It is also called a computer game, this is a type of interactive game operated by electronics and a type of machine in which a player can play. Its platform is the machine that the player directly plays or has to be connected and downloaded to another type of machine such as television or personal computer depending on its compatibility.

A video game is the most common among electronic games which involves a graphical user interface or input devices like a joystick, keyboard, or motion detection. It represents specifically only games played on devices with video displays: television and arcade consoles. There are also other forms of electronic games including handheld electronic games, standalone systems, and exclusively non-visual products with or without the internet. Online games became a hit especially when the internet started to skyrocket in popularity and many players started to patronize online gaming instead of going to the local arcade. Online gaming sites introduce their games for gamers to check and if they find them interesting, they can visit the site and play. Speaking of online gaming, gaming sites like All Bonus Codes consistently offer new games and the best perks to these games wherein one can find free spins without deposit.

A little bit of history

It is said that video games started in 1962 as a simulation for mainframe computers designed by computer scientists for MIT’s ( Massachusetts Institute of Technology) Spacewar! (a space combat video game) to be the first video game with a video display.

The early 1970s became a breakthrough when the first consumer-ready video game hardware was introduced to the public.

  • The Magnavox Odyssey (the first home video game console)
  • Computer Space and Pong (the first arcade games from Atari)

Again in the ’70s though later part of that era, a programmable microprocessor replaced the transistor with transistor logic circuitry then cartridge-based consoles were introduced which includes the Atari Video Computer System (VCS). Also in that era for video games such as Space Invaders and Pac-Man it was marked as the golden age of arcade video games.

In 1983, the video game market in the US collapsed due to poor marketing and not-so-good quality games so consumers turned to Japan’s Nintendo. Nintendo introduced to the US market the Nintendo Entertainment System to help rebound the video game industry in 1985 and to other western markets as well. All went well in the video game market led by the Nintendo video games in the US then the console war began to rise as Sega was introduced in the video game market share in the US. Later in the 1990s, Nintendo introduced Gameboy, the first handheld video console.

CDs introduced optical media and the polygonal 3D graphic which can perform real-time marked the advancement of the microprocessor. While these two technologies are already integrated into personal computers and market graphic cards, the Playstation console line by Sony is using these technologies making the Sega and Nintendo diminish their market value.

The year 2000 is considered the dawn of the internet and Microsoft made an innovation in the console hardware by presenting the Xbox. During that time, Sony and Microsoft tried to develop the hardware for comparable top-end consoles with exciting features. Later, Nintendo opened the market to the Wii which has the motion-sensing feature.

Moving forward, at present, the video game industry made a major shift. With the help of smart gadgets like smartphones, Tablets, Personal Computers, or laptops, gamers can now download the game or subscribe to in-stream models such as free-to-play type and or freemium. Mobile games are now interactive so that gamers just have to use a cursor control device if they want to enjoy the game more.


  1. There’s a lot of history to video games. I feel like if it weren’t for Nintendo in 1983 to renew interests in video games to the American market, things would be much different. And looking now, Sony is one of the biggest player in the video game market, mainly because the PlayStation was more that just a video game console — it was also a DVD player, and movies on digital formats were a big thing in the early 2000s.

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