Fortresscraft Evolved is a sandbox game that is currently in the shop. The original was one of the best selling indie console games. Evolved is the PC version has gone beyond being just a post of the first game. The general idea is to take what Minecraft did and offer more modes and things to do. The game also boasts a feature that allows players the ability to build faster.

Game Features:

  • Similar to Minecraft.
  • Many modes.
  • Crafting, combat, exploring and logistics.
  • Tower defense in voxels.
  • Early access.
  • Bump mapped terrain.
  • High tech machines.
  • Great building tools.


 Getting Started Tutorial:

Fortresscraft Evolved
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  1. One of the many Minecraft clones out there,its a futuristic with all the gadgets that are available for quicker and easier building.
    Not very innovative game just a copy paste minecraft with some similar features.Ill rather play regular minecraft.

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  2. I dont like minecraft and i dont like copies of games. But this one is both. Everything is same as in Minecraft, bad graphic, open world game. Main difference is that u can do everything so much faster, with new space weapons and tools. To bad that i cant give 0 here.

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  3. Graphic is very good,all HD models are fine,there isn’t a story,so I cant complain about that,but gameplay in general are good,so I gave 4 stars,only because of story..

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  4. Fortresscraft Evolved is decent sandbox video game.It has good 3d graphic and it reminds me on Minecraft.Before This game was in shop,you could buy it.It was one of the best sold indie games for console,I recommend this game everybody

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  5. FortressCraft Evolved is an interesting sandbox game, sort of like Minecraft except the beginning of the game is different and even the gameplay feels very different than Minecraft. It is more of an inspiration to Minecraft than really a clone. Even with the clone argument, Minecraft was inspired by Infiniminer, but still became a fun and successful game. FortressCraft Evolved starts off with a generated world near the Central Power Hub, which is used for power at the base, and the game has a bit of science fiction theme to it as well, which I actually like. The gameplay is interesting, though not too captivating, but I will say that the graphics for this game is impressive for a sandbox game. Overall, I would rate this game a 4.25/5.

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  6. Fortresscraft Evolved is one of the best selling indie games ever, for any game developer it’s definitely inspiring seeing a game have that amount of success despite it being indie. Its very similar to Minecraft but the gameplay feels different, youll notice the difference once you get a feel for it. The gameplay is also pretty fast paced.

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  7. This game adds enough difference to the minecraft genre to be a very different game. It is so much more vertical than minecraft that the difference can be a little startling to a minecraft player.

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