Mostly inspired by the cool games series known as FireBoy and WaterGirl, here comes an epic remake that is presented as Firefox and Icefox! In this new 2 players adventure game, your job is to guide the magical foxes thru a journey filled with dangers, diamonds, obstacles, pushers, buttons and much more! Play alone and challenge your multitasking abilities, or call a friend and have fun together completing the entire game with top scores. Have fun!


  1. Firefox and Icefox is a really interesting 2-player cooperative platformer. The game has some fun obstacles like avoiding certain colored puddles that do not match the character, pushing pushers and levers to lower platforms, and figuring out minor puzzles. It is definitely not the kind of game to play without another player controlling one side of the keyboard while you control the other side, because it is hard to focus on playing two characters by yourself, but it is possible to play this game by yourself. It is a lot more fun to play with someone else though. Overall, I would rate this game a 3.75/5.

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