero, The old Grampophone needs some help to find his old record, besides you can find The Granny Award, some coins and other stuff missing on the Tech Retirement Home.Seems easy, maybe not.Win 7 medals for your collectionIf you was looking for the other "Guitar Hero" i´m sorry if i disappoint you, this is part of the Constructor2 deception jam


  1. Munguia’s Guitar Hero is a fun puzzle-platformer. I did not expect it to be a puzzle-platformer judging by the parodied title, but it is a wonderful game. I like the objective of finding objects such as keys and gramophones around the area and the game graphics is nice. If there are a couple of things I wish this game had, those things would be a “back to menu” option with a progress save, and some music and sound since this game does not have any music or sound. Overall, I would rate this game a 4/5.

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