Freedom Force Cheats

Not the easiest game in the world to cheat on, but it can be done. 

To enable the console mode, go to the Freedom Force/System 
folder and look for the file name: 

Open the file with notepad or wordpad and type:
import ff

(CON_ENABLE are all in capital letters) 

Now, you can open the console in the game at any time by 
pressing the tilde(~) key. You can also gain information 
about the frame rate by pressing "U". 

During the game, you can use these cheats (they are case sensitive): 

god() - God mode for all heroes
peace() - not sure what it does, although the enemies don't 
attack much...
DEBUG_ALLPOWERS=1 - gain all the abilities of the heroes in 
the game (note: ONLY for that particular mission!) 

These codes can be used only in the base (case sensitive too):

# - numbers eg: 6000
name - name of heroes in lower case eg: Minute Man = minute_man
Mentor = mentor 

65K Prestige Points:
Hexedit your save game; go to locations 1068 1069 106C 106D. 
Change the values to FF. You now have 65k prestige points.
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