Far Cry Cheats

Level Cheats:

Press ~ to bring up the console and enter these codes:

  • archive level : \map archive
  • boat level: \map boat
  • bunker level: \map bunker
  • carrier level: \map carrier
  • catacombs level: \map catacombs
  • control level: \map control
  • cooler level: \map cooler
  • dam level: \map dam
  • factory level: \map factory
  • fort level: \map fort
  • pier level: \map pier
  • rebellion level: \map rebellion
  • regulator level: \map regulator
  • research level: \map research
  • river level: \map river
  • steam level: \map steam
  • swamp level: \map swamp
  • training level: \map training
  • treehouse level: \map treehouse
  • volcano level: \map volcano

Manual Save Cheat:

It's easy to save anywhere in the game. Just open the console (the ~ or TILDE key) and type \save_game. If you can bind the command to an unused key, you will be able to quicksave any time with a press of the button. You may otherwise just type in the command normally each time you want to save.














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