Fantasy on-line game to describe the ancient Chinese, Islam and European civilizations.

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Post Date: 03:58 14-12-2013
Rating: 7
Author: wargiant
Comment: ive come back to this game time and agian and seen it change drastically. from level caps, expansions and more. there where many things to enjoy about this game but since ive started playing again for a week, what ive come back to is a different mmorpg. gold, which factored in alot of things, even the basis of working hard to get that better then average gear, no longer applies at low lvls, everything is free, which takes some fun out of it. the jobs seem to have been nerfed from three roles to two, which kinda limits the faction possibilities, and the ‘bots’ are still very much a dominant factor to the game, although there are still active users for this game, im still waiting to find something that’l keep me intrigued in the game for the future.
Post Date: 04:07 11-11-2013
Rating: 9
Author: supr4doza
Comment: by my opinion the game is great, you can take a look over an overview here:
Post Date: 20:55 06-01-2013
Rating: 8
Author: Mordekaiser
Comment: This game is awesome graphics are great player base is very high one of the highest in the world the story behind this game is great and the game play is not bad at all
Post Date: 15:43 12-12-2012
Rating: 8
Author: PolanWalker
Comment: Silkroad is a MMORPG game that moves us in to the center of old civilizations in asia, europe or middle east. Game was made by Korea company Joymax Corporation which created to this moment games like Atrox or Age of Wonders. Game was released 01.10.2005 year. In this game we have opportunity to play on one of 46 serwers. On one serwer can play max 3500 players. This game is based on fantasy realms and give us many oportunities to very nice game 😀 The mine disadvantage of this game is that getting on serwer to play this game is really hard:/ I can recommande this production to all players 😉 Im changing my rate for 8/10.
Post Date: 20:48 30-08-2012
Rating: 8
Author: Dmt_2000
Comment: I really like this game there are alot of players the graphics are great there is no good story line which i dont like but there are more likes in this game for me then dislikes so im happy with it the core game play is very good.
Post Date: 15:12 30-08-2012
Rating: 9
Author: Thedarkboy
Comment: I actually liked this game pretty much. Silkroad Online got pretty much almost everything that you need in a MMORPG. If you want to play a free online RPG game this is definitely a game to try. What I don’t like about the game is that the servers were almost always full when I used to play. Otherwise this game is still a fun game.
Post Date: 11:08 27-08-2012
Rating: 4
Author: PolanWalker
Comment: Full of granding. nOthing for me.4/10.
Post Date: 09:24 11-07-2011
Rating: 4
Author: Metal
Comment: its not fun anymore. its all boting and grinding and skill points farming now. they made it level 120 cap. have not seen any trade run, thieving or hunting so far. theres hardly any time left for fun because of the Characters leveling system. Items are way costly because of 24/7 gold bots. they picking up all the sos items and selling them for high price so that you buy gold from their sites. It was a good game i agree. now its not. its aint fun anymore. dont DL.
Post Date: 07:19 23-06-2011
Rating: 0
Author: rajsingh
Comment: This game got good Graphic and game line BUT this game SUCKSSSS because of gold bots this game is only Played by Bots you cant enter in server for hours becaus eof bots and company take advantage of these bots they impose server trafic ticket which every month you have to buy from real cash. This GAME is time and money waste DONT play this game GMS dont help in this game and they dont even ban gold b0ts this game SUCKSSSSSSS DONT play ever.
Post Date: 04:01 17-01-2011
Rating: 5
Author: mr.turtle16
Comment: well,its nothing specail…i mean its entertaining but its controls arent to well like its only click to walk no wasd its kinda bland but it has a giant and i mean GIANT PLAYERBASE wich is allways fun and a big big game world…..

i wouldnt recomend it realy but ya’know

Post Date: 03:56 29-11-2010
Rating: 10
Author: projector
Comment: its the best ever…. a game tht got everything
Post Date: 09:42 09-11-2010
Rating: 10
Author: stones
Comment: This game is the best with people who have passion in doing online games. All server are not crowded for 4 months already,it means you can at an instant without waiting unlike what most people said. In this game you well find much mature player, who play and work, well of course there are kids. This game has the best action graphics u somehow imagine it to become reality. T
Post Date: 18:22 17-05-2010
Rating: 0
Author: BotFree
Comment: The korean owners only let anyone in to play for free, if they like to win a price for the game. But after they win, all servers made crowded 24 hours a day with bots. Login without a premium ticket what will buy for real money, is utterly impossible. At the forum i have read people was waiting about more than 9 hours for one little login into the game.
So this game has become names like Botroad Lagline, or Hackroad Botline, or Shitroad Payline or anything else…..
Korean owners dont give anything about real players who would not pay to play. Support for players = 00000!!
Only $$$$ will become support!!!
Perhaps the gouverments of any country must stop any conections to this kind of moneymaking to give kids even more chances to live a real life.
And of course the great kind to spend energie by waiting for a little login. If there are only some minutes, it is ok. But at this one kids spend more than 9 hours by waiting
to login. More than 9 hours pc is running at the same screen without any chance to login. Thats idiotic, nothing else. It is the badest thing called game and free2play i have ever seen in the web………..
By the way….the companies name is Joymax, but i have seen the better name into the forum what is called JoyBot. This name JoyBot tells all people the big love between the companie and all the bots what made all servers crowded 24 hours a day seven days a week….
Post Date: 16:34 08-05-2010
Rating: 0
Author: Lord_Krishna
Comment: This game is on cruise control with no one at the wheel. Don’t bother downloading. Bots, bots, bots, and impossible to log in to.
Post Date: 07:54 17-03-2010
Rating: 10
Author: ruisro
Comment: Hi all. I love Silk Road Online!
Post Date: 23:26 27-12-2009
Rating: 0
Author: raleim
Comment: tl;dr: Not even worth downloading.

I give this a 0 because of one very simple and obvious reason.

Can’t get on the game.

Honestly, all these reviews that tell us “OMG THESE NOOBS SUCK!11” and “DON’T LISTEN TO THEM!!” are just saying that THEY like the game and played it at a time where they could actually log on.

I’ve played this game before, but I quit for some reason. I decided to download this game again. From what I remember, the game has detailed graphic, complicated gameplay, and a very nice job system. Skills and levels are linked, yet seperated. The game requires a lot of grinding, yet at the same time it does not.

This all means jack of course.

As I said above, NONE, I repeat, NONE of these things matter if you can’t get on the game in the first place.Silkroad will die, eventually. Even veternan players will quit at some time. New players will not join because of the ridiculous lack of space on servers. The way to get on servers with ease is to buy a premium ticket with real money. Now, who in their right mind would buy something from a game they haven’t even EXPERIENCED yet?

Honestly, this game would be better if Joymax decided to, instead of added more game content, resolve problems already there.

Post Date: 02:34 07-12-2009
Rating: 1
Author: g0dFather
Comment: Three years ago when I first started playing SRO, I would’ve given this game a 9. It used to be fun but now there are so many bots, it’s impossible to get in. They opened a new server and it was full on the same day. I’ve been trying now for over a month now with no luck. The auto-login system is useless.

Goodbye to Silkroad and all of my toons. It’s too late, I’ve moved on to Atlantica and Runes of Magic. 🙁

Post Date: 05:27 01-12-2009
Rating: 5
Author: guy086
Comment: great game concept. except: tons of bots. Long wait to login.
I heard silk road 2 is coming out, hoping there wont be botters.
Post Date: 14:13 12-11-2009
Rating: 1
Author: Seraphim_xD
Comment: I had a good time playing this game, about 2 years ago.. But, what others say IS true. A year or two ago, this game was playable. I reached lvl 30 before taking a break from it. Now i try to log in, but EVERY server is FULL. There is supposed to be an auto-login system,that puts you in as soon as there’s space but IT ISN’T FUNCTIONAL. Nobody would wait over 2 hours to login in a game.
If i would rate that game 2 years back, I would give it a 9.
But now it’s just 1 (cause it used to be good,back in the days).
~A game you can’t play is useless,no matter how fun.~
Post Date: 23:34 08-11-2009
Rating: 0
Author: Haara
Comment: this used to be an amazing game, now you cant play it. the devs SUCK.
Post Date: 10:24 31-10-2009
Rating: 0
Author: Lord_Krishna
Comment: If you listen to the guy below me and download this game, you will want to hunt him down and smash his face in with a blunt instrument. I played this game for 2 years until it was completely overrun by botters. It is a game that is unplayable. Don’t waste your time.
Post Date: 01:02 07-10-2009
Rating: 8
Author: ssnano
Comment: hmm. SRo is a extremely enjoyable game, those who rate is below a 5 never even played the game for a week. Those who rate it 10 have played from the start. Well iv been with the game for maybe a year and il let you no right now… Try it. Dont listen to those who flame the game, download it and try it out. YOU WILL LOVE THIS GAME. So many skills- so many weapons- The Job conflict is just the best. Try the game out and i promise you, you will love it.
Post Date: 13:49 31-08-2009
Rating: 1
Author: Hyp47
Comment: I give this a 1 cauz the servers r always FULL on pourpuse in my opinion, so u end up buying premium account that gives a open server slot for u,

it kinda seems this game is very popular but actualy its full of bots

Post Date: 00:00 12-08-2009
Rating: 3
Author: gamerXnerd
Comment: this game was ok until i got to lvl 30 just got to confusing and hard
Post Date: 04:28 03-08-2009
Rating: 9
Author: boody92000
Comment: Abdallah is a noob, but game is really good as he said:P
Post Date: 11:38 02-08-2009
Rating: 9
Author: abdallah326
Comment: Hi all. I think this game is good but all the servers are full all the time! I also thank the the GMs for the new update (ATUO LOIN)


Post Date: 21:54 29-07-2009
Rating: 0
Author: fox2424
Comment: FULL of bots, grind based game (excesive), server is always too full to play (Literally),unplayable game…and excellent graphics…cmon
Post Date: 01:38 29-07-2009
Rating: 9
Author: boody2010
Comment: oh also for all people who say the game lags cuz of botters r idiots cuz i never lagged cuz bots maybe couldnt into server but didnt lagged so just stfu and ge a good pc with a good internet!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! oh also all those who havnt tried this game try now and a gr8 site for the game give u server stats so u can enter easily gr8 site for searching for items and players also..

this game is just gr8 u hve to try it its the best out there with some problem but it isnt worth not trying

Post Date: 17:53 16-07-2009
Rating: 10
Author: Hoocie
Comment: Anybody who thinks this is game is garbage should buy a premium and quit complaining. That is why SRO GMs dont ban bots with silk because more people will premium to log in. YOU GUYS HAVE NO IDEA HOW FUN THIS GAME IS ONCE YOUR 70+ IM 80 IN GAIA SERVER AND I CANT STOP PLAYING THIS GAME ITS FILLED WITH FUN, AND ITS AN MMORPG TAKEN TO A WHOLE NEW LEVEL… AMAZING 10/10 UNBELIEVABLY EXCITING. TRY IT GUYS DONT LISTEN TO THE LVL 10 PPL WHO ARE COMMENTING. AND ITS ALSO GOT A REALLY GOOD PVP STATUS.
Post Date: 04:07 15-07-2009
Rating: 9
Author: boody2010
Comment: hi this game is gr8 anyone says is not is a complete idiot its graphics is the best i ever seen gr8 music many charcters with alot of customization alot of armors weopens for every type i must admit the bot problem is quite annoying but just lvl and if u ever get bored pvp its pp system is the best i ever seen u dnt ask any one to duel anyone wearing a certaion type of cape can fight another wearing it anyplace at anytime of coarse got the same pk systems as most game but pvp is really gr8 and for all who cant log in the newest patch 2.01 i think they hve a brand new loging system so try it oh btw also lvling is quite hard but wat the fun in getting to lvl 100 in 1 month so yea try it
Post Date: 23:57 04-07-2009
Rating: 10
Author: sin_scorpion
Comment: Hello all. I will start off with saying I hated mmos untill I played this one.
I started playing it about 5 years ago on Aege server. I still play when I can logon that is. I give the game a 10/10 because its a great mmo.

now most people hate the fact its over run with bots,my self included. there are many reasons that joymax dose not correct the issue, and one of the reasons is that people no matter what will pay real money for items to login when the server is full. and because they know people are willing to do this they will not fix the game. the jobbing is fun at first over my years of playing it has changed alot. I remember the good old days where the game was fun I would job and pvp all day.. and when my friends and I were on together we would grind or job.. it was great untill the release of gold bots.

it takes a long time to lvl which is the downside of the game, sure you can lvl from 1-20 in a day if you try really hard.

the items in game are so expencive because of the gold bots so its hard to get good gear. I was last playing about a week ago and I noticed no matter where I went I would talk in all chat and maybe two or three people in any given are were not bots. which means 99.99% of all server traffic is bots

joymax is now saying they are going to implament a new program to ban bots after the release of Sbot which would allow a botter to have 1-15 clientless bots running on one computer.

and joymax has never really stood by the real players, I am sure if they suceed in the process of removing the gold bots and start looking after the game it will be in the top ten mmos.

as far as it being free.. it can be for most but for me it cost about 15-20 a month in USD. I have to have a pet to pick up my drops which saves you time but cost 10,USE to buy and then 5USD a month to keep. and there are other items I like to buy to go with it. I would say to get full potential out of the game you would have to pay about 20-30 USD a month.

if not its going to be a long borning time for

if you are going to try the game I would say your best time to logon is right after the server inspection which is every week posted on the silkroadonline site.

good luck

Post Date: 18:09 02-07-2009
Rating: 0
Author: fycfyc
Comment: This game is good – once. but now i think it will juz slowly die. i started SRO last summer and it was great fun(even a lot of bots…). after a year now i tried to go back to it again, guess what, all the servers r full 24/7, and its not because so many ppl r playing or SRO has gone super popular, but becuase of bots, bots, bots. now i cant even get into the game now and if u check on the official forum(yes, Official 1) all u c r ppl complaining about the serious bot problems, and i mean they shud, cuz its really a serious problem. joymox says they r doing all they can to ban and disable bots, but honestly, i dont c it. and i juz completely gave up on SRO.(i was soooo impressed by the hunter-merchant-theif system, but y shud i play if i cant even log in?)
Post Date: 16:52 20-06-2009
Rating: 0
Author: idr99
Comment: This game sucks! It is the worst! Maybe the graphics are nice and the skills are okay but seriously, all it is is BOTS BOTS BOTS I can’t even SPEAK HI without getting SPAMMED with a FULL load of gold sellers! The leveling system is horrible, I get as a lvl 43 killing lvl 60-somethings just 0.20%!!!!!! That would take a THOUSAND to level up just one WEENSY LEVEL. Horrible!
Also, HECK of hackers! And if you speak english there is probably NOBODY, NOBODY who could EVEN help you level up! And you CANT EVEN LOG IN after ONE HOUR of downloading, ONE HOUR of installing, and at least 50 TIMES 30 MINUTES LOGGING IN, which is 15 hours (maybe even more!)!!!
After ALL that work, you might as even QUIT because you CAN’T MOVE, TALK, OR DO ANYTHING! You’re extremely lucky if you can get in because 99.99% of the time you can’t even get in! 20 hours of NOTHING.
If you get in and you can move, god bless you. A lot of times I’m followed by brainwashed idiots who steal my kill!!!!! And bots are SPAMMING the screen! And half the time you DISCONNECT. Sorry if you LOVEEE it, the creators are LAZ-EE BOYS who think they can make money off CRAP! Go read a BOOK, it’s better than going MAD because you can’t even get in the game!
Just. Plain. CRAP.
Post Date: 04:53 02-06-2009
Rating: 9
Author: tavomoreno
Comment: this is simply the best game ever for all tose ppl looking for a challenge, excellent graphics nuce classes and skills, and the pvp , guild wars, events , boss battles are simply amazing, many ppl say is bad because of botters and servers full and they cant connect due to traffic but i say just get a f*****n no dc client and enjoy playing the game, weapons are very nice including rare- very super rare items
i know im only saying the good things so ill trow in some bad things
the botters wont let u grind in some places because literally some areas are filled with botters like 100 botters per 300 yards radius or some s**t
also lvling is slow but its actually fun because when u lvl u can lvl up a lot of skills depending on ur skill masteries
another bad thing is that GM’s do server inspections every week which takes 4 hours to complete but thayts usually on the night times forme where i live (california)
another bad thing is the drop rates for when ur lvl 50+
the rates continue to drop so u wont get items on the floor for hours depending on ur lvl but once u get that item u sell for a lot, but ofcourse first u enchant some things to it to make it more valuable

well i gotta do an essay on why the us broke away from the british colonies which is due in 3 hours cya


Post Date: 17:48 29-05-2009
Rating: 2
Author: Pure)Havoc
Comment: This game had the greatest amount of potential in the free MMO area. So its really too bad that all of it has gone to waste due to the greed of the developers. Its nearly unplayable as many other reviews has said below, because of the huge lag due to botters and incapability to enter a world also due to botters…gold prices are crazy high…also due to botters and training/grinding/farming is very difficult because areas are taken by botters, and adding on the crazy amounts of xp needed to level up already – the game is virtually unplayable.

So sad, the developers instead of fixing this problem decides to create an item shop ticket to get onto the servers despite its crowdedness, thus showing their greed and with a broken game and no-one to fix it, it cant be played. End of story.

I loved the three way system of thieves, hunters and merchants. It made the game feel so adventorous, all wasted, if only a better company had managed the game this game would be hoarding a 9.5 no problem.

Post Date: 18:52 28-04-2009
Rating: 0
Author: MadSkills
Comment: Do not play this game. I’m telling you, you will NOT get into the game unless you spend $20 a month on prem tickets. The servers stay full LITERALLY 24/7 with bots. I have been unable to play a lv 74 nuker for a year now because of the constant traffic…it’s REALLY that bad. Most the english speaking people have left a while ago. It’s full of turks, italians, germans, brazilians etc. It will be hard to find groups if you only speak english.

The grind is just hopeless without prem tickets. If by some magic you get into the servers without prem, the INSANE grind past 70 will force you to buy one.

You will also probably get into cheating as well. I really would say close to 100% of the playerbase bots. It’s just that type of environment.

I rate 0.

Post Date: 17:20 11-04-2009
Rating: 0
Author: Death_Spike
Comment: I would rather play checkers by myself. If you’re not paying to play expect the login process to be a big part of game play – servers are always full. Bots with premium accounts are not banned to avoid charge backs to SRO – most servers are 90+% bots now. There are some servers that don’t even ban Bots anymore because there 100% Premium Bots. Other hacks make certain game elements useless. Most of the friendly people have finally left. The few people who are left are beggars, scammers, and racists. Once the endless grind to level was worth it, but with the great community gone the lack of GM – I mean 0 support – it’s not worth the huge downloads, game crashes, and hours of login attempts only to get disconnected over and over again. It’s a big fat bummer that this once great game has descended into a decaying, steaming pile un-fun flash.
Post Date: 09:09 24-03-2009
Rating: 5
Author: acxrockerxdc
Comment: The good:
Nice skills and combat system
Trading thing was pretty cool
Good graphs and sound
nice community

The bad:
Grind grind grind!!
The most unoriginal and unrewarding quests EVAR
too many bots
there were server limits, really tiny server imits, so 90% the time, I COULDNT EVEN PLAY!! The game REQUIRES that youre on hours on end because of its UNBELIEVABLY tedious grinding, but no, you gotta reopen the game everytime the login fails, which on average is around 50 times T.T dont bother, seriously.

Post Date: 15:32 16-03-2009
Rating: 10
Author: vaznboy15
Comment: for all those who said this game is boring..its because u haven’t get to the lvls where the ur skills is awsome….but the server is bad because it takes forever to get in..i wish they would make more server…and in the game U R NEVER LONELY..everywhere you go u see someone…this game is really easy to lvl if u have a friend or something, like a ticket..i got to lvl 60 in 2months with my friends help
Post Date: 15:25 10-03-2009
Rating: 10
Author: katiniukas
Comment: this is nice game i play it… for real bot and trafik sucks but game play is the best of mmorpg i love this game 😉
Post Date: 22:50 01-03-2009
Rating: 1
Author: nerdboyxxx
Comment: this game is a waste of downloads, and even if you have unlimited plan dont even bother getting this game. Seriously. The levelling is slower than LC (LC if you kill stuff your level it is pretty slow but not as slow as this!), the graphics arent even that geat, and the bots are everywhere. Seriously, dont waste your time. The GM’s cant give a crap what happens on the servers and let the bots rule the place, its disgraceful. No point in even looking at this game.
Post Date: 16:43 01-02-2009
Rating: 0
Author: Lord_Krishna
Comment: Terrible, terrible game! Don’t waste your time. Anyone who says this is a good game simply hasn’t played it for any length of time. It is absolutely infested with bots and hackers. There is zero tech support and logging in is virtually impossible. Do yourself a huge favor and play Perfect World instead.
Post Date: 13:11 29-12-2008
Rating: 6
Author: g0dFather
Comment: I’ve been playing SRO for two years. I’m not a big MMORPG person, so I don’t play much (my char is only lvl 30). There used to be a huge bot problem and people couldn’t log into the game, but Joymax did a good job of removing them this year. Overall, I am content with the game except for one part…

Customer service is horrible!! If you have any problems with the game, good luck getting help. For instance, they redesigned their website not too long ago. Now I can’t log in to my account, which is needed to purchase silk. I can log in to the game though and play just fine. I’ve posted a trouble call in their forum and bumped it 4 times so far without a response. It’s pathetic.

It’s not a bad game. Just pray that you don’t need customer service.

Post Date: 17:55 24-12-2008
Rating: 7
Author: anigous
Comment: xcloudfirex is a drunk retard. These graphics(better than every game out there) are not just decent. Onto gameplay pros and cons.
-You can attribute various skills, or focus on a build.
-Triangular conflict, for me it is a fresh way to look at PvP.
-China and Europe, yays.
-China is weak compared to Europe.
-Constant lag if you PC can’t handle it.
-Lag is your in a goldbot infested server.
now i will go to technical pros and cons
-Pretty graphics to look at.
-Long download.
-Difficult to enter server.
Finally community description…
Most of the community consists of gold bots, and hackers. For me few people want to party, and many want to pvp. Alot of people solo grind therefore bring this game down. This game is standard if anything. Happy hollidays! 12/24/08
Post Date: 19:29 17-12-2008
Rating: 10
Author: aykutco
Comment: Come check it out!
Post Date: 08:03 20-11-2008
Rating: 3
Author: Sashiku
Comment: Well, lets discuss the pros and cons.


There are alot of people online, which means, more fun.
The battle system isnt too bad.
The graphics are pretty good.
has PVP.


Gets very grindy
No character custimization
Pretty bad lag in town.

Post Date: 23:08 22-10-2008
Rating: 7
Author: game rater
Comment: i give it a 7
game play: fun and perfect parties in this game with friends.
graphics: perfect for a free game
negatives: quests and grinding gets harder and harder each time u lvl but this is what makes the game competitive in pvp and it differs each character.
Post Date: 00:29 12-10-2008
Rating: 4
Author: mirrorheart
Comment: i would say a four, this game is fun for while but a lot of the time ur grinding. The thing that made me mad tho, is that the chinese were harder to lvl than the Europeans if you get to ur first job it may be fun, but my opinion would to play something different.
Post Date: 20:29 08-10-2008
Rating: 0
Author: Ih8BadGames
Comment: Say goodbye to character customization, say hello to fail.
Post Date: 14:14 20-09-2008
Rating: 2
Author: hazzacool
Comment: it is tough to lvl pvp is allright I WOULD NOT PLAY THIS GAME!go on shaiya or somthing like that its stupid!
Post Date: 07:52 19-07-2008
Rating: 6
Author: Andri
Comment: I am so let down by this game!I can’t believe what is had been turned to!These are my reviews:
Graphics:9/10(nice enviroment!)

Music:8/10(matches every location you visit)

Skills:10/10(a large variety)


Comunity:1/10(there’s like 30% gold bots broadcasting spam 24/7 and 50% killing bots that whipe out every monster they encounter 24/7)

I have been playing this game for a few years I could say it could have a shot a beating WOW in the first year of its realease.It WAS awesome!The best free MMORPG I have ever meet!But now (if you do the math)80% of the comunity are bots,there are countless bugs and flaws(for example the CTF where there are no mobs!)and above all JOYMAX DOES NOT GIVE A DARN ABOUT PLAYER COMPLAINTS.THEY ONLY CARE ABOUT MAKING MONEY.This was a great game but not it is a ruin infested with bots and not to mention Hachers.
I will give it a 6 because of its glorious past and also of its ruined present and furure.

Post Date: 02:14 09-07-2008
Rating: 1
Author: tsunetsuki
Comment: This game is hooooorrible!!!! I’ve heard that back in its day, Silkroad was an amazing game but now it’s overrun with bots, gold scammers, and it has slow servers but despite that I thought I’d be able to get some fun out of this.


It took FOREVER to download, FOREVER TO INSTALL, AND IT TOOK AN ETERNITY TO START. When I finally (about 15 minutes after start up) logged into the game, I created my character, logged on, and…


I couldn’t chat, I couldn’t move, and none of the action buttons worked. I could only spin in place and read the help menus in hope of some kind of help for my problem. Sadly, there was none.

I tried uninstalling and reinstalling but the same thing happened. Maybe it wasn’t compatible with my computer (what isn’t compatible with WinXP??) but that was the worse experience I’ve ever had with a game. I give it a 1 because I didn’t have to pay for it.

For anybody who attempts to play this game, enjoy your failgame. You’d have more fun chucking your computer out of the window and then throwing yourself out right after it.

Post Date: 03:07 02-07-2008
Rating: 3
Author: bisurge
Comment: I gave this game a 3 simply because it was no fun whatsoever. The moment you leave the safe zone you get pked 3 times over, UNLESS you’re a European. With the European patch, the game became totally unbalanced because it introduced the new “Paladin” class, AKA Warrior/Cleric. Which pwns in PvP.
Post Date: 04:09 20-06-2008
Rating: 1
Author: line 6
Comment: to all of those idiots thinking this game is easy to lvl nd quests give lots of xp think again. yea its true that the very first quest you do at lvl 1 gives you 50% xp but every time you lvl, its 2 times as hard to lvl to the nxt. after lvl 20 it gets very difficult to lvl. i would know that bescause i had a lvl 42 int spear character. ever monster i kill would give me 0.02% xp nd the monsters would be high lvl than me. the quests are EXTREMELY REPETITIVE!!! i remember there was a quest where you needed to kill 3,000 flowers which too forever! bored me to death! all those ppl that rated this game a 10 is either a low lvl noob or a person that has 8hrs a day to play this game. graphics are ok but the skill animations are horribly boring!
Post Date: 21:36 03-06-2008
Rating: 1
Author: xizdoz
Comment: this gamne would be good if u could actully get on a server lol i joined and i could never get on this is what i call pathetic
i tried for about a week but never got on sooo i deleted it off my comp lol
Post Date: 02:50 03-06-2008
Rating: 6
Author: doddodd
Comment: i played this game for a bout a week….and thats it.

I liked the graphics, clothing, and the skills. I’m all about magic in MMOs and I really like the magic system in this game. Beautifully done. the music was above average, but not excellent.

For some reason…even though this game is an above-average MMo…I found myself getting bored of it after a week of playing. Some things that really SUCK about this game is that its extremely hard to actually get into the game.(especially on weekends) the world is full of gold and item-selling bots. I’d even go so far as to say that the community is at least 70% bot. also there’s this glitch where you try to log in and it just disconnects you from the game. On some days it took me hours to actually log on, other days i could on the first try.

Overall, a slightly above average game. The only reason it gets a 6 is because of the graphics and skill system.

Post Date: 00:59 25-05-2008
Rating: 7
Author: mahttea
Comment: OKey. This was the first MMORPG I ever played. I did play for about a half year or something

Grinding: Alot of fun. Huge areas to find monster in any lvl. And you can never get lonely.

Community: Great community, one of the best communities ever! 😀

Skills: Very good,. The chinese Characters can use fire, cold or electric while using other skills, this makes more attack

Graphics: Great, almosttoo good if u have crappy computer.

Servers: Suck ass. Servers are always full, you need to log on for an hour if u even want to play.

The game ios worth a try, but if u want to play seriously you should buy a gold ticket or something.

Post Date: 14:48 01-05-2008
Rating: 1
Author: o0nene0o
Comment: ok…..i played this game ages and ages ago and i decided to go and play it agin, i downloaded the client and oh!? juess what, error!!!!have to download every single client that has ever been created in the history of the game to actually play and thats like worth 7GB of downloading to do and 99% of the time it doesnt work!
ever actually getting on to the servers? forget it ,all u get it server traffic, server traffic! dum gold bots destroyed the game, grind is boring too. the only good thing is the graphics.
Post Date: 13:05 01-05-2008
Rating: 0
Author: kiraXD
Comment: Lmao…i would say that this is a game where you compete with other ppl to log into the server just to disconnect straight away. If your lucky and not not disconnect then its a game where bots compete with bots.
Post Date: 10:17 30-04-2008
Rating: 1
Author: xcloudfirex
Comment: TRUST ME! this is one the WORST MMO GAMES EVER!

all the idiots on here who rate it a 9+ only cares about the graphics

DECENT graphics

-tons of gold spamming bots that takes up server slots
-GM don’t care about bots
-only good GM service when you buy items with REAL MONEY
-this is 95% of the “quests” on here…”kill X monsters, collect X items, return, repeat 3 more times”. VERY REPETITIVE
-sometimes X can be 500-1000 later on in the game
-3 “classes” or weapon choice. Spear, Glaive, Bow
-you can’t log onto server, you gotta input your login key and name only to be disconnected around 20-30 times before you’re lucky to get in
-EXP grind is sooooo slow in the higher levels. .04-.08% per monster a few levels higher than you
-forces you to buy double EXP tickets just so you can level at still a snail but faster pace

and the WORST con is

-you get to play with idiots like people in this forum who rate this game a 9+, even though they mentioned all the problems i have, all they care is graphics which they think are nice.

PLEASE do yourself a FAVOR and never ever download this piece of crap like i did. worst MMO I ever played in my life. wasted such good hours on this when Perfect World, Cabal, Last Chaos, or Rappelz are out there (other free mmo’s)

for all you people that think i can’t run this game to the max because of my system, here’s the specs

CPU – q9450 @3.2 ghz
GFX – 3870×2
RAM – 4 gb crucial ballistix ddr2 800mhz
Sound – Creative Xtreme 7.1

i run this game at max resolution and settings at all times. graphics still sucks. good game

Post Date: 21:04 26-04-2008
Rating: 0
Author: pandatwin
Comment: I’ve had this game 3 weeks, haven’t played it once. there are so many bots that the 9 servers are always completely filled. you can’t even get in this game. I can’t even imagine how laggy the game itself would be!
Post Date: 17:05 13-03-2008
Rating: 1
Author: Pacsassin
Comment: IMHO, this game is terrible. The only reason I play it is because my friends do.

So many bots, every time I walk in to a town I can”t chat…all it is is gold spam.

Sometimes I log in on the first try. Sometimes I get the “Cannot connect due to server traffic” error for 2 hours before I get in.

My Level 23. He gets .08% a kill. Killing level 26 mobs. That”s just bad xp.

I play the International Version, this means only a few people speak english. Throughout the few weeks I have been playing, only 3, yes THREE, people have not followed me and KSed (Stealing the things I”m killing) me. Props to them.

The trading system. One of my friends is a merchant, another friend and I are hunters to protect him. We were doing a 1 star trade, player thieves can”t attack one star trades. But apparently they can attack hunters protecting the merchant. We were standing there getting owned by a level 50+ thief while NPC thieves killed our merchant, and the thief took all our stuff. G.A.Y.

When partied your exp cuts. So I don”t get .08 per kill, I get .04! How fun!

And whoever said about the potion delay being 10 seconds, it”s not. For Europeans it”s 15 seconds, and for Chinese it”s 1 second.

SP farming. I never have any SP at all because I didn”t farm. So I can”t have my skills the moment I level.

The one good thing I can think of, is the skills look pretty nice…for the Chinese anyways.

Well, back to trying to log in. Chao.

(Rating: 1/10)

Post Date: 06:01 11-03-2008
Rating: 7
Author: smooth12
Comment: It is a thrilling game. So many variety of skills to choose from and variety of character customization from face to height. The armours can have more variety though. The bad thing is ofcourse the bots!. Joymax have been banning bots but they just keep coming. Maybe they are not doin enough!
Furthermore, this game grinding is hardcore i say! You need to farm alot of skill points 1st if not at later levels, it will be difficult.
Community is not bad. I have met nice people and some bullies too.
But the graphics and sound are excellent. So is the concept of the game =)
Post Date: 20:35 01-03-2008
Rating: 6
Author: Shiranai
Comment: Okay this is my opinion. When I first started to play, I thought it was really fun. But then it all became about grinding. The max I have ever gotten was lvl 21. Yeah lvl 21. And just recently, I got scammed from powerleveling. Just because I was sp farming. And I paid 22k in advance(all the money I had). I asked for my money back and he just ignored me. But I used to love it but why put so much grinding into a game.
Post Date: 14:21 12-02-2008
Rating: 8
Author: stev444
Comment: Man im pissed it wont download properly on my Laptop 🙁

Its a pretty good game though repetitive, i like how the weather changes and its a nice little game for hardcore players.

The Graphics i’d rate about a 7 and the gameplay 7 too but i rate it overall an 8 🙂 V. hard to actually get onto a server thats the annoying thing.

Post Date: 23:42 11-02-2008
Rating: 8
Author: RedStarGuns
Comment: PROS:

The graphics are amazing.

The community is really nice, easy to learn stuff for new players.

The weapon choices are creative, Whoever thought of using a Bard as a damage dealer? That”s innovative.

The 10 second pot delay, so people can”t heal themselves like crazy like Runescape.

The pros and cons of each class. Each class has a visible strength and weakness.

The Merchant, Hunter, Thief thing. ITS AWESOME! This the gem of the game, Merchants are players who obviously trade items from city to city and reap a huge profit. They travel in caravans. Protecting the Merchants, are players called Hunters, they obviously protect the Merchant from aggressive monsters and Thieves. Thieves are players whose sole intent is to kill the Hunters and Merchants, take their loot and sell it at the Bandit Den for high profits. You cannot be more than one of these but you can switch around, You can quit, join, or rejoin any of these classes at your leisure.

The sheer area of the map is BEAST. Yes, I used the word ¡§BEAST¡¨ as an adjective.

The Stall System is nice, instead of the traditional type and retype (or just get an autotyper), players set up stalls in which you advertise your goods in the Stall Title. You can also hook up you stall to the Stall Network which works similarly to eBay. You choose a category (say Chinese Weapon), then a kind of weapon (Spear), and a degree (1-8) and click ¡§Search¡¨, your search will get you results and you can pick the item you want based on price and other attributes (blues.)

Alchemy, look it up in the SilkRoad Forums. Although not always successful, it can reap a huge profit for you. (and no, its not converting random metals into gold. FAR from it.)

The “boss” monsters such as Lord Yarkan and Isyutaryu, they are so fun and challenging. (Lord Yarkan is that guy above, and don”t be mistaken, usually an average of 70-150 people are teaming on him, its impossible to kill him by yourself because he has over 9,000,000 hp (seriously, no joke) and he has tons of high level guardian spawns. You CANNOT kill him by yourself. He is the strongest monster in the whole game (so far) and is a blast to fight (even though there is a 60% chance you will die, even at like level 70 (the cap is 80.)

The party system, although a bit simple, is really fun.


The Bots… they are HORRIBLE, you can”t even hold a decent conversation in a city because the bots are autotexting at a HIGHLY RAPID rate. Its usually spam or advertisements for party leveling, (exp is distributed through parties and for real life cash, someone will party you and level you up. Sad isn”t it?), Silkroad money, or for Silk (in-game currency used to buy special items.) TheBots aren¡¦t only limited to spam. There are literally HUNDREDS of gold bots. Gold bots are accounts that are used to generate money, to sell for real life cash (again folks, ain¡¦t it damn sad?) by killing monsters. They litter the low level monster, city outskirts of Silkroad and are amazingly annoying. They make leveling up for beginners annoying since they always seem to get to the monsters first.

The occasional lag, not too bad at all. Not even noticeable unless you have a bad computer (which I had until a few months ago ļ)

The quests are just plain terrible. They involve just repeatedly killing monsters and getting items from them. No creativity or puzzle solving skills needed, even 3 year olds can do them.

The grinding of levling up can get tedious, its why I recommend joining a party or guild to train, conversation usually passes time faster.

The amount of monster species, I think that there should be much more monsters species.

Annoying European characters coming to China to make your life miserable. It takes 20k to get from Constantinople (main European city) to Jangan (main Chinese city), not that much in in-game currency which makes it useful for low level players and as well as the damn annoying European characters. Now don¡¦t get me wrong, European characters are fun (I have 2, a Wizard and a Bard), but when they come to China and say ¡§I IZ TEH BESTZORZ. EUROPEZ IZ TEH BETTERZ TH4N CHIN4. LOLZ NUBZ.¡¨ It gets annoying. It usually never happens though.

The weapons, pots (potions), and armor. I think we could use a little more variety.

Joymax (the Co.) almost never addresses the players concerns. Although when they update stuff and add things, its AWESOME for the gameplay.

Lack of GMs or Mods in general. They have no good mods, their mods (GM_Pizza FTW!) rarely come online using global chat (chat that everyone in the server, regadless of area they are in can see on message screen.) and tell us players obvious stuff.

Overall, the game is awesome and the Pros outweigh the Cons by a lot. Go play this game. Its just plain BEAST.

Post Date: 01:47 10-02-2008
Rating: 3
Author: Karloff
Comment: Ok, I currently play Silk Road, but I don’t think that will last long. Logging into the game is horrible, it takes so long to log in. The bots are HORRIBLE, they spam the cities that last for days. Right after the server reboots they are the first ones in. The game is becoming to commerical, and trying to make money. The leveling system is nice as well as the skill system. If you solo it will take forever to get anywhere. People constantly kill steal when you attack a (party/giant) mob.

The quests are fresh to the basic ones, but can be fun and boring at the same time. I’ll overall rate this game a 3 because of the bots and the company does nothing about it. Not to mention, its trying to make a lot of money for doing nothing.

Karloff Klexion
Cleric Level 26 Pluto Server.

Post Date: 05:52 25-01-2008
Rating: 10
Author: Revia/Spencer
Comment: This game is very repetetivve and can get boring, but i play mainly because of the graphics, community, and cause its a great game. Ya sure its hard to lvl up, but when you get into it and pick the right character build, then you’ll have a blast. You need to do research on the build thats right for you. This is the first MMO i’ve played, and i’ve tried all the other ones on the list at this site. The world is breathtaking and everyone is very nice.

If your just getting off another MMO or just wanna try something new, then definetely DOWNLOAD SILK ROAD ONLINE. If you have a slower computer then the wait may take a while, but its definetely worth it. Is better than Rappelz and 9dragons.

Post Date: 15:25 20-01-2008
Rating: 0
Author: Lord_Krishna
Comment: Infested with bots. No tech support. Company only interested in making money. The overall rating of this game will plummet over the coming months. So sad, used to be a good game.
Post Date: 16:01 18-01-2008
Rating: 7
Author: chipmunksoldier
Comment: this game is pretty good but it has a little server problem
Post Date: 11:52 07-01-2008
Rating: 9
Author: ofy_14
Comment: Here is the most summarized and updated review you can find. If you read the first paragraph you will love the game but if you read the second paragraph you might hate it to death!!!!

The game SilkRoad is awesome with so many features and great variety of weapons, armors, and skillz. The graphics of it are extraordinary; the best I’ve seen! The sound is also very good. I also love the music. The gameplay is great and of course leveling will be hard as you grow! That’s the challange! Owning pets and riding transportations is extremely cool! btw i have a wolf lvl 22 😀 You can take very beautiful screenshots of the game which automatically get saved to the game folder. The rare items in it are great and special. And all this is possible for Free! There are also very cool stuff for paid but I play for free.

Now the bad part. Today I played it about 4 hours and I saw about 4000 bots! or more. The number of bots in this game are unlimited! And, I’ve tried runescape be4 and in that you could report the bots. In this it seems like they want bots cauz in the middle of everything bots commericalze powerleving, goldselligna and JOYMAX does nothig, absolutely nothing about this! You will see thousands of Bot Fighters that auto potion and auto fight 4ever! They never leave the server cauzing it to be overcrowded BAdyly! So, the logging takes from 1m to 24h! I once luckily logged in at once and another time I only logged in afted 1hour and 25mins!!!

So, here are the summarizez:

Gameplay: 10/10
Feauters: 10/10
Characters: 10/10
Monsters: 10/10
SKillz: 10/10
Jobs: 9/10 Great 3 Jobs. All very different.
BOTS: 0/10
Customer Support: 0/10
Communtiy: 5/10 To many agreesive and offenders in the game.

So over all it is a perfect game if you logged in and are doing a job, fighting, or trading.
But Sucks when you are trying to play the game
OVerall Rating: 9/10 It really deserves it. NO LESS! Could be more if the servers were cleaned and less crowded.

Post Date: 20:02 03-01-2008
Rating: 10
Author: silkroadflif
Comment: This game is one of the best games EVER! It has one of the best graphics. The best game experience! The skills are awesome! Whoever thinks bad about this game are losers and idiots. They just have a crappy computer that can’t handle the greatness of this game. And they probably are haters because they have no skills! Fans of this game are smart and intelligent! Haters are dumb and idiots! Silkroad forever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Post Date: 06:16 02-01-2008
Rating: 5
Author: lucifer1980
Comment: the graphic is something which can take your breath away. especially when you have a sosun weapon. but the logging in part is enough to turn me off. server traffic wasn’t that bad when i started playing but after some major updates, all the gold bots take up the spots in the server and gaymax doesn’t even bother to ban them.
Post Date: 23:41 30-12-2007
Rating: 10
Author: Arundeep3
Comment: ok this games may have had many people who say its crap not worth ur time those people r idiots they cant play the game cuz their computers suck. lag isnt just from the servers its if ur computer can handle the game. Silk road is one of th best game sive ever played. its boring if u got no freinds on it but by lvl 10 ur have alot. this game is really different the people are nice when u wanna party they wont refuse unless ur like 10 lvls lower then them. graphics are wicked. walking around silkroad is wicked. skills are wicked. this game will get u hooked its worth ur time. if ur computer doesnt meet the requirments then dont even try it. the log in problem only happens like 3 times but most times ull get it on the first try. this is a nice game if u dont like it then dont post hate reviews.
Post Date: 04:35 29-12-2007
Rating: 0
Author: zothen
Comment: it was impossible for me to create an account for this game. it would not accept any email address legit or otherwise. and they are noy contactable for tech support unless you have an account. so forget this game, their just idiots!!!
Post Date: 20:41 24-12-2007
Rating: 0
Author: lib53
Comment: Worst game ever. I’ve played loads of MMORPG’s, but none of them had graphics that made me puke. The interface is no better.
Post Date: 02:48 24-12-2007
Rating: 6
Author: daimyo92
Comment: just like everything else. some other country needs to step up, chinese is taking over about every mmorpg we kno of, if its not chinese it has someinthg to do with japanese. for once id like a game to come from somewhere else.
Post Date: 17:29 18-11-2007
Rating: 5
Author: flinty24
Comment: Awesome graphics, amazing skills and spells, great gameplay. What more could you want? How about getting onto the game? The game suffers from constant server traffic, for 8:00am until 11:00pm. The servers are filled with bots, and Joymax is unresponsive, and just seem not to care.

At first I had fun with this game, but trying to log on for about 20 minutes every time you wanted to play is not my idea of fun. Due to the simple fact of not being able to get on, I give this game 0 out of 10.

Post Date: 12:04 17-11-2007
Rating: 3
Author: EternalLove
Comment: Silkroad is really addictive in the beginning. It’s a real eye candy. Nice graphics. The ocmmunity is real nice too. You’ll definitely get some help by asking to the public. In the course of the game, u’ll meet lots of palyers and u’ll get really great friends, like other mmoprg basically. When u get to lvl20, u get to choose between being a trader, hunter or thief. Lvling up is repetitive. Really bore you like hell. Lots of botters. After playing for 2 months the max, u’ll feel like quitting the game because it’s so repetitive it’s very sickening. The servers are always crowded. (and there’s tons of servers) and just the effort to log in piss you off. For players with normal or below normal conenciton speed, the game lags A LOT. Anyway, it’s fun in the beginning. Enjoy the game.
Post Date: 22:22 30-10-2007
Rating: 9
Author: Turtlefuzz
Comment: Silkroad Online is a very fun game, it’s fresh, fun and just a great game to play. It’s a very neat premise that throws you in the middle of the time in history that revolved trade on the Silkroad. So you don’t pick any races, you choose a nationality Chinese or European. Both nationalities are virtually the same, they both can use the same classes, gear, etc. Thats one of the games downsides, the character customization is not very good. You don’t choose a hair style, or a face, just a template, while most of the templates look good, it’s easy to see the same one a lot. That aside, the gameplay and combat are both very good, the quests are only uninspired, but that isn’t really a problem since most of them involve combat, which is the games best aspect. The creatures also look fairly unique and you fight some exotic looking ones at level 1. But the main reason why this game gets an 9 as opposed to a 10, is probably the controls. This game involves you clicking your way from place to place which isn’t bad, but it also isn’t great. The only other option would be using the arrow keys, which is not a good choice. But the bottom line is that Silkroad Online is a very fun game, and it’s hard to be picky when this game is so much fun, and deep since it’s totally free. So by all means, Silkroad is totally worth your time to at least look at, and if you don’t like it, it didn’t cost you any money.

+Very Fun
+Graphics looks great
+Character Animations are clean
+You get more than your monies worth, even though its free!

-Can get a little laggy
-Uninspired quests
-Controls could have been a little better
-The Character customization is not good

Final Score: 9 out of 10

Post Date: 22:55 26-10-2007
Rating: 3
Author: chaosjem
Comment: I played silkroad for a long time, when the game started the bots and gold bots did not exist.. back when it was a new game even at level 20 you can do jobs because their is no unfair gap between botters levels and your own but now the game is flooded with them and its hard enough to get to 20 much less 70 as i did.
Post Date: 19:29 24-10-2007
Rating: 5
Author: wardog
Comment: well i whould say great game but botters just keep getting in the way and beond that ppl go around hacking and alot more

gameplay 7/10 the gameplay was ok but became annoying at higher lvl

jobs 3/10 the jobs are bad if you where lvl 20 to 40 you really chouldn”t do any fun jobs(trading isn”t that fun)

fighting 10/10 problly one of the only good things about the game

the bots and hackers and spamers the game is about 90% of these guys i did get hacked wasen”t that high of a lvl (lvl 42)but still they don”t really try to stop these guys

lets see if your lvl 70 to 80 the game becomes better i know this from some guys i met why playing

Guild: hard to run and hard to be in
Union: not worth the time
Party: dependes on if 4 or 8 preson party the diffrences is that a 8 preson splits exp as a 4 person(if Full) gives you more exp

Quest 3/10 they are terrible and take to long at higher lvls like kill 1000 flowers (secret message while 3000 bots swarm the area) there not worth the time

so overall i give it 5/10 good game but it has its ups and downs

Post Date: 22:50 23-10-2007
Rating: 7
Author: KillaKongo
Comment: So people know the graphics are great, I don’t care for the quests, and I don’t see many botters. I can get on the server whenever I want and I do not have one of the stupid cards. I never need help from GM’s and who cares if people are selling gold and the GM’s do nothing about it. Its not that bad a game in my book, I have it on my computer and I play it all the time. The only things that sucks to me is the password recovery system, I always forget my password and am forced to create a new account. I think the class system is cool, who cares if you get killed as a trader, its a game! Now some people may say it has a bad community but it doesn’t to me, everyone I meet is nice, except for this one guy that kept asking me for stuff. I say if your on a tight budget and want a fun game to play, play this, if community and less gold sellers are your problem the don’t. Its a quick fourty minute download for me, maybe longer for some of you, and its a really fun game, just ignore the bad parts.
Post Date: 17:24 21-10-2007
Rating: 5
Author: thunderblorf
Comment: This game isn’t all that impressive…It’s pretty fun in the earlier levels, and I only enjoyed grinding Ujiji/Mujiji (The yetis!)
Graphics: Pretty
Gameplay: The skills are pretty cool and nicely animated, but the quests are kind of crappy. A lot of walking is involved too. ><
Community: SUCKS. I’ve met a few nice people here and there, but the majority are mean, mean, mean people. There are way too many turks, and 99% of them are assholes.
Customer service: Dreadful. Joymax doesn’t care at all about the customers. There are bots everywhere, gold sellers spamming continuously for hours in cities without getting banned/silenced, and lots of bugs.
Combat: I love the animations for all th skills and monsters.
Economy: Good, compared to a lot of other mmorpgs; I was actually able to buy everything I needed and have excess gold, unlike in Kal Online, where you have to buy geons (the currency) to be able to do anything.
Jobs: Okay, but there are a lot of jerky people that like to harass traders.
Servers: Horrible. It can take up to 45 minutes to log in, and once you get the “cannot connect due to high traffic” message, your game CLOSES! It’s as if Joymax is encouraging you to buy the premium tickets…
Overall this was a fun game for me at first, but I grew tired of it after a couple of months. (I got to level 56…) Now it’s far worse than it was before.
Post Date: 00:33 20-10-2007
Rating: 8
Author: Mario009c
Comment: It is a very good game with impresiwe graphics , i am pleased with many armors magics and weapons.but it gets boring after level 11 so it is eight
Post Date: 19:55 12-10-2007
Rating: 8
Author: Flinty24
Comment: Awesome gameplay, awesome graphics, awesome skills, basically awesome. One major flaw is the large amount of planning and grinding is needed to become effective in the higher levels. Also, the key factors, such as making money, require items being bought in the game shop for REAL money, such as global chat…
I give this game an 8 out of 10, though it would be 10 if grinding wasn’t such a major part of the game.
Post Date: 04:30 06-10-2007
Rating: 9
Author: Nuker123
Comment: HELP!! sro stopped working on my computer, but with the new Europe update, you can’t downloaded from site anymore.. either GM’s too dumb to fix it or just my computer. I tried many sites and downloaded many things, but they all say :
” this file can only be downloaded after the euro update” like WTF!!! help me find a good site where you can actually download it from. thx
Post Date: 12:15 27-09-2007
Rating: 5
Author: vindicated01
Comment: im lv 80 server aege..

the only not good in this game is the publisher aka JOYMAX,
they so corrupt,
they are behind all botter site,
they are selling gold,

Post Date: 16:55 18-09-2007
Rating: 10
Author: graham954
Comment: i love this game its so cool thers so many tings to kill!! its so much fun to go chinese an get as many sills as you can and kill everyone!
theifs rule!
Post Date: 17:24 16-09-2007
Rating: 5
Author: tdoggy
Comment: good game..the whole server traffic pissses me off….i cnt get on during 1-6pm…WTF!
Post Date: 17:19 13-09-2007
Rating: 7
Author: jackin9
Comment: This game is…. well…. ok

This game is nice if you can make it work, but you have to get it working first. full servers, lags. ect.
Now the ratings

Gameplay: 7-10
its all right, above average. i love the fighting.

Graphics: 8-10
Great i love it , well above average

Sound: 7-10
Its all right, above average. i love the music 😛

Post Date: 04:23 12-09-2007
Rating: 8
Author: Reloaded58
Comment: This game aint half bad…
Graphics: 10/10 Cool
Gameplay: 6/10 not much
Community: ???
Bot fixing: 2/10 they dont seem to care.
Combat System: 9/10 i like the combat animations
Jobs: 1/10 sucks now that there are 1 star poppers
Monsters: 101/10 awesome!
Post Date: 11:42 22-08-2007
Rating: 7
Author: thunderfingers
Comment: Silkroad is one of the few free mmorpgs that actually has great graphics. Still, graphics don’t make a game great. This game is fun and addicting to play if all you want to do is hack ‘n slash in a semi-unique combat system. The overall gameplay is hindered, however, due to lack of a readable guide, (lost in translation??) poor higher-level gaming, and no storyline.

The greatest thing I have experienced in this game is with my Chinese spearman. The game lets you choose what weapon skills to use, but also lets any Chinese character use magic as a modifier to the weapon. I’m impressed by that because it provides the possibility of doing a critical hit on top of using a weapon skill while at the same time adding a magical modifier to that.

The European race is not as complicated. Basically, you learn skills based on what weapon you choose. The downfall is that you cannot use a skill you learned as a wizard with a cleric rod, or anything to that effect. Ergo, the Chinese are cooler…

Overall, if you like shiny graphics and killing monsters…a lot of monsters…Silkroad will have you covered for quite a while. If you demand a storyline and comprehensive/extensive jobs/quests, you may severely dislike this game. If you get annoyed or frustrated there’s no worry. Delete it. It’s free.

Post Date: 03:32 13-08-2007
Rating: 3
Author: klacoste
Comment: The only good thing about this game is the graphics. Everything else about this game sucks: bugs, bots, killstealing, no auction house, lack of customer service, etc.

Don’t be fooled by the graphics. The game is BORING. Supposedly there are three “jobs” that you can choose: trader, hunter or thief. In reality the jobs don’t work. Low lvl traders can be griefed by higher lvls when they lure monsters to the trader. Hunters just get slaughtered by higher lvl thieves. Thieves have to wait on the “Silkroad” all day until an “attackable” trader comes along, which can take hours. BORING.

Customer service sucks. Bots and spammers run around all day selling gold, and there’s no GM in sight. There are also many bugs and spelling mistakes. You can expect the game to crash or disconnect every 3 hours. If you get d/c while on a trade run, you can lose your goods. It happened to me and I lost $100k because Joymax can’t maintain their server properly!

If Joymax wants my money, forget it. Why should I pay for such a poor-quality game that tolerates botting and spamming?

There are many other better games out there people.

Post Date: 01:56 26-07-2007
Rating: 10
Author: omarstrike
Comment: this game is wonderful,great graphics,Iv’e been playing this game for a week iam lvl 8 now,u should try this game its pretty good
Post Date: 16:57 01-07-2007
Rating: 9
Author: zip0070
Comment: Some of My friends at school had talked about this game and I couldnt afford WoW so I decided to try it. It wowed me by its great graphics sence I was used to playing runescape (never even try runescape, its terrible).But the one thing that made it not a 10 is that you need a really really good computer or it lags really really bad.But it does make up for the lagging with the great design and the wonderful graphics. In the end this game is a fairly good game.
Post Date: 21:58 29-06-2007
Rating: 7
Author: rare
Comment: Ok I got sucked into downloading this game cause the description said there would be Islam and European civilization. Well its not. As far as I can tell its just another cookie cutter asian MMORPG. Thats not a bad thing. But not exactly what I hoped for. I am looking forward to the new one they plan to come out with where you can be European.
Post Date: 15:19 29-06-2007
Rating: 8
Author: Sylexus
Comment: Ok there are too many stupid reviews here for this game first of all someone said in their review that the people who rated it a 10 were 10 year-olds that makes no sense since a 10 year old would never have the patience to play this game while someone who said that doesn’t either. This game is about patience I have a level 36 and a new better guy im working on thats on a different server unfunded and i got him to level 15 in a day then 19 the next. The grinding system isn;t the best but you people who rated this game really low have no patience what so ever. Look at the website every week or so they put up a botter list of all the guys they caught. Although I do agree the server problem is a big problem but thats the only reason I don’t rate it higher.
Post Date: 19:37 24-06-2007
Rating: 8
Author: mmoReaper
Comment: i gave this a 8 because i love the game style ofthis mmo but the servers are fairely small and theres a huge investation of bots witch make it pritty hard to enter the game on the older servers but over all it was a fun game im looking forward to playing more of it
Post Date: 18:49 24-06-2007
Rating: 5
Author: Mhardy
Comment: Game isn’t bad, but it takes to long to level up. I have bored to reach levels.
Post Date: 23:30 22-06-2007
Rating: 10
Author: Wild_Devo
Comment: This game has ALOT to offer. It has graphics equal to or better than most current games! You can 3 classes, traders provide the weapons and armors, and are protected by hunters which fight of thiefs. There is a giant chinese and asia map and many monsters and bosses to fight! There are eight armor sets and weapons. You get to choose what stats you want to upgrade as well as skills and weapon skills making for great character customization. Best of all there is an European expansion on the way that will double all this and ad new characters and weapons and armors to play as as well as double the size of the map!
Post Date: 02:52 19-06-2007
Rating: 3
Author: chiknstu
Comment: very hard to get started.. everywhere you go it’s packed i only played it once and i got pretty bored… maybe if i spent another 10 hours on it i’d be like lvl 7 or something…=p
Post Date: 01:41 18-06-2007
Rating: 7
Author: MonkeysRock252
Comment: The game starts off a little shakey, since you have no special abilities for five levels, but once you get past that (which doesn’t take long)it is a very fun game that can take up hours of your time. Usually you have to play on a few acounts before you really are able to understand how the game works, since the explanation on the site is difficult to understand, but it is a good playing system where you can make your own character and switch occupations as you like. You may get bored of it, but a short break is all you need before it is as enthralling as ever!
Post Date: 18:44 15-06-2007
Rating: 5
Author: xanderous23
Comment: Silkroad online isnt a bad game it is the economy and community! ( LVL 59 on Troy server BTW, been playing 2 years on diff. characters ) This game isnt fun to play when everybody around you is a bot…everybody bots to 80 then they just job and kill lower lvls. And its a grindfest….idk why i played so long but this game is LAME! Not even worth your time unless you bot…and btw if you lag on this game your computer must blow or theres an event going on!!
Post Date: 08:23 11-06-2007
Rating: 10
Author: salmissra
Comment: I have a lvl 50 char on Silkroad. I can see how a lot of people hate this game but trust me this game is hella good. When i first started, this game was very laggy but that was mainly due to my comp. When i played again in a better computer, i had no lag whatsoever. The game setting and system is enthralling and massive. There is a lot of name-calling going on but they are mainly losers so you can just ignore them ^.^. The quests can get repetitive but the main point of this game is the community i think. I have close ties to my guild in Silkroad and it gets really fun going on guild trade-runs or guild leveling trips. Overall it all depends on your luck. You may be lucky like me and get great friends online with whom you can share a great playing experience, or you could just get conned by some high levels noobs. There are a lot of bots but they’ve never got in my way before. If there is a bot nearby you…just move! The graphics are really, really cool and the skills look good too. The gameplay starts off slow but it gets really fast-paced around lvl 20+. Good Luck!
Post Date: 18:08 09-06-2007
Rating: 10
Author: shawnee317
Comment: DarkShado You are actualluy very right in almost all of your comments.

Silkroad Online has alot of problems that could be solved by supervisors/GMs on the servers.

– Scamming
– Bots, GoldBots
– Unfriendly players like hell, LOL
– Hard to connect, then you get disconnected.
– Lag… stopped with my 8800 GTX and E6700

Not sure if you mentioned all the spam on the chat channels, but nevermind.

But i must say one thing.
I choose Silkroad Online before WOW Guild Wars and AO.

There is only Silkroad for me even if i have to fight to log in. And i will fight!!

Maybe Zera could be better? Dont know.

But for all the Hell i have to endure, Silkroad is the true but hidden revolution of MMORPG.
Not too many sees this. But mark my words. Korea will be the dominant MMORPG provider in the next 5-10 years.

Silkroad will be one of the great milestones in Game history. The game has so much thats great. and all i want to do with the game is add moore and not completely change the game.

Instead of starting all over and then mess it up. This game can be built on and can be improved on to compeete with WOW.

Silkroad Online is the one armed dirty little assasin sneeking behind WOW, ready to break its neck.

Post Date: 16:04 09-06-2007
Rating: 9
Author: truestory
Comment: Dark r u kidding me first of all the community is very good people do help newbies and noboby attks each other unless its a duel or hunter vs thief…..but some dudes r racist and theyr r botters and soem hackers but overall the game is great i played it for like 2-3months maybe 6 hours almost evryday and reached only lvl 36 but had good items and good money so i really got into the game
Post Date: 02:09 07-06-2007
Rating: 0
Author: DarkShado
Comment: Over all the people on this game are
very unfriendly and quite rude, no one
helps new players in this game and infact
many players prey on new players and hang
around outside of the gates of the town and
attack new players as they leave the towns.

Racism is quite frequently seen an individual
was speaking in German and he was told
to speak in English and was called a nazi and
other racist remarks. This is a common
event in this game and again the GMs
do nothing to stop it.

Bots and scammers plague this game and it
seems that the GMs just don”t seem to care.

Scammers run rampant and try and prey on new
players in this game and the GMS do nothing
to stop the abuse. Scammers trying to sell gold
in game for real cash via paypal and other
payment services is just one of the many scams
that are occuring and the GMS do nothing to stop
the abuse. They continue to let it continue and
don”t ban these scammers.

It is impossible to connect to the servers.
Not just one specific server but all of them
are way over crowded and it is nearly impossible
to connect in and actually play the game.

when you do get connected the game lags heavily
and the game is pretty hard to play at times.
There are also frequent disconnections when you
are trying to play the game. All of a sudden
you will be playing and then the next thing you
know you will be disconnected.

It has nothing to do with my connection it has
everything to do with the server load being
way too high again. My connection is working
perfect and I never get diconnected playing
other online games except this one!

Over all this game is run horribly and totally
mismanaged and is nothing more then a joke.

The admins of these servers need to fix the problems
or shut this game down.

And before some noob replies to this ad and says oh
he is just another botter that got banned or one
of the scammers that is not the case at all

I have a valid account on this game but I am sick
of the GMS doing nothing to fix these problems

It is time for change with silkroads Online or it
is time for it to pack it in and shut the game

This review will be posted on various websites
and warn everyone to avoid silkroads online
it is not a good game and way too much abuse
occurs and the people are rude and quite ignorant

This isn”t a good game to get involved with and
the admins of this game just don”t seem to care.

Just avoid ths game it isn”t worth your time!

Post Date: 07:01 05-06-2007
Rating: 4
Author: cenovis
Comment: Had potential with the whole silk road thing, but too much lag, combat is too slow and boring, and the game is overrun with botters these days.

Pros: Graphics better than 90% of the MMOs out there. Interesting skill and job system.

Cons: GRIND. All you do in this game is grind. I would be cool with it if combat were interesting but it’s not. It’s slow, and the lag in this game is killer. By slow I mean, you sit there forever, watching your characters hit animation, and wait for whatever it is to die. Where is the skill? Wheres the excitement? There isn’t any. Go play something else. I made it to level 18 and gave up.

Post Date: 17:14 04-06-2007
Rating: 5
Author: nickz89
Comment: I quit this game sometime ago…because it was pure boredom..

Great Graphics
Unique skill system
Awsome Job system(very unique)
no lag(just sometimes)

Even after u change job (which is lvl20) U CANT do the Job because of your low lvl..u”ll get pawned by higher lvls.
Lvling is hell..(if u sp farm..)yes sp farming is recomended
the players arent so friendly

overall i give it a solid 5..very uniqe game play…but lvling is stupid..and 2 fully experience the unique job system u need 2 b at least lvl30 or higher

Post Date: 14:02 29-05-2007
Rating: 7
Author: zarightguy
Comment: Iv’e been playing this game for a couple months now, but guess what? …….I am only lvl 12…..this is horrible. I like this game and it has great graphics but now they have this dumb thing where you pay and buy these premium gold and silver things that lets you get in even when servers are full. I think buying it would be an over-all waste. There are also tuns of bots and adults taking this game over. These two reasons are mainly why I gave it a 7 but this game is pretty good over-all. If you want to try wasting time when your bored play silkroad lol. It’s really good. Mostly if you spend your money on some stupid premium gold thing. i still didnt. its a big big big big waste of about 20 dollars……look i cant even find the credit card option on the thing to buy silk….this is why its soooo horrible..
Post Date: 22:47 27-05-2007
Rating: 8
Author: chapapa
Comment: i like this game. its just that its hard to lvl and u cant really do anything until lvl 20. i like the fighting system
Post Date: 13:55 24-05-2007
Rating: 9
Author: gamegeek1313
Comment: I absolutely love the game everything about it. The only reason i give it a 9 instead of a 10 is because when its convenient to me to log on the servers are full and i cant get in
Post Date: 02:52 20-05-2007
Rating: 6
Author: gecko
Comment: Well, i couldn”t connect to this game due to server traffic, so i downloaded a game called endless online, and now my computer is in bad shape…
so i can”t play it at all nowl,
overal pretty fun game except botters and server traffic and no customer support
Post Date: 14:13 17-05-2007
Rating: 9
Author: Fatalis67
Comment: To those who say the connections are impossible, the game is very big in Asia and Europe, which makes it easier for American players to connect due to the time zone difference. Levelling is pretty slow, but it’s still fun. If you bash this game, screw you. It’s fun and if you don’t like it just shut up about it.
Post Date: 07:27 14-05-2007
Rating: 9
Author: aalsson
Comment: i write this wen i download this. it looks superb. i take a tour (at the site). the graphivs are superb on youtube. play this!!!
i can’t give it a 10 cause ive don’t played it jet.
Post Date: 16:53 12-05-2007
Rating: 0
Author: Starfurre
Comment: Good graphics wrapped around a overall horrible game.

PvP is broken, botters were allowed to get so far ahead, they already capped their levels and skills, and got sets of the rarest-quality items (SoSun). Takes 5 normal players to kill 1 botted one.

Service is non-existant, any service we do get is in the form of a cash item.

Case and Point: Hard to log in due to bots and people setting up AFK stalls. Joymax said they’d never kick people with stalls up days at a time, and refuses item mall. ALSO, they don’t ban the bots, and when they do its the bots of gold companies selling gold for real money.

Instead, they release something called “Premium tickets”

for a max fee of 20 USD (I think the lower quality one is about 12-15 USD), you can log in no matter how full the game is. People are already complaining about being D/Ced by premium buyers.

Its knight online 2.0, set in china, with slightly better graphics.

Sit in a tub and dress like a clown, then sing “hit me with your best shot” by Pat Benitar. It just makes more sense.

Post Date: 04:06 12-05-2007
Rating: 0
Author: pizanathan
Comment: a game that i couldnt get to work. i spent 6 days trying. never worked. it sucks. end of discussion. sure the graphics rock. but the entire game is based on buddhism. im christian and i dont wanna play a game that is against my religion. sorry. i give it a 0.
Post Date: 02:13 12-05-2007
Rating: 6
Author: Nightfall5
Comment: Looks good, fighting seems good……
Post Date: 06:14 05-05-2007
Rating: 5
Author: axelois
Comment: The game is pretty good nice graphic not laggy im only lvl 12 so i hawent se so much of the game .. and i know why im hawent it is becus all the damn server’s alway’s is “crowded”it hawe be that for like 2-3week’s for me now ! and i hate it i could hawe be lv 23 or something now …when are they going 2 fix it or is it my computer ?!becosus it’s not fun too play a game that u can’t play …:(( (sry for my bad english)
Post Date: 08:55 30-04-2007
Rating: 9
Author: robot2501
Comment: Well..
Maybe i”m not lvl 70 or something, but i know something about this game.
Yesterday i started playing it again (i was retired – no internet). This is what i can say about it, if someone is interested.
Game have great graphic. 9/10 is minimum.
Sound is good. I don”t pay attention to it.
Something about gameplay:
Playing Silk is really, really good fun. You say that it is bad because of botters. Hmm.. In other games there”s no botters? They are there -.-
What can be annoying in this game? Well, money is something easy to get. You just need to work.. Or use bot as some people think and get banned.
There is something like farming there: You can keep Your highest mastery level in whatever (for example force cold) lower than character lvl. This will make You get much less experience from monsters, but not from quest. Of course that when i was making low lvl quest i wasn”t so lucky and i had to kill about 300 monsters of one kind. When i killed them i get maybe 20% of lvl.. But it was enought to complete the quest and get promoted to next lvl.. And get 9% of next lvl.. I am farming -8 now.. Maximum farming is -9, bigger farm doesn”t change anything. Just like You would have still -9. BUT SLOW LVLING IS MY CHOICE, I WANT TO HAVE GREAT CHARACTER!
What could i say.. Silkroad is great.
But there”s is ONE THING THAT MAKES EVERYONE ANGRY. Queues.. There”s no queues. Even damn Tibia have queues. If server is full (and it reach status “crowded” before i get up at morning and it”s still crowded at midnight >.
Post Date: 20:40 21-04-2007
Rating: 0
Author: Topogigio
Comment: Nice graphic but suicidal customer care. Every day ppl cant play for server crowed. No answer from customer care, Lag and disconnect. Dont play this game. Dont buy silk from Joymax. This game is fraud.
Post Date: 07:50 07-04-2007
Rating: 5
Author: jackywkh
Comment: i have been playing for a year, I have a level 70, i know this game.

Graphics on this game is one of the best i”ve seen, but thats ALL.

Silkroad consist of Botters,GoldFarmers and jerks.
i only kept playing because of the friends i met.

i saw some of the comments below me saying u get 50%..NO WAY…i wish we got 50% per quest even at level 30ish, the grinding is HORRIBLE.

i stopped at level 70 cuz every mob i kill was worth 0.005%-0.007% with no Gaps(u”ll know wat i mean if u do play) and some times u dont even get ANY quest at your level, do that math guys, from 70-71 u have to kill around 20k mobs in a ks-ing enviorment with fags and botters and gold farmers everywhere =)

but yea enjoy =)

Post Date: 04:48 06-04-2007
Rating: 3
Author: Adio01
Comment: game get boring quick slow lvling and over priced stuff. pets-horses dont last forever which is dumb if your paying 5$ 4 them
Post Date: 21:38 04-04-2007
Rating: 10
Author: mumakil
Comment: Zorthax, the game doesnt end in a storyline. I have a level 77 (trying to get to max 80). And the servers are really bad man. I mean millions of people from germany, dutch countries, russia, and the whole asia. and once you choose a server, your profile is saved thier, you can still go to others but your main wont be thier. The bads of this game: servers are bad, too much lag, too much people using bots, cant attack while on horse,i get kicked when trying to log in, or playing, too much adults playing the game. AND EVERYTHING else is ver good.
Post Date: 20:52 03-04-2007
Rating: 5
Author: Zorthax
Comment: I’m only giving it a 5 for now because i havent started playing. Ive being reading some of people messed yp revies and first of all…game that have story lines are BORING! the game pratically ends at the end of the story line!!!! it goes boring right away who wants that!. Second thing if the game is laggy get a computer thats actually good. The servers can’t be that bad anyway go try Endless Online your only allowed 200 people playing AT ONCE!!!! WORST GAME EVER.I think this game is gonna be good
Post Date: 23:44 02-04-2007
Rating: 0
Author: dawda555
Comment: To all of you little ten year olds who rated a 10 on this game.Who have nothing to do but play a really boring unimaginative game.

Graphics are good.
Gameplay is TOTALLY lame (Battle System and such)
Its endless hopeless fun for those people who love blood and guts.
The people sound like they are having either orgasms or constipation while attacking, or using skills.Finally, the quests are the lamest most repetitive quests that i have ever done.
The only good thing about this game are the graphics, stop praising it because its mindless drivel.
This game has no relation to the actual silkroad.
Its just a game that chose the name to ward in a few players.

I’m not saying this is the worst game ever, but it is definitly bordering the end of the ladder.

Post Date: 09:02 31-03-2007
Rating: 8
Author: orasis
Comment: Greatest free martial arts MMORPG currently availible, with Xiah coming in second.

The only problems with this game are it’s lag and constantly busy servers, and now it’s worse.. because they have “premium” and “free” time.. give it another year and I’m sure this game will be P2P.

Post Date: 23:57 26-03-2007
Rating: 5
Author: Brand_Me
Comment: Well i play iSRO the graphics are good, the monsters look good, the gameplay is alright and if u don”t sp farm it will be hard to get better skills. They don”t have a story line and there are no sign of GM”s and there are alot of ppl that bot and ks u…. the jobs aren”t great, trader is the best but u get popped by lvl 50+ thieves when ur lvl 20, hunter u can”t lvl intil ur lvl 60-80 (you”l get owned by the very first player thief u come across) and thief it”s best to be the same lvl as hunter…. price for sox items are expensive, easy to get alot of money but not enough to buy good items… and if you are not a nuker (a character that uses magic attacks) then it is hard to level up. i”v been playing 3 weeks and i”m a lvl 31 pure str blader, i have to train on monsters 2-6 lvl”s lower as i can”t kill them fast and i lose alot of health.
Post Date: 16:48 24-03-2007
Rating: 8
Author: Noobinator
Comment: Play this game until u get to lvl 20!!! once you get past the boring beginning (like most MMO’s) this game is very fun. the monsters are very cool and so are the jobs. (thief, merchant, hunter) The fighting system is cool and fells very real, unlike knight online. there is even a blood splatter to go with your hits. Also, it doesnt take long to lvl up. If you know what you are doing, you can get to lvl 20 in about four hours. TRY THIS GAME!
Post Date: 00:54 06-03-2007
Rating: 8
Author: bobaviny
Comment: Great graphics and amazing battle system. But there are just so many KS that its not even funny. The community is decent. Level up is so freakin hard at lvl 28. You get like .03-.05 percent per kill> bUT TO counter u get like50% for a quest. The game is easy to understand and get into. One major downfall is the skill points. It is damn near impossible to be as good as u possibly can be. There arent any “classes” but at lvl 20 u get a job as a thief or a hunter or a trader. This is meant for hard core gamers and patient people.
Post Date: 17:03 04-03-2007
Rating: 10
Author: warrior979
Comment: My friend told me about Silkroad and i tried it out when i first tried it out i thought it was kind weird but then i saw the monsters and all the players like merchants,thiefs and hunters then i thought that Silkroad is cool.
Post Date: 23:17 21-02-2007
Rating: 10
Author: clarky2008
Comment: Right i only downloaded this game to write a review on here to let you lot all know my honest opinions. i have rated many games on here, many for review purposes and many because i liked the games. I finally got this game working about 2-3 hours ago, and its now 11 o’clock at night and im still playing it LOL! the graphics in this game are the best i have seen, the gameplay is awesome, i mean travelling along silk road is one of the best gaming experiences there is, lots of thieves and merchants batteling each other! and many hunters helping low level merchants! one of the best communitys also i have seen and i’ve played games with good community’s! this game plain rocks! there is not exactly grinding in the game but when there is grinding the games makes it fun! 10/10 — the most perfect game on the net!
Post Date: 07:42 19-02-2007
Rating: 10
Author: 139022
Comment: if this game lags on ur computer, that only means one thing.


I have played all of the famous mmorpgs ( WoW, everquest 1 and 2, dungeons and dragons online, maplestory, etc.). And then i started to play this game and rite when while it was donwloading, i knew that it would be a bad game like the others. But when i started, it was kinda boring. So i decided to give it a try, after i saw the videos, pvp, unique monsters, i said to my self ” this game might be the one. ” AND I WAS RITE!!!!!!! this game is better than WoW!!!! i have gotten to lvl 70 in WoW ( seriously). if u have a good computer, try it out. if u have a bad computer, just forget about it.



give it a try…. trust me

Post Date: 02:31 18-02-2007
Rating: 4
Author: gamerz
Comment: Took me 8 hours to load and took me 30 mins just to get into a server. the game is EXTREMELY laggy and you can”t do much till you get a higher lvl. the only good thing about this game is the graphics.
Post Date: 10:59 15-02-2007
Rating: 10
Author: damjan92
Comment: I’m new in this kind of games, but i played this game for about 4-5 days and i love it!Nice people to meet, and i think it has a big potential, and new European continent is coming out soon with european characters skills and weapons.I’ll give it a 10 because it is totally free MMORPG and it’s getting better and better!
Post Date: 21:58 09-02-2007
Rating: 0
Author: soad553
Comment: i played this for about a month and its horrible. you cant do anything until you hit lvl 20 and it lags way to much.
Post Date: 11:06 08-02-2007
Rating: 10
Author: pwnyou
Comment: I love this game. It is one of the most fun games ive played. if you know what you are doing you can lvl easy (at low lvls :s) but still at great game. Some of the best graphics in a free mmorpg. Also good skill system, with good skills.
Post Date: 09:33 27-01-2007
Rating: 4
Author: Rogue§ora
Comment: lol that picture ur seeing is not even close to a screen movement was what mad me leave and the camera just did not like this game id rather play runescape then this
Post Date: 09:47 23-01-2007
Rating: 8
Author: omnislash
Comment: this game is fun. i love the setting and lots of quest and stuff to do at all times so your not just grinding to lvl all the time. the skill and weapon system is nice too. has its bugs but overall worth a shot
Post Date: 18:24 13-01-2007
Rating: 7
Author: darknino
Comment: Its very hard to connect to a server, i get disconnected all the time. But the game is ok.
Post Date: 03:37 05-01-2007
Rating: 7
Author: MMORPGfanz
Comment: This game is GOOD. it got good graphic & gameplay though the quest is the same thing all over. it requires lots of patience to grind in this game because by the time u lvl to 60 u get like 0.01% to 0.02% per mob. so imagine how long it’ll took u get 1% . If u got the right friend or guild, u’ll survive it and love it and get addicted to it.

This game got lots of bot. the only bot they seem to block are the gold farm bot. i know some of the player who bot and buy silks and they claim to be safe.

The silkroad game forum got major security leak, where u can actually see the player id, if u know how. And the game still lag a lot too.

This game had been spoiled due to major hacking & CCF happening in certain server. Though, the silkroad team claim there’s no force entry or whatever.

All in all, i still love this game because i got good guildamates. Definitely this game will be more RELIABLE & COOL if it tighten the security (which hardly will happend) but not recommended due to frustration of losing ur friends or powerful ppl (because they got hacked eventhough they never bot).

p.s. the bots know how to avoid the protector a.k.a. floating thing which explode when u attack them.

My grades are

graphic : 9
gameplay: 8
security : 3
Fun : 8
game design: 7
community : 7
Job hunter,thief,trader): 9
Party system : 7
Guild system : 6
Monster : 8
Pet system: 5
PVP : 9
Weapon/Armor : 8
Skill : 8


Post Date: 03:53 04-01-2007
Rating: 7
Author: mr.yumyums
Comment: good graphics. interesting game. i played for a little under 10 hours in all. i just plain got bored after mindless grinding. maybe ill try this game again later on. but i havent seen any reason not too. im gonna go play rappelz. rappelz > silkroad
Post Date: 10:09 31-12-2006
Rating: 5
Author: Davis0
Comment: Took my computer to download the game like 12 times before it would work. The Update server is just to slow and i get alot of lag when on 10mb but when i don’t have lag it is a decent game. Good graphics!
Post Date: 19:43 27-12-2006
Rating: 8
Author: Zaibatsu
Comment: ok ive been playing this game for a while now yeah the graphics rocks and the guild wars and pvp system are cool too, but when you get to high lvl or sorta high believe me this game will revolve around money alll those gold ticket are really a pain …….lvl 45 takes about a week for me to lvl, mayb i dont play much but 3 hours a day seems alot to me.
Post Date: 02:44 11-12-2006
Rating: 7
Author: zabelchansky
Comment: It’s pretty good if its your first MMO, mmo’s arent for storylines or anything, theyre just for good Pvp and PvE, and this game has both. I stopped playing at lvl 60 cuz the game got sorta monotonous(all the quests end up being the same and after quests are done its just sorta farming and gettin new armor), but the graphics and Pk system rock, and so is the whole system where there arent classes but cool attacks and weps.
Post Date: 03:59 10-12-2006
Rating: 10
Author: crimson93
Comment: ok everyone says it has bad story line…..OMG its a mmo its a free story line game and the lag isnt that bad and severs anrnt that hard to get in but there are few moments when its hard.Everyone who says its hard to level well no duh if it was fast and easy you would be lv 70 or so in a week and have finished everything so whats the point there?this game rocks graphics are AWSOME and its free unlike other games where you pay all kinds of ROCK i mean they say there dumb and stuff but what ever like me and my freinds are theifs and ambush traders and its so fun then we split money and have a happy time,plus you an change your job.Quests are fun and skills rock.Beleive me ive played lots of online games and got bored very fast but this game has lots of things to do.If your looking for a fun game play this

(p.s. its based off real historical facts)

Post Date: 18:10 04-12-2006
Rating: 1
Author: nishray
Comment: Dont waste ur life and computer on this game. Its a good game, but its got memory leaks. It was so bad for me that after i closed this game, it would take 5-10 mins to open start bar. I had to restart comp every time. This game is also repetitive. Do quests that require 0 imagination. Compared to any other games quests, these lack any innovation. Its always kill 600 bugs, or retrieve 30 shells.
The reason there is almost no community is because most players are botters! There is no reason not to bot in this game, they probably wont catch you. Even if they could, whats the point? You can get back to lvl 50 in a week with a good bot.
The main “clincher” of the game is the trade route idea. Even that was made horribly for low lvls. Since high lvl theives attack the traders, any low lvls that happen to be in the area get killed.
Also, there is a sad lack of weapon, armor and spell types.
Dont waste your time and memory with this game, play CO or Eudemons or something, this thing needs some serious help.
Post Date: 03:42 04-12-2006
Rating: 10
Author: 139022
Comment: this game is better than any mmorpg game i have ever played!!!
Post Date: 01:26 04-12-2006
Rating: 2
Author: soad553
Comment: This game in entirely boring. It’s faker than any game i’ve ever played and you can’t do anything until you’re lvl’s easy to get to but what you unlock is horrible. I quit after 3 weeks.
Post Date: 01:49 03-12-2006
Rating: 10
Author: 139022
Comment: what are u talking about this game is the best when u have friends.
Post Date: 21:55 01-12-2006
Rating: 3
Author: Xanatu
Comment: First off let me say ive been playing or 6 months and quit last week, i finally realized how stupid and pointless this game is. The customer support SUCKS its horrible!half of the people i knew got banned “by mistake” as the GM said. The graphics arent bad,could be better. Not alot of skills to choose from and only 4 kinds of pets(you have to pay in real money for three of them). Theres only 4 cities and everytime you go out, you get killed by something sooner or late >.
Post Date: 01:53 01-12-2006
Rating: 10
Author: 139022
Comment: If u are looking for a game with extremely violent PvP action, lots of magic, HUGE world,and just my favorite game, not only for PC but for every other console. Just please play this game. Trust me THIS IS THE BEST!!!!!!!!!
Post Date: 04:45 27-11-2006
Rating: 9
Author: CosmicKirby
Comment: The game is fairly user friendly, with great graphics and cool skills, you raise skill points and exp differently, if you have a skill equal to your current level. you will recive the maximum exp you could recive for a moster, if you have your skills spread out or not spent at all, you will recive monster loads of skill points, yet small amounts of exp..

yet, even with maximum exp being gained, around the time of around level 12 you will be gaining about .80% per kill, so it will take a good 30-40 min per level of just grinding(which the cartoon guide even refers to it as)

In order to counter act this, cash items(like the ones in maple story) can give you 60-100% exp boosts per kill for 3 hours each, and on each character you start with one of each(and my above comment i am using the 60% boost, so i can’t imagine training without it…-_-;) which does help for a while.

PVP can be done at any time you are not in a town, yet you are penalized for killing without reason(dropping items at your death) you may also buy capes for a small amount of money, for pvp that has no downsides whether you live or die(yet many people will kill you if you even have these on which is annoying).

There is also the triangular conflict, a player may be a merchant, hunter, or thief(starting at level 20) and do job activities. Merchants buy quest items to load on to a transport to sell in another town for job exp. Thieves try to attack the merchants and steal their goods for money and job exp. Hunters protect the merchants or hunt down theives that have to many penalty points (for excessive stealing in a small amount of time)

Now for downsides…

Even with the abundence of servers, this game ALWAYS SEEMS TO BE FULL. This means you will have to try a few times to get in. The reason for this is the fact that many people will put up a stall, go play on another character, and leave the stall open for days(which takes up server space) or they will just be bots. HOWEVER, the designers have made bot hunting easy for players, by paying 100 gold, you can buy a “destroyer” monster. You simply target a player, and if they attack it, they will be instantly destroyed. Sadly, the bot will stay on the server, thus making server size an issue still..

Graphics: 10/10

Gameplay: 9/10

Replay Value: 8/10(bow,sword,spear abilities, and fire ice and lightning add to this)

Fun Factor: 8/10 (ALL MMORPGS are mostly fun in the higher levels with pvp events or party activities.)

Grinding Factors: 6/10
(how long you kill the same thing)

overall: 9/10

A great game, and the free factor is just too good to pass up THIS IS A MUST TRY

Post Date: 02:19 27-11-2006
Rating: 5
Author: aishwani1129
Comment: the graphics are great the conrtols are a bit difficult though.
Post Date: 00:22 18-11-2006
Rating: 6
Author: redfoxrick
Comment: **Those who are just looking over this game**

The Good:
Great community
Cool effects
Class systems are fun
PvP is good
Pet System is nice
It’s free and still expanding

The Bad:
Grinding gets to be a B!%@&, at level 60 you get %.01 for every other kill and that level cap is going up.
Lots of botters (although it’s tempting through all that grinding).
Lots of credit card frauders.
Skills are restricted to physical weapons.
Hard to stick with.
Level gaps are usually very big so you usually get ganked on a trade run by a level 60 when your level 20

The job system is fun, when your level 20 you can put on a job suit (Hunter, Trader or Theif) The traders buy goods from one city and take them on an animal to another one to sell them for higher. The hunter protects the trade caravan from the theifs whose goal is to kill the trader(and hunters if near) and take the traders loot that his pack animal drops, warp to a bandit town and sell it then continue as usual.

Post Date: 07:11 16-11-2006
Rating: 8
Author: ghoulkidc
Comment: Good game,great community,and Super great bosses even b4 u r strong as hell,even when u r just lvl 20 u can see some pretty great stuff in this game,but the tide can turn with friends very quickly,u can lvl up sooo slowly and outta nowhere 2 or 3 events pop up when ur away and all u good buds are 50+ lvls ahead of u,sucking out any chance of the guild u where hoping for(not my story,my cousins,muahahaha,i got the event,lol)but all in all,great game,rather play xiah(all that say silkroad is better then xiah need a talon up….aaaaand down certain areas)but still great,8 outta 10 from me
Post Date: 00:06 09-11-2006
Rating: 10
Author: Zywl
Comment: Awesome Graphics!! and its free!
Post Date: 14:40 07-11-2006
Rating: 4
Author: hmmmwhatsthis
Comment: dont like the movement and graphics can get sloppy but still an awsome game i have no clue why im rating it so low (oh yeah didnt like the gameplay-story) so give it a try if i like its story id give it a 9 but i dont.i meet poeple who love this game try it and dont turn it down cause of what i said
Post Date: 01:57 06-11-2006
Rating: 0
Author: monsteroids
Comment: You have to have some fancy stuff to make it run, RANOnline is wayyyyyyy better because you don”t have to bother with that. I”m not gonna bother
with getting a new whatchicallit board I don”t want to screw my comp up. If anyone tells me what this execive software/hardware you need is and scanned it, maybe then I”ll give it a shot
Post Date: 13:38 31-10-2006
Rating: 6
Author: d3lrith
Comment: Baah i played it 1h and i got bored….
there are more lags than the ppl and the mobs
quests are stupid
the only good thing are the graphics…..
Post Date: 17:23 26-10-2006
Rating: 10
Author: gra530
Comment: This is by far the best game of its type that i have ever played. The graphics are simply incredibly brilliant and the game is chock full of interesting things to do. Regardless as to some comments already made, Some people say the game becomes boring and the quests similar,well mostly the quests are different fighting different monsters in different cenarios and the rewards are excellent.Some people get bored because quests are long. What do they expect? A game that starts and is over almost immediately? how boring THAT would be. I have reached level 57 in 7 months playing and havent become bored yet. You can become a thief, trader or an assortment of other characters. I get a real kick out of actually going out and smashing thieves because thats what they did to me when i was a noob. If there is any problems with the game yes it does tend to lag a bit mostly in peak play periods and it is a little hard to log on (peak times) because of overcrowded servers but there are more servers starting up regulaly (12 at moment) There are a few “botters” going around but they are being caught and at time of this writing there is a list of dozens of players losing a/cs in the SRO forums. There is a good anti hacking system so as to protect players. Of course if you are silly enough to give out your a/c details you deserve to be hacked. I think anyone who gets bored because there is to much for them to do should not play SRO. I have no hesitation in awarding this game a 11 out of 10!!!
Post Date: 01:31 25-10-2006
Rating: 9
Author: AQMaster
Comment: Graphics are purely amazing for a free game. Plus, the game is different from your typical fantasy MMO with a historical background.
Post Date: 18:35 01-10-2006
Rating: 9
Author: Tfunk
Comment: This is perhaps the best (FREE) MMO besides guildwars.
Pros: lots to do, class system like thieves, hunters and merchants. really cool, lots of different monsters to kill, tutorial system ummm preeetty good
Cons: click to move (you could use arrow keys but its hard to move tho)and servers are usually full.
other wise those SILK ROAD IS DA BOMB
Post Date: 18:37 05-09-2006
Rating: 10
Author: TomUk06
Comment: i like this game lots xD
Post Date: 13:42 03-09-2006
Rating: 10
Author: luoma
Comment: This is one of the best games ive played! It has very many different skills and armors/wepons. And stop complaining about lvling! its not that hard, you just have to put some time in it. If you could get to lvl 70 in a month it would be very boring! I am lvl 24 now and the only Downsides are:
1. Servers (gets laggy sometimes, but they have improved. Its just abit hard to logg in)
2. The Quests are abit boring, but if you comlete a quest you can get up to 50% exp!
3. I have seen alot of botters around, but they are working on that and provide ban lists of botters.

And the Jobs are fun! Like helping a trader by beeing a hunter. Or trying to get the trader beeing a theif.

Graphics are beautiful, monsters to landscape.

(BTW theifs arnt that horrible.. if u see a high lvl npc theif then just go to the side and wait for a few secs.And I get help all the time by other online people.)

Post Date: 22:24 15-08-2006
Rating: 4
Author: Ticktackss
Comment: I liked everything but it gets boring in like a month casue it takes like 1-2 weeks to lvl and no one rly helps you when u get attacked by thiefs
Post Date: 21:29 10-08-2006
Rating: 8
Author: crcore
Comment: nice game i loved it and i still do, only bad part is theres not enough servers, thus making it “lagg” alot..real nice gameplay though…recommended if u love HERO ONLINE and KAL ONLINE.
Post Date: 22:33 27-07-2006
Rating: 7
Author: kylecameron1
Comment: Yes it was a fun game and i played for a while (if you count a month or two as a while) and it took me that long just to get to lvl 18 when I stopped playing because at that point it tok about a week to get 1 lvl. But graphics were great there were lots of quests, some repetetive as in kill 100 of a certain type of monster to get some amount of gold, but others werent, and you do need to get to lvl 20 to start looking cool with your profession gear.(just saying because the guy below says you look cool at any lvl, but im not insulting anybody)
Post Date: 06:15 14-07-2006
Rating: 9
Author: Mmorpg-man
Comment: Im going to rate this game professionally so no one can say anything bad,
gameplay=810(not bad
progressing=710( may be boring
problems=(may vary but personally i have had no lags whatsoever, (extended) if you say this game has lags then you should have no excuse, that means any 3d game you play will lag, so go play your text based games)
quests=910(there is nearly a quest for every level)
additives=1010(you can own horses, wolves, dogs etc, you can levitate and beserker mode owns)
servers=810( not too many but as i said before, i had no lag, if the game is running with no sound, lowest quality, and stil lags, then go get a new computer)
character=910(simple professions, too hard to gimp your character, no overwhelming choices)
appearance=910( you dont have to be level 50 to look cool, they have everything you need at level 1)
fighting=910(nice style of fighting and nice skills
and remember its a beta lol its not even full yet.
Post Date: 19:21 09-07-2006
Rating: 8
Author: Yanny
Comment: This game is good. Yes, it is hard to level, and yes, the mission are repetitive…..but look at the graphics!!! Jesus, this game is awsome compaired to WoW to be free. Look, the cons like not enough servers is baloney…but hey, this game is beautiful…dont say its stupid…and for all you nubs…this is what im saying “diz gme I da bom cuz ti ozom liek col” -.- dont Destroy the english langage…please?
Post Date: 20:37 24-06-2006
Rating: 10
Author: ddof5
Comment: great game. but the problems are that there are too many ppl and not enough servers which makes it hard to play because of lag. very challenging cause it starts to get hard to lvl up when u reach lv; 13. im lvl 19 and trust me its hell lvling up
Post Date: 16:16 18-06-2006
Rating: 3
Author: itsmestathis
Comment: PROS: Beautifull graphics and animation.

CONS: Only 9 hours playable because of lag (for months now!). Extreemly boring and identical quests (you have to kill millions -literally – of mobs – alone!). Jobs have no meaning. Lots of botters. Acounts are not transferable through servers. Some features (cheats), though optional, need money. The creatures are more or less the same throughout the game. Simple game with only a few features. Little to none game support.

As a result, it’s really fun to play in the beggining. But after a month it gets really really boring. Very very laggy!

See ya!

Post Date: 14:13 12-06-2006
Rating: 10
Author: Anti-maplestory
Comment: This Game Is GANGSTA! stop play stupid wow or guild war come here!
Post Date: 19:43 12-05-2006
Rating: 9
Author: jeesus
Comment: mega good gamé, master graphics, the player help eachother, big and small monsters, very nice flashy skills, but the bad part is the quests. there is boring quests and the game contains flaws (its a beta still) but, its a great game.
It is worth more than a try.
Post Date: 23:30 20-04-2006
Rating: 5
Author: aura of the lich
Comment: At first look this game may seem appealing, nice graphics,flash moves,and looks fun. Even though this game looks fun it has many major flaws though it is a beta. First of all what you do in the game is what you do in the typical MMORPGs. You fight,level up,get better skills and equipment and level up some more and get a new better set of equipment. Although quests are offered in the game its not any different than what you normally do which is to kill a particular group of monsters. The movement is ok with a mouse, but if you are using a keyboard the movements really get frustrating.For instance, if you are pressing the up key to move forward theres about a 3 second delay before you actually move and at times when you turn you randomly move somewhere else than where you intended to go. If you move to close to an obstacle you’ll get stuck, this really wastes time even if you have the recommended requirement to playing this game. The good thing about this game besides the appeal are the skills. The skills are really flashy and stands out from one another. Overall this game has some flaws but is worth trying out but you will get bored after a while.
Post Date: 16:11 14-04-2006
Rating: 10
Author: gbwong
Comment: Best game eva. Excellent graphics.
Post Date: 20:34 08-04-2006
Rating: 6
Author: Family GUY rulesz
Comment: This should be on top 20, not the top 10. The fact that there is too many ppl playing and not a enough servers ruins it.
Post Date: 15:02 08-04-2006
Rating: 5
Author: havocdagod
Comment: Two problems: The story and lag are horrible and the server is always too full to play.
Post Date: 10:23 27-02-2006
Rating: 10
Author: War-of-man
Comment: OMG come on it gets a better rating then that….its beautiful…its better then bloody world of warcraft….its still beta and gets better server attention the WOW….and really there isnt supposed to be a story line in a mmo….cuz its an open free growth game…you know its life…yoiur a merchant you trade to get money your a theif you steal to get money…your a hunter you kill theifs and help traders to get money….its a lil thing called life….but the graphics are beautiful and im running it on a low grade system…and it still looks beautiful.
Post Date: 21:17 12-02-2006
Rating: 10
Author: Xplosive@[GP]
Comment: none
Post Date: 04:07 03-01-2006
Rating: 6
Author: toasternator65
Comment: It s not too bad, but the storyline is bad and the lag is HORRIBLE!
Sometimes it crashes or even freezes my comp.
No matter how many servers they have…
But gameplay is pretty good.
Post Date: 16:13 24-12-2005
Rating: 10
Author: ReonGirl
Comment: My brother plays this XD. It looks awesome. The colors and the weapons are cool. Adventure and stuff, it is almost like Rose-Online!
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  1. Old mmorpg game that was really popular ( think its still is? ).
    Used to play a lot this game it has solid graphics.
    Dont think I could be playing this game today because its grindy as hell .

    Septera did not rate this post.
  2. Old mmorpg video game I played that few days and I removed it I dont this game graphic is suck

    TheRedLight3 did not rate this post.
  3. I rly don’t like this game,yeah it seems like an epic game for first look but it isn’t at all.I wouldn’t play this game if I was on your place because graphic sucks and gameplay too.I’ll give 1/5 to this game.

    ElZarid123 ratings for this post: ElZarid123 gives a rating of 1ElZarid123 gives a rating of 1ElZarid123 gives a rating of 1ElZarid123 gives a rating of 1ElZarid123 gives a rating of 1
  4. Okay so I watched an Overview given by one of the reviewers​ the based on that the​ graphics is good and so the skill animations it’s like LoongCraft but way better, I’ll gladly play it if i have the chance, though I think it’s old so not many players are playing so I’m nit sure if I’m gonna enjoy it. 🙂

    Masako did not rate this post.
  5. It’s a fun fantasy mmorpg that is based of the sil road between China and Europe. The game has characters that they may select one of three jobs, trader, hunter, or thief to engage each other in through pvp. So basically, this game as many classes and outlines for the players to create his or her journey during this era.

    ugmsrocks09 did not rate this post.
  6. Another MMORPG with good graphics. It is fancy, appealing and pleasant to my eyes. It’s gameplay somewhat failed me as there were issues and such. Especially about the movement / direction functions.

    All in all,
    Graphics : 8/10
    Gameplay 6/ 10
    Thumbs uppy~

    Mayonnaise did not rate this post.
  7. I don’t know what it is, but this game looks like it’s improved a whole lot, especially when comparing Silkroad Online from 2015 to Silkroad Online from 2020. Like the graphics actually blossoms out; you can see grass popping out from the overworld and the lighting, textures, details, and characters just look so much better. Gameplay is alright though; it’s just what you’d expect out of an MMORPG, though I do like that this game explores different civilizations. Overall, I’d rate this game a 4.35/5.

    Snowy ratings for this post: Snowy gives a rating of 4Snowy gives a rating of 4Snowy gives a rating of 4Snowy gives a rating of 4Snowy gives a rating of 4