Fortnite developed by Epic Games is a cooperative sandbox survival game that revolves around players fortifying their base from day to day against monsters. Players will have to explore for gear and materials to scavenge in order to survive the night.

Fortnite Tips and Tricks

Post Date: 09:10 17-11-2014
Rating: 7
Author: arZ
Comment: Fortnite is an interesting combination from shooter game and survival game. You need to fight against monster, and build some building to defend your self. But first you need to find and explore a gear and material. Nice graphic, but this game is not so popular. I rate this game with a note 7!
Post Date: 05:28 14-11-2013
Rating: 9
Author: buzzsaw
Comment: Finally a cool sandbox game. I can’t wait to play!


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  1. Fortnite is a survival FPS game with two mods which is the Battle Royale and Save the World the first time i played this game was on last 3 days, In battle royale you will be sent to a private island via party bus to survive, you need to loot some items to secure yourself specially building a shelter for an incoming storm or camp there for safety just to be sure that if there’s an enemy you can hunt them down the storm hits every 3mins if im not wrong, the game is pretty similar to PUBG, the graphics is really great. Overall i rate this 5/5

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  2. Colorful multiplayer Battle Royale game. The game is completely free and includes a very big player base, unfortunately a large sum of them are kids due to it being free which results in not always the best time. Lots of fun dance moves and great game play. Includes bragging rights when you finally beat everyone and capture the Victory Royale! I rate the game 3/5. I’m not the biggest fan of the whole setting of the game.

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  3. Fortnite is a pretty good game, but it is perhaps the most overrated game of all time. There definitely are many good qualities of this game, like the fact that it redefined (using this term a bit loosely) the Battle Royale genre, introduced fun and memorable (and sometimes even controversial) dance moves like the floss and fresh, and shaped the survival gameplay experience (players airdrop from a battle bus and fight to become the last person standing), and there’s even a sandbox game mode called Fortnite Creative which is kind of like Minecraft in creative mode. And the other plus is it’s one of the first games to feature cross play, so you can play this game on multiple devices (phones, consoles, or PC).

    But it certainly didn’t create the battle royale genre (which probably would have been better known as “last man standing” as game modes of other multiplayer games predating Fortnite), since games like Minecraft already had custom survival maps like Survival Games and the “last man standing” mode is quite popular in a lot of shooter games. But I think what makes Fortnite different than that is that it actually has a stronger multiplayer than many other games and it prioritizes Battle Royale gameplay instead of making it a mode, which really helped bring out its success. And although this game does emphasize survival elements like construction, it still feels like a lot like a typical third-person shooter, which is the main reason why I feel like this game’s overhyped. For instance, other Battle Royale games like Fall Guys and the Nintendo Switch Online games (Tetris 99, Super Mario Bros. 35, and PAC-MAN 99) have pretty much reinvented the Battle Royale genre to feel more like competitive party games without utilizing the elements of the survival or shooter genre, which feels like an actual redefinition of the Battle Royale genre.

    But overall, I’d rate Fortnite a 4.35/5. Good game, and the game continues strong even to this day, but the game just isn’t to my taste.

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